Sunken Valley (落ち谷, Fallen Valley) is a Location in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sunken Valley is reached by exiting the back of Ashina Castle, across the bridge by the moat. You'll need the Gun Fort Shrine Key from Kuro, the Divine Heir, after defeating Genichiro Ashina and speaking to Lord Isshin.


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Full Sunken Valley Walkthrough

After defeating Genichiro Ashina and talking to Kuro, he tasks you with finding special items. Head to Ashina Castle and make your way to the Serpent Shrine Idol. You will meet Tengu of Ashina here, and you should max out one skill line to obtain a special Combat Art and have him teach you a new skill tree.

The Descent

From here jump across the cliff and grapple, then grapple up again to obtain 3x Eel Liver. Drop down and grapple toward the Under-Shrine Valley Idol, and commune with it to unlock the travel location.

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Past the idol, you'll spot 2x Fistful of Ash. This area has some bayonet enemies that drop 36 Sen and 160XP, and the first is right after you grapple to a ledge opposite of the item. They also have a chance to drop Antidote Powder and Black Gunpowder. This area can be confusing, so first, after defeating the enemy, go through the cave behind him, grapple twice and defeat 1 Gunfort Gunner.

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Here, you'll spot a cave after a ledge. Go up and through the cave and defeat the enemy next to the cliff. Afterwards, grapple upwards and defeat the second enemy. Climb a ledge to your left and Pick up 1x Gourd Seed and 1x Yellow Gunpowder from this shelter.


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Go back to the place where you spotted the cave and drop down to pick up 1x Ceramic Shard, then grapple across and walk forward. A Gecko will drop down, kill it and get 1x Antidote Powder, then hug the wall and shimmy along the ledge.

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Grapple to the other branch and the snow is a lot thicker.

New Enemies

There are two bayonet enemies and one enemy equipped with a strange cannon-type artillery. These enemies can be frustrating, so try to stealth it out of the way, it gives 297XP. There's 1x Scrap Magnetite as well as the Sunken Valley Sculptor's Idol. An NPC nearby will mention the Senpou bells and die.

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Mini-Boss: Snake Eyes Shirafuji

Ahead of you, an impressive vista hides a grim reality: There are LOTS of guns pointed your way. You'll have to proceed quickly if you want to avoid dying to the gunfire.

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Jump down and grapple, then go left and jump and grapple to land in mini-boss fight: Snake Eyes Shirafuji. Defeating her gives you 1x Prayer Bead, 822XP. The platform also has 1x Scrap Magnetite and 2x Fistful of Ash. Drop down a ledge to the right of the Buddha's face to kill an enemy and pick up 1x Antidote Powder.


To the Hanging Bridge

To the left of the Buddha's face, there's a narrow ledge you can wall-hug and get across. This results in a view of the bridge.

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It is advisable to use Gachiin's Sugar to avoid enemies. This is a very hectic run as you'll be under heavy fire. On top of that, when you reach the middle, there's a hole. Dash Through and jump over the hole, then jump and grapple to get out of the line of fire.

Note: if you fall down through the hole in the bridge while sprinting across, you can quickly use three grapples to get to the same safe zone noted above, & it may help avoid the gunfire killzone at the end of the bridge..

Up the ledges

Take a moment to heal then go up the ledges and defeat the enemies as you go. You can get several stealth deathblows.

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The top ledge on the right side has 1x Scrap Magnetite for looting. Grapple to the branches and head up another level. On this platform, you'll find that walking around blows alarm firecrackers.

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Defeat the enemies that come running and grapple up right to loot 1x Scrap Magnetite, then loot 1x Black Gunpowder from the left side. There's a grapple point to your left leading to 1x Ungo's Sugar. And ahead there's a tunnel passage to access the heavier enemy from stealth. To the left of the tunnel entrance, there's a drop-down leading to 1x Gokan's Sugar.

Defeating the furthest enemy in this cave gives 3x Yellow Gunpowder.

Gun Fort Idol

Past the room with the heavy gunners, there's the Gun Fort Idol. Go commune with it after looting 2x Pellet, 1x Yellow Gunpowder, 1x Heavy Coin Purse and 3x Snap Seed from the heavy gunner room. After the idol, you'll note 3x Spirit Emblem to your left and a cave ahead.

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Take the cave path to mini-boss Long-arm Centipede Giraffe. Defeating him will net you 778XP, 122 Sen, 2x Yellow Gunpowder and 1x Prayer Bead.



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This room has 1x Scrap Magnetite and 1x Large Fan, an Upgrade Materials used for the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool.

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Now find a hole in the floor and crouch under it to get 1x Yellow Gunpowder. Now find another passage going down and stick to your left, grapple to some poles and a ramp to get 3x Mibu Balloon of Soul. These are the items you could see from where the Spirit Emblems were.

Divine Confetti & Prayer Bead

Now go back to the first grapple point you came to and take the opposite route.

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A hole on your left will lead to a small camp with Divine Confetti and lots of Gecko. Kill them all while you can!

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Now exit the room and grapple across, then look forward and down. You will land above several centipede enemies but beware of the Geckos on the sides. Kill them first then engage the enemies below. Pick up 1x Prayer Bead and 1x Contact Medicine.

Return to the Surface

Go back to the underfloor tunnel and make your way back to the place where you fought the mini-boss Long-arm Centipede Giraffe. Here use the Gun Fort Shrine Key on the door behind that you got from Kuro at Ashina Castle to proceed.

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You are now at the Sunken Valley Passage. The bridge ahead is guarded by the Great Serpent, so be ready to dodge and grapple - if you fall into the water you'll have to dash to avoid the snake and then run to shore to unlock the Riven Cave Idol.










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    • Anonymous

      Really interesting how we find some Sunken Valley gunners protecting certain parts of Ashina Castle. Either these soldiers volunteered out of the blue to assist Genechiro, or he was able to get into the gun fort and ask for help (the latter seems impossible, since the Gun Fort Key states that the Sunken Clan will shoot any stranger that approaches).

      • Anonymous

        Why Sunken do not reinforce Ashina? They have powerful gunners that can deal with Ministry army much more effective than Ashina gun force.

        • Anonymous

          you can backtrack from under-shrine valley idol, from the idol back and jump across with 2 enemies and then climb and hug-walk wall then jump below.. theres water there where you could dive through and fight headless **** to get gokan spiritfall

          • Anonymous

            I got access to this area without the gun fort key. I'm confused as to how. I just walked out the back of the castle down past the monkeys and jumped down into the valley.

            • Anonymous

              there is this black watery circle on the ground that appears near the first item to the left of the Under-Shrine Valley Idol does anybody knows what it is

              • Anonymous

                "you'll find that walking around blows alarm firecrackers" Those alarms are specifically yellow straws (in contrast with the white snow) on the ground with a few rocks on top. They can be avoided. The guide should mention this earlier.

                • Anonymous

                  This guide is missing the part where you can backtrack from the idol and get a prayer bead near some pyramid like structures in Ashina Outskirts. A video is available in the Prayer Beads page.

                  • Anonymous

                    So if you puppeteer the centipede miniboss before the snake bridge, the game will let you continue forward but assume you are still fighting the centipede miniboss so you can walk over the bridge without the snake attacking

                    • Anonymous

                      Getting over the hanging bridge is very easy with the Loaded Umbrella prosthetic, the bullets that impact are blocked entirely. Only the jump over the gap can be a little risky.

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