Genichiro Ashina

Location Ashina Reservoir
Ashina Castle
XP NG: 2000
NG+: 18000
NG++: 27000
Status Abnormalities Shock
Useful Tools Shinobi Firecracker
Loaded Axe
Reward Memory: Genichiro
Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu

Genichiro Ashina (葦名弦一郎, Ashina Genichirou) is a Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Bosses are special Enemies that feature a special display on-screen when defeated, such as "Immortality Severed" or "Shinobi Execution". You will need to perform multiple Deathblows on them in order to defeat them, and filling their Posture Gauge is the only way to accomplish this. However, decreasing their health will make it so their Posture Gauge depletes more slowly, assisting you in accomplishing this feat. 


Genichiro Ashina Location

  • 1st Time - Ashina Reservoir: Found in a clearing after the secret passage near the moat that you take Kuro to in order to escape the tutorial level. This boss is not optional.
  • 2nd TimeAshina Castle: At the very top of the Castle, after the Ashina Dojo Sculptor's Idol, go through the mini-boss, Ashina Elite Jinsuke Saze, and exit from the window to the left; you may also get there by going through the room with 3 Nightjar Ninjas and exit through the balcony after climbing the staircase. Make your way atop the castle to face this boss. After his two HP bars are depleted, he will transform into: Genichiro, Way of Tomoe.



Genichiro Ashina Rewards

  • There are no rewards for defeating him during the prologue fight in Ashina Reservoir. However, a slightly different cinematic will play.
  • Rewards Memory: Genichiro
  • Rewards Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu 
  • 32401 XP without Kuro's Charm (NG+2)
  • 36000 XP with Kuro's Charm (NG+3)
  • 97201 XP without Kuro's Charm (NG+7)


Genichiro Ashina Strategies

Video Strategies


Strategy Writeup

For Phase 1, 2 Health Bar: Close the distance between you two and be ready to block as he may start the fight with a bow attack into a slash. For most of Genichiro normal attacks players can alternate from deflect and attacking. When Genichiro uses his flurry of slashes it be best to just deflect to build up his posture gauge. At times Genichiro may leap in the air, stab the ground and follow up a perilous attack: thrust(1 or 2 health bars left) or sweep (only when 1 health bar left). Dodge away when he leaps to gain some distance from him to better guess which perilous attack he will follow up with.

If he comes running towards you and fires an arrow, sidestep and immediately attack. This will interrupt his sword attack and deal health damage. This is one of most reliable ways to chip his health early on.

For Phase 1, 1 Health Bar: Uses similar moves as Phase 1 but chains them differently. Jump attack will now be followed by either slash or thrust (only thrusts during 2 health bar). After the first deathblow players inflict on Genichiro they will gain a moment to quickly attack him. Dash attacks works to chip away some health while Loaded Axe and Ichimonji/Ichimonji Double can inflict posture damage setting up a slight advantage. He will more aggressive with his bow usage so stay close to him at all times. It is recommended to use shinobi firecrackers into regular attack/ichimonji double during this phase to quickly whittle his health and build posture damage.

If you use healing items, he will use a charged bow attack, sidestep immediately after healing.

Phase 2: Genichiro will start the fight with a leaping thrust attack that can be countered. When Genichiro runs into a spinning slash he has I-frames during this animation so you won't be able to stagger him out of this attack. He will follow up with his flurry of slashes so be ready to deflect. If you are hit with his thrust attack be careful as he may shoot you if you roll away or he will attempt to grab you if you roll towards him. When he holds his katana with 2 hands and crouches he will jump and slash with lightning. Jump after you see the warning, and press attack before you land if you get hit by lightning (this will send it back to him dealing tremendous damage and stunning him).. Once you have taken 20% of his health away you can alternate slashes and Shinobi Firecracker. Start with Firecracker, dash R1, R1, firecracker. Using this you can reduce his health 50% or lower and quickly deflect his attacks to posture break him and defeat him.

In this phase, if you use healing items, he will perform a perilous leaping thrust, which will hit you. Be sure to use healing items only when he's already locked into an attacking animation and you are at a safe distance.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "SHINOBI EXECUTION" upon the screen.


Strategy 2:

In phase 1 health bar 1 & 2:

The Nightjar Slash Reversal can be used to slowly chip away at his health by using the combat art to close distance slash & slice a second time while moving back to safety. In phase 1 he frequently when cornered against a wall, he will jump up and move into his pierce attach & allow a Mikiri Counter. In phase 2 he often uses a sweep instead so jumping back & using another Nightjar Slash is a safer option.

