Endings in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice refers to the conclusions to the game that depend on player actions / choices throughout the game. When the game finishes, a New Game Plus cycle is started, and players can experience the game again.

Endings in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

It is possible to progress all endings simultaneously, except the Shura ending. This will allow for all content specific to those Endings to be available in a single playthrough. At the very end, the player will have the option to choose which of the three non-Shura endings to proceed with, and will be awarded with the respective trophy or achievement associated with it.  To obtain the associated trophies and achievements for other endings, players must either beat the game multiple times (either NG or NG+) or make a backup of their save before the choice must be made, and load it after each ending is achieved.

Please note that reloading for the endings does not give you the platinum / 100% completion in one playthrough, because there are other achievements/trophies that require multiple playthroughs, such as All Bosses (which requires one Shura and one non-Shura playthrough). Thus, the minimum number of playthroughs required for all trophies/achievements is 4 (or 3 if the player reloads for the endings).

How to get all Endings in Sekiro

Shura (Follow the Iron Code Ending)

This ending locks the player out of all other endings on their current playthrough and ends the events of the game early, resulting in many missed items (most notably, the highest tier of upgrade materials) and leading into an early NG+ - that said, the player also unlocks the combat skill One Mind, which is exclusive to this ending, and so may be worth choosing on a subsequent playthrough. This is in contrast to the Dragon Flash combat skill, which is awarded for the remaining three endings.  Furthermore, this ending has a unique boss fight that is required for the All Bosses trophy.

  1. Progress the story and collect the Lotus of the Palace and the Shelter Stone key items.
  2. At the top of Ashina Castle, The Owl will give you the choice to follow the Iron Code or to continue to serve Kuro, the Divine Heir.
  3. Choose to follow the Iron Code and then fight the next two boss fights.

Immortal Severance (Serve Kuro Ending)

This is the default ending available if the player stays loyal to Kuro and the game is progressed normally.

  1. Progress the story and collect the Lotus of the Palace and the Shelter Stone key items.
  2. At the top of Ashina Castle, The Owl will give you the choice to follow the Iron Code or to continue to serve Kuro, the Divine Heir.
  3. Choose to continue to serve Kuro and then proceed through the rest of the game.
  4. Beat the final boss, talk to Kuro, and choose to give Kuro ONLY the Divine Dragon's Tears

Purification (Alternate Serve Kuro Ending)

Progressing this ending allows the player to obtain two Prayer Beads and a Memory, which are otherwise missable; as such, it is advisable to complete the steps for this ending even if the player does not intend to select it as their final choice.  For this ending, stay loyal to Kuro when asked, and complete the following steps before defeating the Divine Dragon. Note: Steps 1 and 2 can be completed after defeating The Owl, but if not done up to this point, it is highly recommended to do them immediately after defeating him. Simply eavesdrop on Kuro as many times as you can, rest, talk to Emma/Kuro, resting each time, until Emma moves upstairs. The key here is talking to Kuro until the topic becomes the Mortal Blade.

  1. After defeating Genichiro at the top of Ashina Castle and getting Mortal Blade from The Divine Child, exhaust all dialogues with Kuro and Emma, and exhaust all eavesdrop opportunities on Kuro, which you get when hiding behind a wall using Hug Wall mechanic.  The specific location for eavesdropping requires the player to stand just around the corner behind Kuro and the large statue he stands next to. Go around behind the statue and then hug the wall on the left side of it. Multiple rests and switching from one to another may be required. Technically the player must only talk to Kuro about the Mortal Blade then hear a specific eavesdrop conversation which alludes to him keeping a secret from Sekiro, but this may not trigger immediately as many dialogues become available at this point - simply exhaust all available conversations/eavesdrops.
  2. Progress the story and collect the Lotus of the Palace and the Shelter Stone key items. At this point you will face new Interior Ministry Ninjas at Ashina Castle.
  3. At the top of Ashina Castle, The Owl will give you the choice to follow the Iron Code or to continue to serve Kuro, the Divine Heir. Choose to continue to serve Kuro and defeat The Owl.
  4. Exhaust all available conversations/eavesdrops again, and rest to nearby statue causing Emma moves from her current location to the top of the stairs.
  5. Talk with Emma at the top of the stairs, pick the option to keep Kuro alive, then rest at nearby statue, talk to Emma again at the top of the stairs and agree to help her, she will gives you Tomoe's Note.
  6. Travel to the Old Grave Idol and go to the left, you will find Emma standing infront of two tombstones. Talk to Emma and then travel to Dilapidated Temple.
  7. Eavesdrop on Emma and Sculptor from behind the temple. Talk to Emma and then choose "Ask about what you overheard", and then, "What are you hiding?" to receive Father's Bell Charm. Use it at the Buddha statue. If you haven't completed Hirata Estate  area, you will need to do it by killing Lady Butterfly before you can use Father's Charm.
  8. Go to the Lady Butterfly boss room and defeat Owl (Father) to obtain Aromatic Flower; the optional Memory is also awarded for this fight.  There are also two mini bosses in the area before this that award the player with Prayer Beads; one is optional while the other one is mandatory in order to continue.
  9. Beat the final boss, talk to Kuro, and choose to give him the Aromatic Flower ("Everblossom") and then the Divine Dragon's Tears.

