Withered Red Gourd

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 A curved, withered red gourd filled with medicinal water. The gourd's medicine refills upon rest.

Reduces Burn buildup, and slightly increases Burn resistance. It cannot heal the Burn status abnormality, however.

Withered Red Gourd is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to reduce Burn buildup and slightly increase Burn resistance. It refills on rest.



 Withered Red Gourd Usage

  • Reduces Burn buildup and slightly increases Burn resistance for a short period (30 seconds)
  • This does NOT cure the Burn status abnormality!
  • Contains 5 uses that are refilled upon resting at a Sculptor's Idol. Cannot be upgraded.



How to Find Withered Red Gourd



Withered Red Gourd Notes & Tips

  • Similar to the Healing Gourd, its medicine can be refilled upon resting at a Sculptor's Idol.
  • Dousing Powder will be required to heal the Burn Status abnormality.
  • An icon resembling a while circle surrounded by fire will appear in the lower-left corner below your health bar while your Burn resistance is increased.



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    • Anonymous

      Kinda weird how every other gourd has some little backstory behind it and this one doesn't, was hoping it would shed some light on Hirata Estate or the Pot Noble that sells it to you.

      • Anonymous

        Can you get this if hirata pot man is dead? I made the mistake of not nabbing it and now idk what to do. It is not in the box by immortal bro.

        • Anonymous

          Does this item even have use in the game (boss wise)? To my knowledge none of the bosses in the game do Fire Damage, you only get it from normal mobs (torch men and archers) and walking on fire by purpose. Even Lady Butterfly doesn't do Fire Damage..

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