In phase 2, use an Ako's Sugar at the start & immediately use a Mikiri Counter on his pierce attack. At this point, stepping back & using a health item will trigger his long distance pierce which can also be reliably countered with a Mikiri Counter to quickly fill the posture bar & end the fight. Also, keep an eye & use another Ako's Sugar if needed.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Single & Multi Bow Attack Occasionally, Genichiro will jump into mid-air and shoot you with his arrows. Can be blocked.
Grab Attack When you get too close to Genichiro and he is not preparing for another attack, he may grab you and cause a lot of damage.
Floating Passage Genichiro's onslaught of slashes is best deflected.
Bow attack + Sword slash Sidestep or block the arrow and immediately attack. It will interrupt his sword attack and deal health damage.
Sword attack + Kick Can block or sidestep. Sidestepping is recommended as the kick can stagger you and Genichiro can follow this combo with a charged bow hit dealing tremendous damage.
Phase 2 (Way of Tomoe)
Leaping slam Block or sidestep and attack immediately after. He is vulnerable after he slams his sword.
Electric slash After the warning, jump in the air. If you are hit by the attack, press attack before you land to deflect electricity back. Does heavy health damage and stuns Genichiro.
Electric slam After the warning, jump in the air. If you are hit by the attack, press attack before you land to deflect electricity back. Does heavy health damage and stuns Genichiro.



Genichiro Ashina Lore 

  • According to the item Remnant: Genichiro: though born to a peasant family (presumably) during the rebellion led by Isshin of Ashina, Genichiro would end up being adopted into the Ashina clan after the death of his peasant mother. As a member of the clan, he would grow to become one of its greatest swordsmen and most respected leaders, but also seemingly became obsessed with pursuing "heretical arts" in order to save both his country and his mother as time went on.

  • Genichiro is the only known pupil of the mysterious Tomoe, a master swordswoman belonging to a clan of the same name. Though whom and what they/she are/is largely remains a mystery, the following information is available:
    • If you give Isshin the item Unrefined Sake, he divulges that Tomoe was the one who taught Genichiro both the way of the sword and how to harness lightning--a technique she named, and is widely known as: "The Lightning of Tomoe."

    • The item Fragrant Flower Note mentions that: "relatives of the Tomoe once gathered the Fountainhead Fragrance, and arrived at the palace," implying that Tomoe is the name of a clan, and not necessarily the name of one single person.

    • The item Page's Diary explains that a Lady Tomoe--who could either be Genichiro's mentor, or someone else from the clan--was both a part of Lord Takeru's court, and that she knew of the Mortal Blade and its supernatural properties. (The diary explains how, after seeing Lord Takeru attempt to cut himself only for the wound to heal, Tomoe says: "Without it, your blood cannot be spilled.")

    • The skill Spiral Cloud Passage mentions how Tomoe (most likely the same Tomoe who is Genichiro's mentor) developed the technique by studying the "large eddy of distant cloud forming near the headwaters [of] the Fountainhead Spiral," located in the Fountainhead Palace. (The young master referenced in the rest of the text for the skill could possibly also be Genichiro, as dialogue from Emma suggest that Genichiro spent quite some time training near the Fountainhead Spiral.)

      • Similarly, the young master referenced here could also possibly be Takeru, the previous Divine Heir, as Tomoe was said to be Takeru's servant and received the power of Resurrection much like Sekiro did from Kuro. From the Purification Ending, we also know that Tomoe cared deeply about Takeru, which is more fitting to the term: "meant everything for her,".
    • The fighting style used by many of the "Mist-" enemies in the Fountainhead Palace, particularly that of the Archers and Swordsmen, directly parallels the attacks and combos used by Genichiro in both of his forms. This suggests (until official names for enemies are known) two things about Genichiro's mentor that might be true: 1) That Tomoe, and by extension the enemies of the Fountainhead Palace, are all members of the same clan (either the Okami or the Tomoe); or, 2) That Tomoe, and the Tomoe "Clan" referenced above, are a clan distinct from the Okami clan.
      • At the moment, either view is possible based on our lack of information—while the enemies in the "Mist-" enemies of the Palace all use movesets and wear armor similar to Genichiro, their leader is also named Okami Leader Shizu. At the same time, items that mention either the Tomoe or Okami clan also seem to present both clans are distinct from one another, leading to confusion if Tomoe is just one person, multiple people sharing the same  name, a clan in and of itself, or some other kind of Fromsoft lore shenanigans.

Genichiro Ashina Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by Ray Chase (English), Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese)
    • Ray Chase is also known for voicing Artorius Collbrande from the videogame Tales of Berseria; Eve from the videogame Nier: Automata; Puri-Puri Prisoner from the anime One Punch Man; and the Male Freelancer from the videogame Anthem.

