Lady Butterfly

Location Hirata Estate
Deathblow Markers 2
Useful Tools

Phantom Kunai (when she hovers)

Lazulite Axe

Snap Seed (phase 2 illusion)

Reward Memory: Lady Butterfly
Sakura Droplet

Lady Butterfly (幻お蝶, Phantom Butterfly, Maboroshi o chō) is a Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This Complete Lady Butterfly Boss Guide gives you strategies on how to beat Lady Butterfly easily, as well as tips, tricks and lore notes. Bosses like Lady Butterfly are special, dangerous Enemies that feature a special display on-screen when defeated, such as "Immortality Severed" or "Shinobi Execution". Lady Butterfly is found in a burning temple, in the Hirata Estate location. Lady Butterfly has two health bars that must be removed before a finisher can be performed.


Lady Butterfly Location

Where to find Lady Butterfly in Sekiro?

  • Hirata Estate: Within the Hidden Temple location, which requires the Hidden Temple Key. The key is found after the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol, and the temple is within the actual burning main estate.
  • You will arrive at the Hidden Temple shortly after defeating the mini-boss Juzou the Drunkard.


Lady Butterfly Rewards

What do you get from defeating Lady Butterfly in Sekiro?

Lady Butterfly Dialogue:

Re-introducing Herself to Wolf:

"It's been a long time...
Son of Owl."

When Kuro leaves:
"Now then, son of Owl. Shall we dance?"

When asked why by Wolf: 
"...Why indeed?
You'll die if you doubt yourself, boy."

Upon first death:
"Hehehe... impressive, boy."

"In that case... 
Lose yourself in my illusions."

"Now we're having fun, boy..."

"You're surprisingly skilled, son of Owl."

When Sekiro kills her after saying these words: "Lady Butterfly... Forgive me!"

"You've... gotten stronger... Wolf..."


Lady Butterfly Boss Guide Strategies

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Video Strategies



Sekiro Lady Butterfly Posture Breaking

Lady Butterfly is vulnerable after most of her attacks. Her ground combos, her dash attacks, and her ground stomp attacks all leave her open if they miss. Use a charge attack on her when she's vulnerable. If she begins to defend, she will imperfectly guard your first two swings and perfectly guard your third--so attack twice then go on deflecting yourself to help drive her posture up. Use the shuriken to drop her out of her aerial attacks and punish her undefended moments. In her second phase, things will be harder because of her extra projectiles and her illusions but the same principle applies. Both of her ground-based Perilous attacks can be jumped over, and the sweep can be punished. You'll be able to damage her with your sword when you land, too. Dedicate a few attempts to learning responses to her moves and getting comfortable with her attacks, and then practice pressuring her. 

For a much easier time, beat Gyoubu first so you can acquire both the Ashina Arts manual just past him and the attack boost from consuming his memory. The Ascending Carp and Descending Carp skills will make breaking her posture much easier and faster.


Sekiro Lady Butterfly Strategy Write-Up

This boss features an extremely agile and elegant moveset, as she uses threads and kunai to set a perimeter that makes it seem as if she is walking on air. Attacking quickly and with deadly precision, players should be mindful of the different combinations of attacks that Lady Butterfly can unleash.

Deflect more than you attack during this fight. Attack only when you can actually hit her, which is usually after a Perilous Attack. During Phase 2, use a Snap Seed to dispel the spirits she summons after snapping her fingers, or otherwise run around the perimeter of the stage in order to avoid both Lady Butterfly and her spirits. (Killing the spirits, which take one hit each, can refund you Spirit Emblems.)

If you defeat the boss, you will see the writing "SHINOBI EXECUTION" upon the screen.

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Dodge Attack Strategy

Lady Butterfly can be beaten extremely easily by utilizing the dodge attack, which is performed by attacking immediately after dodging. Spamming dodge/attack rapidly whilst changing the direction of the dodge effectively stun-locks the boss and renders her unable to perform any of her dangerous attacks, with an exception of a few quick attacks that deal small damage. If the boss manages to escape the stun-lock and jump onto the illusory strands, throwing a Shuriken at her knocks her off immediately and deals considerable poise damage. The reason for using the dodge attack is that the damage passes the boss' guard and deals damage directly to her health, therefore slowing her poise regeneration drastically.

Her first phase should be fairly easy using this strategy, the second phase becomes a bit more tricky because of the homing butterflies combined with the daggers and illusions. The second phase can be made significantly easier by using Snap Seed to banish the illusions (keep in mind that she turns the illusions into homing butterflies after some time, so managing their number is crucial). Focus on the illusions first and boss second to avoid being overwhelmed by the butterflies. After dealing with the illusions, return to the dodge attack spam whilst watching out for the occasional butterflies the boss spawns during some of her moves.

