Combat Arts in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are "Active Skills" the player can use while in combat. Players will begin the game with only one available slot for this, but it is expected that more slots will become available as the Memory stat is increased. You can tell which Skills are Combat Arts, because these are outlined in red in the Skill Trees. Combat Arts are performed by holding L1 and pressing R1.


Sekiro Combat Arts

Whirlwind Slash

A spinning attack that can hit several enemies at once. The sharp cut combined with the force of the spin can strike multiple foes, and deal damage even when guarded.
When surrounded by enemies, this shinobi technique can cut open a path to victory. 


Nightjar Slash

A spinning leap attack that can quickly close or create distance from foes.
A technique of the Nightjar Clan, the Shinobi who serve Ashina.
The Nightjar use the weight of their massive shiruken to add force to the blow.
The Shinobi Prosthetic is made of heavy steel and can be used in a similar capacity.


Nightjar Slash Reversal

Performs a spinning leap attack that can quickly close or create distance from foes.
This technique allows one to decide which direction to rotate in when performing Nightjar Slash. Making use of both directions makes this both an offensive and defensive skill.


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