Another's Memory: Shura

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Memories left behind by another.

Concentrate on this memory at a Sculptor's Idol to rever the Wolf to his original appearance. Has no effect on ability.

Memory of Shura told via Ashina folksong: "Fields of bodies, mountains of dead. Down Dragonspring river, our country bled. A fiery god, demon wolf in red."

Another's Memory: Shura is an Outfit in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Outfits are cosmetic items that change the appearance or clothes of Sekiro, changing Sekiro's outfit does not add buffs or changes to Sekiro's stats. This feature was added to the Free Update, Patch 1.05 across all platforms.



Another's Memory: Shura Information

  • This outfit changes Sekiro's appearance
  • In order to change Sekiro's outfit, interact with a Sculptor's Idol, and select "Change Form". Here, you'll see the outfits that you've unlocked and you'll also be able to choose which outfit you'd like to change into.



Another's Memory: Shura Acquisition



Another's Memory: Shura Notes & Tips

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