Combat Arts in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are "Active Skills" the player can use while in combat. Players will begin the game with only one available slot for this. You can tell which Skills are Combat Arts because these are outlined in red in the Skill Trees. Combat Arts are performed by holding L1 and pressing R1.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Combat Arts

Ashina Cross


From a sheathed stance, draw the blade at high speed. Hold the stance to intercept at will. A secret technique of the Ashina style, devoted to the mastery of a swift kill.

Dragon Flash


Combat Art that performs a high-speed cut from a sheathed stance. Charge to send out shockwaves.

Empowered Mortal Draw


A secret technique using the Mortal Blade. By focusing on one's mind before unsheathing the Mortal Blade, one can draw additional power, resulting in a long-ranged, more powerful slash attack.


High Monk


The Secret Technique of the Senpou Style, this adds sword slashes and additional kicks to Senpou Leaping Kick.



Ichimonji delivers a heavy, one-hit overhead sword strike. Deals high Posture damage and also recovers one's own posture with a strong forward step.

Ichimonji: Double


Adds a follow-up overhead sword strike to Ichimonji. Deals high Posture damage and also recovers one's own posture with a strong forward step.


Nightjar Slash


A spinning leap attack that can quickly close or create distance from foes. A technique of the Nightjar Clan, the Shinobi who serves Ashina.

Nightjar Slash Reversal


Perform a spinning leap attack that can quickly close or create distance from foes. This technique allows one to decide which direction to rotate in when performing Nightjar Slash.

One Mind


Combat Art that unleashes a storm of attacks from a sheathed stance; so fast that the blade is nigh invisible. This technique was conceived by none other than the old hand swordmaster, Isshin.


Praying Strikes


Using successive elbow and arm strikes, unleash a flurry of quick attacks that inflict damage while preventing a counterattack. The strikes are both martial art and a form of prayer.

Praying Strikes - Exorcism


Unleash a flurry of quick attacks, inflicting damage while preventing a counterattack. Then, use a heavier blow using one's entire body to complete the combination. The Senpou monks also used this technique as a way to purge themselves of worldly desires.

Senpou Leaping Kicks


Repeated attacks begin with a leaping kick. A combined anti-air counter and sweep attack counter, followed up with a combination of kicks.




After leaping into the skies with Shadowrush, allows one to perform a spinning sword attack as they descend. Pierce, fly, and then dive back down.



Unleash a long range, powerful thrust, then use the impaled opponent as a platform to vault into the skies.

Spiral Cloud Passage


A sword technique that unleashes powerful shockwaves. Its namesake comes from a large eddy of distant cloud forming near the headwaters; the Fountainhead Spirial.


Whirlwind Slash


A spinning attack that can hit several enemies at once. The sharp cut combined with the force of the spin can strike multiple foes, and deal damage even when guarded.

Floating Passage


Combat art that unleashes repeated attacks, overwhelming enemies with flowing, dance-like movements.

Sakura Dance


Combat art that builds momentum in a series of leaping slashes, and can transition into mid-air prosthetic attacks.


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    • Anonymous

      Haven't played in 2 years and I'm so ****ing confused trying to do the sheathe stances. Like I'm holding L1+R1 but it just blocks then does a charge attack? huh?

      • Anonymous

        Whirlwind slash can dodge Lady Butterflies deflect counter if done instantly when you predict (count) it. Means you can just keep on slapping her damage while she whiffs her attack.

        • Anonymous

          I encourage other players to make full use of every combat art they can, partially for fun, but partially to figure out which roles they fit in.

          -Nightjar Slash (and reversal) is a gap closer that's handy if something is jumping away or out of reach.
          -Leaping Kick (and High Monk) has a jump to it, and can leap over attacks as a form of countering them.
          -Ichimonji is extremely newcomer friendly, as it allows you to keep posture under control without needing constant perfect deflects or backing off.
          -Floating Passage is the highest raw damage combat art of the no-emblem arts, and works well when coming down from a jump or after a dodge.

          Try them all. It's easy to stick to what you're comfortable with, but what's a game if not a chance to experiment?

          • Anonymous

            Did anyone else just not bother to use any of them at all? They're all trash and so often the inputs get confused whether you want to do them or a deflect/attack if you have to deflect and attack rapidly which is literally every boss

            • Anonymous

              If we have 2 slot for combat arts and you can switch between them with arrow down there gonna be insane combos |:

              • Anonymous

                It's a real shame there's only one slot for Combat Arts. Imagine if you could use Senpou Leaping Kicks then follow that up with Nightjar Reversal.

                • Anonymous

                  IMO I wish there was a 2nd slot for combat arts. I rarely find myself having more than 4 quick slot items at any time, so I'd gladly give 1 slot up in exchange. On a PS4 controller, I'd remap the controls to this; Up to change prosthetic tool, down to change combat art, left & right to cycle quick slot items, square to interact/eavesdrop, & triangle to use quick slot items.

                  • Anonymous

                    What about that combat art when u get mortal blade, does it do the same damage even if u dont have spirit emblems because i can still perform it and i dknow is that combat art nerft,plz help

                    • Anonymous

                      Wish they’d let us hold more than one combat art at a time and maybe have a quick change for ninjutsu. Having to pause during battle to swap them is kinda lame

                      • Okaaay so I totally don't understand the editor, thought I was competent enough to keep adding what was missing. It looks kinda weird right now but at least it has more info, and none of it is gone. Mods and kind people please chip in and help complete this page! <3

                        • Anonymous

                          The damage that the combat arts that requires spirit emblems puts out is far to low in comparison to the spirit emblems required for them. Also performing these are typically a risk as you can't animation cancel out if an enemy suddenly does an unblockable attack, and the reward for getting them off isn't all that great (except for maybe Ichimonji: Double on Genchiro Ashina).

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