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Kunai Throw All kunai can either be blocked or deflected. 
Jump into the Rafters When Lady Butterfly jumps into the rafters, the Shuriken Prosthetic can be used to knock her out of the air and open up a short window. The best chances of knocking her out of the air come with using the Shuriken Prosthetic as soon as she starts to jump, otherwise, she will likely deflect it. 
Perilous Attack - Above As soon as you see the Perilous Attack kanji, either dodge or move out of the way slightly. After the Perilous Attack, there will be a short window where you can hit Lady Butterfly. With the right timing, you can also use the Shuriken Prosthetic to knock Lady Butterfly out of the air and open up a short window.  
Perilous Attack - Sweep  As soon as you see the Perilous Attack kanji, jump and kick Lady Butterfly for considerable posture damage. Lady Butterfly's sweep attack is of a moderate range, so if you're close to her when you see the red kanji, jump on her head. However, if you're far away, you can simply avoid the attack. 
Phase 2
Illusions If you have snap seeds, run to the center of the illusions and use it to dispel them. If not, kill as many phantoms as you can. Note that the phantoms provide you with Spirit Emblems. You can also run around the boundaries of the room with minimal chance the illusions will hit you due to their slow attacks. When Lady Butterfly dissolves them to her spell, hide behind a pillar to block them.

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Spin to Win Strategy

As of patch 1.03, this no longer works.

Lady Butterfly can be easily cheesed by using the Nightjar Slash Combat Art. Combat Arts are used by holding the block/deflect button and tapping the attack button. If equipped, one can simply spam the combat art. It is also possible to fit a normal attack inbetween the Combat Art spam, meaning Combat Art - Normal Attack - Combat Art - Normal Attack and so on. This will lead her into an almost neverendenig stun-lock. She will mostly just try to block the attacks therefor increasing her posture-gauge. Most can be made out of this strategy if Lady Butterfly is with her back against the wall. It is possible for Lady Butterfly to break out of the stun-lock to get into the air. If that happens just wait for her to jump off and hit her with a shuriken resulting in her falling to the ground and creating an opening for closing the gap.

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Illusion Avoidance Strategy

The entirety of the illusion summoning mechanic can be easily avoided. After Lady Butterfly summons the illusions, you can simply sprint around the outside of the arena. The illusions are not typically fast enough to land attacks. The circular motion quickly groups the illusions in the center of the room. The butterflies generated upon the dispelling of the illusions don't track quickly enough to keep up with a full sprint. If executing this strategy, be aware that turning corners when the butterflies are tracking can cause them to hit you. It's best to time your sprint so that you're running the length of the room when they start tracking.



Lady Butterfly Lore

"Lose yourself in my illusion"

Lady Butterfly and, Sekiro/Wolf have encountered each other in the past; she remarks on this by saying, "It has been quite some time son of Owl," before the fight. When consuming her memory, you realize that your foster father employed her to teach you some of the techniques that made you into the shinobi you are today.

Her fighting style is extremely unique when compared to other characters and bosses. She seems to fight like the ministry's lone shadows, with her even deflecting with her leg identical to how the lone shadows deflect with their leg. This style could also be confused with the Temple style that the high monks of Senpou Temple use, since they also incorporate their legs into fighting, unlike the Ashina style or the Shinobi style. This isn't to say that she doesn't use the Shinobi style, as she also uses shuriken similar to the Owl. We can assume that her being Wolf's mentor is the reason why he is able to learn 4 different styles of fighting seamlessly.

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.

"Butterfly" is a common female name in Japan until the early 20th century. For example, the personal name of Lady No (the wife of Nobunaga Oda) was possibly Kocho ("butterfly") in some accounts. Another famous instance (in a fiction) is the opera Madam Butterfly composed by Puccini, where a Japanense girl Chocho ("butterfly") is the protagonist. In East Asia, butterflies are often associated with illusions and dreams that are indistinguishable from the reality, as in the story of "The Butterfly Dream" in Zhuangzi, 3rd century BC, China.


Lady Butterfly Notes & Trivia

  •  Voiced by: Cindy Robinson (English), Tomoko Miyadera (Japanese).



Lady Butterfly Image Gallery

 Sekiro Lady Butterfly Boss Guide Sekiro Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Boss Guide Sekiro Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Boss Guide Sekiro Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Sekiro Lady Butterfly Boss Guide



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    • Anonymous

      30 Aug 2021 14:30  

      I hate the language on this website:
      "Lady Butterfly can be beaten extremely easily by utilizing ..."
      "Lady Butterfly can be easily cheesed by using the..."
      "The entirety of the illusion summoning mechanic can be easily avoided."

      Well hell, why have a strategy guide at all? If the game is SO DAMN EASY, HUH.

      • Anonymous

        04 Aug 2021 23:41  

        Can someone edit this? Shuriken will knock her out of the *air,* but if you can see the thread beneath her feet, she's already landed and will deflect them.