    • Kenjiro Tsuda is also know for voicing Seto Kaiba from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!; Atomic Samurai from the anime One Punch Man,; Mikoto Suoh from the anime K; Nagasaki from the anime Devilman Crybaby; Bacchus and Silver Fullbuster from the anime Fairy Tail; Maxi from the videogame Soulcalibur IV; and Zeke from the videogame Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

  • The first character in his given name, 弦, gen, means bowstring, while 一郎, ichirou, means first son: a name typically given to first-born sons in a family. (Ironically enough, Genichiro may not be the first born son of the Ashina, as he refers to Isshin as grandfather when speaking about him, which implies that Isshin already had a son when he first adopted Genichiro.)

  • If it isn't exactly obvious due to how quickly it happens: the kunai thrown at you when you first beat Genichiro in Ashina Resevoir, which is what allows him to cut off your arm even if you beat him, belongs to one of the Tengu employed by Isshin and/or the Ashina clan.

  • An Eavesdropping Opportunity found shortly after the Ashina Castle Sculptor's Idol sees two Senpou Sect Assassins ("Rats") reveal that Genichiro is working with the Sect in order to combat the Interior Ministry.

  • When you confront Genichiro at the top of Ashina Castle, particularly eagle-eyed players may be able to spot that during the cinematic where Genichiro is speaking with Kuro, he is looking directly at where one might later find Isshin of Ashina when asked to track the old man down. (This is also where he first refers to Isshin as grandfather.)
  • The long combo attack he uses against you is the Floating Passage combat art, the same one used by certain enemies found in Fountainhead Palace


Genichiro Ashina Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      25 Sep 2020 02:14  

      I dont really care for Genichiro as a character, but the way this boss fight was built up is magnificent. First, the game sharpens your deflect/parry game with the Ashina Elite miniboss, who deals tons of damage. Immediatly after, you finally have that long awaited confrontation with the one big nemesis you've been chasing so far. His attacks are a lot slower and forgiving than that of the Ashina Elite, but he gives you very few openings. His movepool is large, but they're all telegraphed very well. Fighting him feels familiar, as it should, and clashing head on is encouraged by a posture bar that both increases and decreases quickly, rewarding you with a quick finisher should you do well enough.

      So much thought has went into it.

      • Anonymous

        15 Aug 2020 03:41  

        If you're new and struggling with this fight, imo it's because the mechanics of this game haven't "clicked" for you yet. Keep trying because once you kill him, every single time you encounter him later on you'll kill him with no sweat, and in one instance he actually gets harder, it's just you that learned more about the game. Be aggressive, deflect attacks as often as you can, and remember that perilous attacks aren't something you should be scared of, they're opportunities. You can get a deathblow on him when he still has 3/4 of his health. This is the fight that will make you fall in love with Sekiro's swordplay and posture system, so don't give up.

        • Anonymous

          29 Jul 2020 08:03  

          You can easily trivialize his first phase and take no damage whatsoever by doing this: Keep your block up and block literally EVERYTHING (and jump over/dodge perilous attacks) except one specific move -- the one where he attacks once and then runs over to your left and does a perilous attack. Jump over this perilous attack, land at a medium distance and hold X to do a piercing attack. This will alway***** and do damage so long as you get the range right. You can just exploit this one move to get to the second phase with full health and full gourds.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jul 2020 22:05  

            I don’t like the lightning attacks, but hear me out. I dislike lightning because of the way it’s handed to you, you’re told how to do it, sure, but you won’t have any practice until you reach the boss’s second phase. What I feel they should’ve done is make phase one harder, but give you a sorta checkpoint after you beat phase one. Then, make lightning do less to him, and give him two health bars in phase two. Sure, it’d make the fight longer overall, but it’d let new players be able to practice countering lightning without having to make it through phase one every single time.

            • Anonymous

              16 Jul 2020 18:40  

              If you want to get in some easy blows on him, if there's ever a moment you can get close to him, circle him to the right. Wolf is fast enough to get an opening for a single attack while Genichiro is still turning to face him.

              • Anonymous

                08 Jul 2020 21:03  

                Loved him and how theatrical this fight was. Especially watching Kuro reject his request over and over every time I died. Made dying less frustrating lol. Also I used jumping mist raven against the lightning, but not sure if just plain jumping was enough

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jul 2020 03:18  

                  Yes, let's combine a brutally difficult phase 3 with a long and tedious phases 1 and 2, with no checkpoint in between. What a chore. This boss would be more fun if it didn't take 5+ mins on every attempt.

