Gauntlets of Strength for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a new feature that was added to the Sekiro Free Update on October 29, 2020. Gauntlets of Strength are single-life challenges where players are thrown into a series of battles against various enemies. This is a challenge where players must start a gauntlet and complete it in order to obtain unique rewards such as the new outfits and many more. It may look and sound like any other common gauntlets, but in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, partaking in a gauntlet has a catch, if by any chance you die without any Resurrective Power at any point in the gauntlet, you will need to start over from the beginning. Gauntlets are NOT affected by players attack power or NG-cycle but players vitality stays the same as in main game. This page covers information regarding this game mode.



How to access Gauntlets

Gauntlets of Strength are added to the Free Update, Patch 1.05. To access this, you must complete the main story line by defeating Isshin, The Sword Saint. Then interact with a Sculptor's Idol, and select "Gauntlets of Strength". This feature allows the player to select a gauntlet and to fight a series of extraordinary foes (Bosses) and obtain rewards for successfully completing it.

If you want to train and prepare for the gauntlets, you can select Reflections of Strength to practice fighting against various bosses.


Gauntlets of Strength


Gauntlet of Strength: Severance

 gauntets of strength severance gauntlet sekiro wiki guide

Relive battle memories of the "Severance" and face a gauntlet of extraordinary foes.


Gauntlet of Strength: Divine Heir

 gauntets of strength divine heir gauntlet sekiro wiki guide

Relive battle memories of the "Divine Heir" and face a gauntlet of extraordinary foes.


Gauntlet of Strength: Shura

 emma the gentle blade sekiro wiki guide

Relive battle memories of the "Shura" and face a gauntlet of extraordinary foes.

 Note: Gauntlet of Strength: Mortal Journey will be unlocked after you beat all 3 challenges.

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    • Anonymous

      After some limited testing, gauntlet / reflection bosses deal less damage than they do on NG+2.
      With 2 hardmodes active (charmless + demon bell), the Sword Saint's vertical shockwave attack (the one he uses after a deflected Ichimonji) dealt about 95-98% damage on NG+2 (i.e. reduced me to a sliver of health from full, and missing any health basically meant it's a oneshot), and about 85-92% in the reflection version (which is still very close to a oneshot, but sometimes healing items don't heal you to full and leave you with a very small amount missing - on NG+2 you'd need to heal one more time to be completely safe).

      • Anonymous

        Not sure how many people know this but it's permanently unlocked after beating the game with any ending I think, second for bosses like inner father or genichiro you just have to make it to the end of the trial instead of having to go through the game 4+ times to unlock them

        • Anonymous

          Definitely should have given a Rikimaru outfit for completing Mortal Journey.

          Still rad to be able to fight every boss in a row, though.

          • Anonymous

            It's awesome how Fromsoft added the Inner bosses and gave us these bosses. They unlike their regular counterparts are a lot more difficult and have different movesets that players need to learn.

            • Anonymous

              The Fandom page says that your attack power is set to a certain level in the gauntlets. Does anyone know what those levels are? And does anyone know if the bosses get a set value as well?

              • Anonymous

                I got Dragon Rot while doing the Mortal Journey. I never died in the gauntlet obviously and I hadn't died in the play through I was on either. After I killed Genichiro, before I went on to Sword Saint, I got Rot Essence. Super weird.

                • Anonymous

                  please add a definitive information on if any of the three starting gauntlets need anything done to be available. Like defeating certain bosses or finishing certain endings being required to unlock any gauntlets.

                  • Anonymous

                    When I was testing some boss strategies with the new art, I was using some rice like it was nothing, I thought it wouldn't go away but it did. I had like 13 in storage and when I realized, after several runs, I had just one left, everything seemed to restore but the rice, which is BS. Anyone else had this issue?

                    • Anonymous

                      It might be worth mentioning to not use the Jizo Statue from Jinzaemon.
                      Keep it so that you have 2 Jizo statues in the gauntlet, as Jinzaemon's likely will not disappear afterwards.
                      Also spam ako sugars on the bosses you've fought many times, like great ape to make it go by faster.
                      I learned from someone to use the mist raven on Inner Isshin's mortal blade sweep and the attack where he charges up in the air.
                      I only ended up using the mist raven (not the final upgrade) for him, maybe some firecrackers.

                      • Anonymous

                        Can you do the gauntlets at any time during the ng+ play through or only upon beating the game again/ before starting ng+?

                        • Anonymous

                          The mortal journey gauntlet did not unlock for me until I finished both Severance and Shura gauntlets. Did others have a different experience?

                          • Anonymous

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                            FromSoft: Sekiro Update

                            • Anonymous

                              if i spam my baby jesus statues will they regenerate after the gauntlet? im terrible at this game and i need all the help i can get,

                              • Anonymous

                                How do i access gauntlets? My sculptor idol only shows reflection of strength? Any help would be appreciated. Also sad that orin is not in the reflection probably cuz she never gave a memory...

                                • Anonymous

                                  Don't understand why last bossrush doesn't give anything. Could've been fun to get a skin with Black Mortal Blade.

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