Prosthetic Tool Upgrades in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice allows the player to improve Prosthetic Tools, and make them more deadly. Players will need to use Upgrade Materials in order to do this, and you can check out what those are on that page, but on this page will focus on just what you can upgrade them to do.

To upgrade your Prosthetic Tools, you will need to first find the tool, and gather the required materials. Progression is then done via a tree, so each upgrade requires a previous upgrade, until an ultimate path is chosen.

You need to defeat Gyoubu Oniwa to obtain the Mechanical Barrel to upgrade Prosthetic Tools.

 Note that it is impossible to fully upgrade all tools during a single playthrough as this requires 10 Lapis Lazuli, but only 6 can be acquired per playthrough (and require the player not end the game early by getting the "bad" ending). 

Prosthetic Tool Upgrades 

Loaded Axe

lazulite_axe-upgrade-material-sekiro-wiki-guide-48pxLazulite Axe

sparking_axe-upgrade-material-sekiro-wiki-guide-48pxSparking Axe

spring-load_axe-upgrade-material-sekiro-wiki-guide-48pxSpring-load Axe






Upgrade Table

Unlocking Tier 1 reveals Tier 3 contents for tools you own, and so on. There are specific conditions to unlock each upgrade, such as having the right materials, unlocking previous upgrades, and game progression. See their individual pages for details


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    • Anonymous

      07 Aug 2021 05:41  

      Is ignition tube supposed to be this bad? Every other tool is perfectly designed axe makes you resist attacks, suriken has crazy range, spear is amazing when enemy is vulnerable and good reach, mist raven gives guaranteed chip damage with fang blade skill, umbrella defies perilous attack rules, poison knife is so fast it rarely gives enemy room to counter attack. But ignition tube? requires oil, smallest range, long wind up, charged version is a joke, no armor like axe. Great feather mist raven dulls this thing even further.

      • Anonymous

        30 Apr 2020 11:51  

        Does upgrading the prosthetics increase their attack power? Like is the Phoenix umbrella overall more powerful than regular umbrella?

        • Anonymous

          14 Apr 2019 17:44  

          Added a note about how you can't get all upgrades in one playthrough (as you need 10 lapis lazuli, but can only get 6). Don't really want to spoil the ending requirements for people, so tried to keep that aspect as vague as possible, but thought it was important to note that getting the bad ending locks you out of getting any lapis lazuli due to ending the game early.

          • Anonymous

            07 Apr 2019 10:35  

            Would it maybe make sense to list how many of each material are needed to upgrade everything? Even better would be with a number of how many of them are guaranteed drops in one playthrough so that you can know how many need to be farmed.

            • Anonymous

              31 Mar 2019 15:12  

              So fro doing a quick search on the Lapis Lazuli page, it looks like you can only obtain 6 of them in a single playthrough. This would mean that you can't get all the Lazulite upgrades in one playthrough... is that right? Does anyone know if you can get more than the 6 listed on the wiki page, or will I need NG+ to finish the upgrade tree?

              • Anonymous

                29 Mar 2019 16:02  

                Has anyone tried out the ultimate lazulite upgrades? Are they good in particular against some type of enemies or bosses?

                • Anonymous

                  25 Mar 2019 22:52  

                  Some tools are universally useful to have, others are very circumstance oriented. Upgrading along the umbrella's path for example can get you a version which blocks terror, which is useful against enemies that hit you with that. The only one's I'd call universally useful are shuriken upgrades, it's a hard counter to the many enemies that jump in the air, or can stop an enemy performing an attack, or just keep up pressure, etc. The mist raven is a 'crap wtf is THAT attack get me away from it!' move, and firecrackers are useful in, well, any fight. They give you breathing room to either heal up or go on the attack with enemies of all stripes (except apparitions). Divine Abduction is another good one, basically lets you pull off a shinobi art at will, but you'll get it much later. Oh, the flame vent can be useful early on to blast back mobs or to deal straight damage to bosses who deflect a lot, getting you closer to breaking their posture. Combine with oil or the final move in the prosthetic tree and you can set enemies alight (Sabimaru can technically achieve the same but with poison, but it usually takes two full strings to achieve results, which costs you about six spirit emblems).

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Mar 2019 22:05  

                    Prosthetic Upgrade Trees (with Upgrades not Listed yet): 1) Shinobi Firecracker a) Purple Fume Spark -- Not listed on Wiki 2) Sabimaru a) Lazulite Sabimaru 3) Loaded Umbrella a) Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella 4) Flame Vent a) Okinaga's Flame Vent b) Lazulite Sacred Flame 5) Loaded Shuriken a) Sen Throw (--> Update: evidently this is under 'Mist Raven', even though it's more related to the 'Loaded Shuriken, given it's a projectile weapon) b) Lazulite Shuriken 6) Loaded Axe a) Lazulite Axe 7) Finger Whistle a) Finger Whistle (at all) b) Mountain Echo (upgrade of Finger Whistle)

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Mar 2019 21:23  

                      are any upgrades worth getting first over others. the materials seem pretty sparse and I would prefer only to craft things that are really going to help out the most.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Mar 2019 08:05  

                        can someone add the tree of prosthetic tool upgrades to this side. i feel like i overlooked a recipe on the top 3 one and have no idea how it is called to look for it

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Mar 2019 06:14  

                          Divine abduction is missing! "A large fan that creates a vortex of wind. Costs Spirit Emblem to use. Gather and releases a gust of wind, forcing enemies caught by the vortes to turn around.. It is a mild sort of being spirited away once and if taken again, there is no coming back" I think I'm still missing one tool... I thought I could find what I'm missing here but lol...

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