Incidentally, once the Father's Bell Charm is acquired and the alternate Hirata Estate unlocked, the player is free to progress the game all the way up to just before speaking to Kuro after the final boss is defeated before completing the remaining steps, if desired.

Return (Dragon's Homecoming Ending)

This ending is arguably the most complicated to unlock.  For this ending, stay Loyal to Kuro when asked, and complete the following steps before defeating the Divine Dragon. 

  1. You may start by acquiring the Holy Chapter: Infested early.  This item is required later on for the ending but can be acquired sooner if the player clears Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo early.
    • Before defeating Genichiro Ashina (specifically, before continuing the story by talking to Kuro after defeating Genichiro): 
      • Talk to the old woman praying near the Ashina Castle Idol. If you have not spoken to the old woman near the Ashina Castle Idol, the next step will not work!
      • Travel to the Main Hall Idol in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. There will be a monk praying to the Buddha. Speak to him to get Holy Chapter: Infested.
    • If you have already defeated Genichiro Ashina and spoken to Kuro afterwards, and the monk is no longer there:
  2. Travel to Inner Sanctum Idol and talk to Divine Child of Rejuvenation. Talk to her to receive Rice (you can give her the Holy Chapter: Infested now as well).
  3. Get rid of the rice by using it on yourself (or giving it to the Old Hag). Reset the area completely--leave and return; resting will not suffice. If you have more than one rice in your inventory from previous playthroughs, you need to get rid of all of them.
  4. Repeat this step, asking for more Rice and using it until you trigger the Divine Child to fall asleep. Ask her for Rice one last time, use the Rice, and reset the area.
  5. The Divine Child will now not be feeling very well. Exhaust her dialogue and give her a Persimmon (you can buy this from the vendor in Shugendo; he also gives you one for free if you visit him after speaking with the Divine Child for the first time). Give her a Persimmon and then ask for more Rice. She will give you the item Rice for Kuro and ask that you give it to him.
  6. You can give Rice for Kuro immediately or later, but do it before defeating the Divine Dragon. Once you give Kuro the Rice for Kuro, rest at the idol and speak to him again. He will give you two Sweet Rice Balls. You must use at least one of them to continue - use it right there in front of him for a little extra dialogue with Kuro and later with the Child.
  7. Travel back to the Divine Child and talk to her.
  8. The Holy Chapter: Infested is required at this point, and must be obtained if you did not manage to acquire it earlier (see above).  Once you have given it to her, rest so that she moves to the Illusory Hall (where the Folding Screen Monkeys boss was); an entry portal is in the water directly across from the Divine Child's Inner Sanctum.
  9. At the Illusory Hall talk to the Divine Child (located near the large tree in the center) who tells you to seek out a High Senpou priest.
  10. Travel to Main Hall Idol at Senpou Temple and retrieve the Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return from the cave just outside the Hall's side entrance. The item will be on the blue monk's corpse at the end of the cave.  This item cannot be acquired from the corpse until this point is reached in the quest line. You will then need to rest.
  11. Talk to the Divine Child who has moved back to the Inner Sanctum, give her Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return and she will mention needing two serpentine fruits:
    • Fresh Serpent Viscera: From the Senpou Temple Idol to the right and below is a large hat Ministry enemy you will use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu technique on which will have him operate the kite crank. Go up the hill and through the temple with the undying monk and up into the large tree by the Old Hag. Use the kite as a grappling point to cross the valley to reach the Sunken Valley Cavern Idol. Plunge attack the Great Serpent and receive Fresh Serpent Viscera.
    • Dried Serpent Viscera: You will need to have encounter the Great Serpent at the bridge leading to the Gun Fort for the Great Serpent to be there. Travel to the Bodhisattva Valley Idol and head down toward where the Toxic Memorial Mob is located and enter into the cave behind him. At the end of the cave is another Great Serpent and you will need to use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu on the nearby monkey to distract the Serpent in order to grapple across safely and head into the house to find the Dried Serpent Viscera.
  12. Travel to the Divine Child and give her both Viscera items. Rest then eavesdrop.
  13. If you have not done it already, progress the story and collect the Lotus of the Palace and the Shelter Stone key items, then choose to Stay Loyal to Kuro, defeat Owl, and burn the Fountainhead Incense at the Altar after talking to Kuro.
  14. Travel back to the Inner Sanctum; the doors are now open. Talk to the Divine Child to receive Frozen Tears.
  15. Continue the game normally, beat the final boss, talk to Kuro, and give him the the Frozen Tears with the Divine Dragon's Tears.

