White Spear Monk

Location Hirata Estate
XP NG: 78 - 574 (2nd Visit)
NG+: ??
Sen NG: 48
NG+: ??
Drops Scrap Iron
Scrap Magnetite
Gokan's Sugar
Weakness Mikiri Counter

White Spear Monk is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


White Spear Monk Location


White Spear Monk Rewards



White Spear Monk Notes & Tips

  • Although this monk originates from the Misen Temple, and not that of Senpou, they bear a striking resemblance in their character models, although these appear to be more aggressive.
  • He can be found before fighting the 'Blue Spear Monk' in the wide clearing to the left of the structure that leads to the Hirata Estate - Main Hall, or after finding Owl for the first time if that's too complicated.
  • Though they are monks of a temple, they're unaffected by 'Divine Abduction,' reminding the player that these are a group separate from those on Mt. Kongo's Senpou Temple. This also explains why they are one of the only enemies, aside from those at the main hall's entrance in Senpou, that drop Gokan's Sugars.
  • Be wary of the monk's sweeping attack, as the monk will sometimes immediately follow up with a thrust attack while the player is still in the air. However, if the player has the skill Mid-Air Deflection, then this thrust attack can be deflected. If successfully deflected, this will deal a huge amount of posture damage to the monk, usually enough to break posture completely, rewarding the player with an easy kill.
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White Spear Monk Story & Lore

  • The Shinobi Hunters are Misen monks, people who have trained their body and core to an extreme level in order to properly combat Shinobi, as properly represented when they drop Gokan's Sugar, which boosts their core (posture).


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    • Anonymous

      The shinobi hunter monks with white and blue robes are not of Senpou temple, but from the Misen temple, since they share the same moveset and desing as the miniboss shinobi hunter Enshin of Misen. They also drop Gokan's sugars that in their description state to originate from the Misen temple, unlike all other sugars that come from Senpou. Furthermore there is literally no shinobi hunters in Senpou temple so they most certainly are not from Senpou. Just because they are monks does not mean they all come from the same temple. Please fix this lore misinformation.

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