Locations in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice refers to specific Areas that are named prominently on the screen as the protagonist progresses through the world. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players explore a mythical Sengoku-era Japan, visiting large Castle complexes and confronting the attendants of the Lords and the samurai of the warring clans.

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Sekiro Locations


Ashina Reservoir


The starting point of the game, where Sekiro attempts to free Kuro from Genichiro.

Dilapidated Temple


A ruined Buddhist Temple that acts as a safe haven for The Sculptor, Sekiro, and several others who wander the land.

Ashina Outskirts


The grounds of Ashina Castle are guarded by powerful foes and their leader Gyoubu the Demon. A giant Serpent also roams the nearby valley.


Hirata Estate


It is the Dragonspring year, and thieves attack the Hirata Estate just as its warriors are far away. Protect your master at all costs

Ashina Castle


Ashina Castle is heavily guarded by skilled Samurai and aggressive Tengu Ops, who will protect Genichiro Ashina's domain.

Abandoned Dungeon


The dark and flooded caverns of the Abandoned Dungeon hide away the unholy surgical techniques of the Ashina clan, and summon fearful spirits.


Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo


The monks of Senpou Temple have abandoned the path to Englightenment and desecrated the halls of Buddha, corrupted by their search for immortality and the Rejuvenating Waters.

Sunken Valley


The cliffs surrounding Ashina Castle are guarded by fearless and keen-eyed musketeers, but they are not all that threatens would-be intruders.

Sunken Valley Passage


The Boddhisatva Valley falls into decay as stagnant pools slowly corrupt its roots, and the local wildlife twists to adapt to the new and hostile environment.


Ashina Depths


The poison flowing from Ashina Depths is behind the corrosion of the entire Valley, and is guarded by fearsome Giant Apes.

Mibu Village


Deep within Ashina, immortal villagers tend to unseen crops, stagnating in their corrupted eternal life

Fountainhead Palace


Through the beautiful Celestial Palace flow the waters of life. But despite appearances, its essence corrupts the mortals who come in touch with it.



Sekiro World Map



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    • Anonymous

      Miyazaki always talking about eternal life and failed science projects Old yharnam is mibu village Lot lot of similarities in his games

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone been able to find interesting places they can see in the distance? Like seeing Sunken Valley or Mibu village from somewhere in Ashina outskirts etc. I just like how in DS3 you can see Irythyl IF you really know where to look for instance.

        • Anonymous

          Worst location. The locations was design for a ninja with the prosthetic arm. How do normal people even travel from mountain to mountain?

          • Anonymous

            Most people say the game is too short, but, while it is a bit shorter than the other From games, it's decently long. It has a smaller amount of areas but those areas are way longer and more expansive than that of dark souls and bloodbourne. They usually have really big side areas and tons of different paths allowing for a ton of exploration. If you aren't like me and you don't try to explore everything and get every item I can see how you would think the game is short, but if you are like me, the new movement options make the world super dense with a lot to explore and uncover.

            • Anonymous

              This game is short and the locations not varied or enough in total. Better have the biggest DLC since DS1 otherwise a game with little replay value will have even less so.

              • Anonymous

                The world in Sekiro feels so small, i really hope that they have dlcs planned, because now it feels like it's shortest and smallest game in series. Also kinda dissapointing that there are no mindblowing locations like Irithyll of the Boreal Valley or Cathedral Ward.

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