If the prior steps are completed, the player can return to acquire the Frozen Tears at any point before speaking to Kuro at the end of the game after the final boss is defeated.

    • Anonymous

      30 Jul 2020 04:28  

      Dragon's Homecoming by far is the best and most true ending. Since the start Sekiro is devoted to serve Kuro even if that means break his Iron Code. And since that mother****er Owl is just a greedy bastard and betrayed Sekro it just add up to me preferring this ending. And I got blinded on my first try. What an amazing game!

      • Anonymous

        29 Jul 2020 03:56  

        I accidentally did the follow iron code/shura ending without realizing I just cut out a lot of the game hhhhhh fuuuuuck

        • Anonymous

          24 Jul 2020 20:28  

          As implied by a few other posts, you do not have to get rid of your rice after receiving it for the first time from the Divine Child in order to progress the return ending. You will have to get rid of both rice and fine snow in order to get her to give it to you for the first time in any given playthrough, however. After that, she'll give you another rice (and rice for Kuro) after giving her the parsimmon even if you still have the previous rice in your inventory. She'll also give you the fine snow if you still have the rice.

          Likewise, you never have to consume any rice balls to progress the ending. Thus you can get three rice balls on any given playthrough—two the first type that Kuro gives you after you give him Rice for Kuro, and one of the second.

          • Anonymous

            12 Jul 2020 00:55  

            I se alot people thinks the ending is the most time consuming to obtaine all achivements. I tell you that the ending can all be collected easily in one playthrough by backing up save before beating the game. The hardest part to acquire all achivement is actually learning all skills, the grind is unreal even with kuro charm.

            • Anonymous

              15 Jun 2020 21:01  

              No what I hate about these games? The fact you have to complete them multiple times to get everything and all achievements. As an ocd completionist You think I want to waste more times playing through these hard ass games 2-3. Times for an achievement with only 20g? This is bull*****

              • Anonymous

                06 Jun 2020 10:14  

                So, on my initial blind playthrough of the game, I managed to get the Dragon's Homecoming ending, but there are some inconsistencies with how I got it and the steps listed here. - First, I got all of the necessary rice without eating any, though I did give 2 away to the two grannies that give hints about the fruits of the serpent. I ended up receiving four of the rice items throughout the play, and ended the game with 2 in my inventory. - Second, I never ate any rice balls Kuro gave to me, instead prompting a dialogue of not eating them in front of him, before returning after some time (perhaps a boss fight or more) and receiving another rice ball with unique item text. Based on this, I can confirm without a doubt that neither rice nor rice balls need to be eaten at all to progress this ending. It's important to note that I found the Holy Chapter: Infested after the Corrupted Monk boss fight, down in the Senpou Temple pool of water, and that I got both of the serpent viscera well before I knew what they were needed for. In fact, I had them both before I fought Owl, and also before I had the option to give a Persimmon to the Divine Child. I also gave a Taro Persimmon, which I received from Kotarou's side quest, to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation at one point, which may have prompted one of the additional rice servings. This entire run is recorded on twitch.tv/ciarantheblade if there is any question on the exact order of events I followed. In contrast, I completely missed the secret eavesdropping on Kuro and the entirety of the Father's Bell area. That***** is obscure.