                  • Anonymous

                    12 May 2020 05:45  

                    I beat him on my second try.....mostly because my curiosity and explorative nature lead me to fighting a bunch of bosses in other areas and I got really buff before his fight.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 May 2020 00:42  

                      Might be the "O&S" of Sekiro. Definitely the boss I spent the most time on. It's all in the timing and patience. He has a few perilous attacks, one being easily countered by mikiri counter, but you need to be able to read which perilous he is about to do. If you aren't good at that, don't stress about mikiriing and just stick to dodging. Crackers are the only "trick" I used here, to stun at open times. I tried the suriken R2 plus R1 skill to dash and close the distance, but it wasn't fitting in my flow. He seems to go down pretty quickly in phase 2, and it took a much shorter time to bring his posture bar to max. The lightning isn't a huge deal, and gives a perilous warning sign before. If you're bad at assessing that, just jump for all the perilous in phase 2, then R1 to attack while in the air with lightning. Also a good night's sleep helped, and I got him attempt 2 the next morning. So a break may help too

                      • Anonymous

                        14 Mar 2020 18:56  

                        Ah yes, everyone's favourite punching bag of a boss. No kidding, after ng2+you get so accustomed to his patterns and behaviour you wipe the floor with him, unless you get really*****ty RNG with his jumping arrow nonsense.

                        • Anonymous

                          08 Mar 2020 19:28  

                          Just a random interaction I found out, but it is possible to lightning deflect one of his attacks in his third phase by doing a shadowrush.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Feb 2020 20:51  

                            Many deaths later I realized he is in fact manageable. A quick guide for people who have trouble and want to keep their vitality up. Phase 1: Run up close to him and begin to cycle him counter clockwise, if he's not attacking, he won't be able to keep up and you can get hits in one at a time. His vitality will go down quickly this way. No special attacks needed, just stay close and cycle counter clockwise. Defend, dodge and deflect if necessary. When he is below 50%, only deflect and dodge. Play is safe. Phase 2: Use Firecrackers when he runs towards you, then attack, make sure there is enough distance between you two before he starts charging. Dodge and attack during each one of his perilious moves. Cycle him counterclockwise again, stay as close as possible. Phase 3: When you see his indicator stance for lightning attacks (charging his sword), stop moving. Calm down. Wait 1 second, jump while holding deflect, press attack while going down. If you are not into Mikiri counter or risky moves, only deflect his lightnings. Thats all you gotta do. After 5 lightning deflects he's at 0 vitality.

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Feb 2020 14:24  

                              Maybe the "weakest" boss in terms of damage he can do to you. Yes. Gyobu hits stronger, and lady Butterfly has her running slash who can instant kill you. Genichiro has no big moves, except maybe the grab, but I dont know, he never grabs me.

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Feb 2020 07:40  

                                >But also seemingly became obsessed with pursuing heretical arts as time went on in order to save both his mother and country. Dudes, what if he had hoped to save the Black Mortal Blade to resurrect his mother after having saved ashina but in his final fight with you, faced with choosing between his mother or Ashina he brought back Isshin to save their people? It's the kind of tragic lore FromSoft loves

                                • Anonymous

                                  14 Jan 2020 06:18  

                                  Continued from below... Arrows *really* sting, especially charged arrows. You better be blocking the instant you see him going for his bow. During phase 1 & 2 he'll go for the bow anytime you try to use your gourd or pellets. Once you get the timing down it's easy to dodge left, right, or even straight at him. If you’re close enough you can dodge towards him and follow with a charged thrust. Always make sure there's some distance between you before you use the gourd or pellets to give yourself enough time to dodge. If you’re too close he’ll quick fire an arrow and you won’t be able to dodge or block. Lastly, if you need to heal in phase 3 make sure there’s plenty of room between you, and wait until right after he starts one of his long attack animations. Otherwise he'll hop, skip, and jump over to you and use you as a pin cushion/punching bag.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    14 Jan 2020 02:18  

                                    This guy seems a lot harder than he really is. The key to beating him (in all 3 phases) is to be as aggressive as possible. Block/parry *everything* except his sweep perilous attack. Once you’re familiar with his move set you can fill up his posture bar with deflects and parries (stomping on his blade during his thrust perilous attack *really* makes things easier) and get your deathblows while he still has 75% of his vitality remaining. The key is not letting up. Don't let him recover. When he steps away and slowly circles around you from a distance run right up to him and take a swipe. When he blocks and counters you parry his attacks. Keep chipping away like this and you’ll get the first deathblow in no time. Watch out for his perilous attacks in phases 2 and 3. You can try to jump his sweep, but missing will cost you a third of your health. I find it easier to just dodge and counter. Jump and send the lightning back at him in phase 3 and when he's staggered as a result use the heaviest attack you've got.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      14 Jan 2020 00:50  

                                      One of my favorite boss fights in any game. So rewarding to finally beat him. First playthrough (which I didn't finish) it took me like 10 tries. Then when I restarted the game 9 months later I was dreading this fight again, but actually managed to BARELY beat him on the first attempt, with all my gourds and rez used. Felt so amazing.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        13 Jan 2020 16:08  

                                        Surprisingly easy. I still died 7 times and Tomoe was the only one I had trouble with. I deflected the lightning and instantly won. The only tip I can give is: Git Gud.

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