Resurrection in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice refers to the ability of the player to choose to resurrect on the spot if they die, rather than restarting from the last checkpoint. This ability is only available once per checkpoint unless the player recharges the ability by killing enemies and performing Shinobi Deathblows. 

Sekiro Resurrection

About Resurrection in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro benefits from the Dragon's Heritage, which gives him the power of Resurrection--the ability to come back to life at the location of death immediately after dying. Sekiro is provided two charges of this ability; one full charge is gained through resting at a Sculptor's Idol, while the other is gained or replenished by killing enemies. If a player uses the first charge to resurrect, the second resurrection node will be locked to prevent players from overusing it. To unlock this, players will need to defeat more enemies until it is available for use.

resurrection sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide

First Resurrection node on the right with a snowflake-like icon.

resurrection locked sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide

Second Resurrection node locked upon using the ability once.

Resurrection Mechanics

Recharging the Resurrection power

  • The first resurrection node can be restored by resting at a Sculptor's Idol.
  • The second node can only be charged and unlocked by killing off a number of enemies.
  • Using special items can also restore Resurrection nodes. These are the Bundled Jizo Statue, Jinza's Jizo Statue and Dragon's Blood Droplet.

Dying and Respawning

  • If the player falls in combat without having recharged their Resurrection power, they will be forced to start again from the last Sculptor's Idol visited.
  • Deaths caused by falling off a ledge will reset the player back to their previous position without using any resurrections.
    • If a player does not have enough Vitality, they will automatically die and be sent to their last checkpoint.

Notes and Tips about Resurrection

  • Dying without the use of Resurrection and respawning at the last visited Sculptor's Idol halves the acquired Sen and Skill EXP. 
    • Unseen Aid has a baseline chance of 30% to prevent this loss of Sen and Skill EXP loss.
    • Coin Purses acquired from merchants and found through the world are not lost upon dying.
  • If a player dies multiple times, they will eventually acquire a variety of Rot Essence that tells the player those afflicted with Dragonrot.
    • If the player hasn't got anyone infected with Dragonrot yet on that specific playthrough, they will awaken at the Dilapidated Temple upon dying enough times. This will start the Dragonrot questline with Emma, which teaches how cure it.

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    • Anonymous

      Did some testing (with Bite Down) and found that the time that your first death, from as soon as the death animation starts, until when you get a "true" death and must respawn, is about 20 seconds. You can use that time to wait for the enemy that killed you to go back into their default state and backstab them when they turn around, or wait for a group of enemies to disperse. My first instinct is to always mash resurrect right away, but sometimes waiting a bit can put you in a better position to keep the fight going.

      • Anonymous

        It appears there's a bug which prevents additional resurrections. After my initial resurrection they wouldn't replenish, no matter the number of deathblows. This bug may have occured due to the length of the play session (8 hours). I had Demon of Hatred down to barely any hp on his third stage and it screwed me over because I died and couldn't resurrect when I should have been able to. Not the nicest time for the bug to appear lol.

        • Anonymous

          Honestly, I don’t like the way this system was carried out.You shouldn’t feel pressured to grind to refill one or two nodes (depending on where you are in the game) so that you can fight bosses like the demon of hatred or sword saint. I really hope they change this in the October update.

          • Anonymous

            why does this sometimes not work when fighting gyoubo or however yo speel it , i resurrect deathblow he doesnt die and then i die agin and cant res

            • Anonymous

              I've noticed that sometimes, the second node will fully refresh after death even though I hadn't killed anyone to refill it, is there some kind of like "pool" of resurrection power that the game doesn't show?

              • Anonymous

                Bull*****coronavirus. The world has dragonrot now, because I died so much in this game, the mechanic went rogue.

                • Anonymous

                  I have filled 2 resurrections, but I can resurrect only once. It is happening so long and I can't figure out why. Is it a bug or something secret? I can't figure out how to use second resurrection again. I could do it in the past. Any ideas?

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