                • Anonymous

                  30 May 2020 01:44  

                  If kuro is waiting for me in the secret passage and i already defeated the divine dragon, can i still give him rice for kuro ? i *****ing blew it

                  • Anonymous

                    25 May 2020 03:08  

                    Guys I need help. I get to the top of the castle and I don't get the option to stay loyal to Kuro. I have both the lotus of the fountain and the shelter stone. I don't know what to do. I already got the shura ending but backed up my save and want to stay loyal to Kuro. Thanks

                    • Anonymous

                      18 May 2020 21:54  

                      For purification ending it says after defeating Owl you eavesdrop but on the third step it says defeat Owl. So do I do the steps before or after Owl :/

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Apr 2020 21:36  

                        Nice guide overall, I got the dragon's homecoming ending, but why are you implying that the 2 prayer beads and owl father memory are only obtainable in purification ending, you can obtain those and still have homecoming ending

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Apr 2020 03:10  

                          I went for return ending for first play through which is hardest I understand beat game grabbed my kids to watch ending n thought ending was crap definitely not worth all the time n all the deaths hope other 3 r better

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Mar 2020 03:15  

                            My favorite ending is Shura. For once, Sekiro acts independtly from his Foster dad AND his master. A selfish choice, bringing him on a path cursed by murders, but his own path. The other paths are not so independent. Disrupting immortality by killing Kuro is at first the choice of his master. He chose to kill himself in the purification ending, because he was the one to said the sentence "Do what you have to do" at Kuro, and felt guilty. In the return ending, he is still bound to Kuro. In Shura ending, Sekiro says ***** that, I didn't choose immortality, etc, so ***** the world. And I like this choice.

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Mar 2020 11:47  

                              Goddamn owl Stabbed me in the back with his ***** Sword, mfw I hate foster Parents now, I felt bad for the sum***** when i found him dying, the sound effect and the fire being buffed added the emotions of being motivated but in the end he betrays you, ***** the iron code.

                              • Anonymous

                                25 Feb 2020 10:27  

                                So, can I defeat Owl (Father) just after Isshin final boss, but before talking to Kuro and get Purification ending choice? Just wanna be sure, because Owl is my greatest pain so far.

                                • Anonymous

                                  19 Feb 2020 18:52  

                                  I want to note what bull*****it is that I can’t get the true ending because i defeated the divine dragon!!! I feel personally robbed of the ending I’ve been striving toward without spoiling the game by looking it up. Pretty disappointed!!! They really need to make it to where I can give Kuro the rice before fighting genichiro for the last time then and there.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    19 Feb 2020 10:45  

                                    A question: what if I did both all steps necessary to return and purification before fighting Owl at the Ashina castle? Which ending am I going to get?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      15 Feb 2020 21:56  

                                      How tf was I supposed to know I had to use the rice? As much as I like the ambiguity of the quests and choices, it really pisses me off that because of one thing, I didn't get the true ending

                                      • Anonymous

                                        12 Feb 2020 21:02  

                                        At Dragon's Homecoming Ending I had to first defeat the Owl before I could talk to the Divine Child about Kuro's rice again

                                        • Anonymous

                                          10 Feb 2020 09:16  

                                          I didn't eat sweet rice in front of Kuro, because I'm greedy T_T... let's see if I can still get Return ending...

                                          • Anonymous

                                            30 Jan 2020 16:33  

                                            I've got tomoe's notes but didn't talk to emma at the grave and also have killed the dragon is there any way i can still get the purification ending. BTW emma is with the dead body of isshin.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              28 Jan 2020 21:11  

                                              If anybody having troubles finding the Senpou High Priest with blue robe. From "Main Hall" Idol, go to the left and enter the cave, go inside the cave (Kill the mobs). Drop down and the turn to the right, crouch through the little "tunnel". Double jump up to the platform and then (before you grapple yourself up) it will be there in front of you. I had some troubles finding it so I decided to write it down, maybe it can be a little bit of a help for others.

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