Equipment for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice covers aspects of the game such as Techniques, weapons , Sword Arts and upgrades. Sekiro does not feature Armor, Accessories or Rings. These are instead managed by Vitality and Posture.








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    • Anonymous

      Here's a suggestion for whomever created the pages for Sekiro. If an item doesn't exist in the game, don't put links on a page to another page that states that said item isn't in Sekiro. This literally serves no purpose other than to annoy someone by making them waste their time trying to learn about a nonexistent item. I get that people want to compare Sekiro to Dark Souls, and as such created pages for rings and armor to match the format of the pages for Dark Souls. However, this could easily have been done with a short few sentences on the equipment page or main page for Sekiro, which would accomplish the same purpose without having to mislead or annoy people.

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