Sen in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the gold currency of the game. Sen is used to purchase Spirit Emblems and for purchasing various Prosthetic Tool Upgrades. Sen is scattered throughout the environment and can be also looted from killed enemies.

How to Gather Sen

When enemies have shining loot, you must press and hold Square (X on Xbox) to gather items. This will bring to you any items from defeated enemies in the vicinity.

See Merchants for places to spend your money.


Sen Information

Where Can Sen be found

Sen is dropped and can be looted from killed enemies


Some are scattered throughout the landscape where you can find:

Name Description Amount

Bulging Coin Purse

A purse filled with a huge amount of sen. 1000 Sen

Heavy Coin Purse

A purse filled with a large amount of sen. 500 Sen

Light Coin Purse

A purse filled with a small amount of sen. 100 Sen


 Sen Notes & Tips

  • Sen that is inside a coin purse is not lost upon death.
  • Upon death, an amount of acquired Sen is lost depending on the percentage of Unseen Aid.

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    • Anonymous

      07 Apr 2021 14:12  

      To be clear, purses filled with sen are not lost when you die, it is only lost if you decide to OPEN a bag and then die, the phrasing in those item descriptions is kinda strange. Also I'm kinda disappointed that you obtain Heavy Coin Purse as a substitute reward for mini bosses in NG+, sen becomes kinda useless once you upgrade everything and stock up on anything you need. Would be nice if I could donate to merchants to refresh/upgrade their stock, similar to Anayama in the early game.

      • Anonymous

        06 Nov 2020 12:34  

        wait what?
        " Upon death, an amount of acquired Sen is lost depending on the percentage of Unseen Aid." is not true tho ?? you lose 50% every death BUT the chance to not lose anything is determined by the Unseen aid...

        • Anonymous

          19 Apr 2019 03:43  

          I have 60,000 sen in coin purses, and there’s nothing in the game to spend it on, it’s stupid to give it as a reward but then it’s basically useless in this game

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