        • Anonymous

          20 Jul 2021 22:36  

          what level should you beat this old woman, i beat her with my groud only 3 , dang it was a hard fight for beginner

          • Anonymous

            12 Jul 2021 19:16  

            Very though to confront her only with 1-2 hp/posture upgrades and 3-4 grouds but if you manage to beat her only with that, then almost everything(except garbos like headless or the boss in the dungeon) until mid-game becomes a joke

            • Anonymous

              19 Apr 2021 11:19  

              Actually in phase 2, when you see this lady prepare her phantom kunai, it would be better that you dodge sideways once, and then deflect as soon as the dodge ends. It's because her phantom kunai came in 2 waves, where the second one came simultaneously with her flurry attacks. You will get a little damage, but if you successfully deflect all her flurry attack + counter the following sweep attack, she will suffer from a very big posture damage

              • Anonymous

                01 Mar 2021 16:15  

                The quick spams she does in phase 2 can easily break posture in ng+ no Kuro's charm runs if a single deflect misses. So whenever you see phantom butterfly emerging just run away.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Feb 2021 15:19  

                  This was incredibly easy for me. Beat her on the first try. I don't think that's ever happened to me with any boss in any From game. Just block her attacks and back off when your posture gets too low, and snap a pod every time the things swarm you. Her Attacks aren't predictable, but they don't come out fast enough that it's a problem. Just jump backwards every time you don't want to be near her.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Feb 2021 20:10  

                    Despite the fact that the "Spin to Win" strategy no longer works as described above, I still think it was a very helpful combat art for the fight; especially if you have the nightjar slash reversal.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Jan 2021 02:23  

                      No offense to Lady Butterfly, but she's probably the easiest boss even compared to Gyoubu. What makes her so easy compared to everyone else is her moveset.

                      All the other bosses expect you to land deflect after deflect and then reward you for your precision timing, because later on your supposed to have a feel of how to play the game. Lady Butterfly plays like a mini-boss where her big moves only opens up if you block her attacks.

                      Since she is the 1st time a new player will be fighting an boss with a fast consistent pattern of attacks, they made her easy to punish, so that people will be incentivized to be aggressive. Using Ako or Yasharika on top on that makes her fight a total cheese, and there's a good chance of not seeing any of her cool moves at all.

                      She's basically Great Shinobi Owl, but less aggressive, less posture and vitality, and a wonky moveset flow. IMO she should have been included in the set to get the Inner version treatment.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Jan 2021 08:30  

                        Just spam attack. Its not the fastest, but its the most reliable if you can parry. After 3 attacks she parries, and she will follow up with a kick. Just parry the kick then do your 3 attacks. Rinse and repeat. Very easy. Occaisonailly she will dodge instead of follow up on her parry; just get in her face again. Aggression is key.

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Dec 2020 15:25  

                          Sidestep cheeze Anon back with the phase 2 update (sorry for terrible typos, by the way): I was initially overwhelmed by her updated moveset & agility, but the dodge cheeze still worked, though I only managed to get it rolling when all my 5 gourds were out. I got her up against the wall & did the sidestep cheeze where she couldn't retreat. Note: I had the bell enabled for this fight. Cheers.

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Dec 2020 15:16  

                            So I just died to this b1tch's 2nd phase on my first encounter & headed here to see if she had a weakness (other than obvious shuriken for aerials) & I just see comments of people saying they "ran around a lot". I jumped back in & decided to just keep the pressure on & really try to parry everything (brute force method). I notcied this: if you spam attax in front of her, she does her usual leg blocking animations & then parries around the 3rd hit, after which, she attax. I landed a hit on her side (enemies can't block or parry from sides/rear, so I decided to try dodging around her & land some side hits -- this is where it gets cheezy -- I destroyed her 1st phase by simply attacking once (she goes into blocking animation) then side dodging (animation cancels into a start-up animation for an attack) & attack once for a vit hit; rinse & repeat until she's flattened. I'm getting into 2nd phase round 2, now. Hopefully I can do the same. Have fun.

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Dec 2020 13:28  

                              I cheesed her by doing Whilrwind Slash after any attack that showed me a symbol above my head then ran like a coward or blocked/parried if necessary. It was pretty easy after I started actually dodging.

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Dec 2020 14:52  

                                I spent two hours fighting this boss before I complete started a new game out of frustration... After a little more practice fighting mooks, I got to her and she's what finally made the game "click" for me. Once you get past that wall, not a very hard fight.

                                Biggest tip is don't even bother with the illusions, when she summons them just create as much space between Wolf and all the enemies, including her. Wait til she despawns them and sprint to get away from the projectiles. Keep chipping away at her vitality this way, nice and slow.

                                • Anonymous

                                  02 Nov 2020 20:51  

                                  **** this boss that takes 10 full minutes to ****ing beat, stupid unblockable attack that you can't dodge, **** the shitty lock-on that gets me hit and **** the flying white things that do damage to you if you try to get your one hit in every 30 seconds. I fought her like 15 times and I got her to legit 1 hp and I couldn't touch her even with an extra revive. I don't care that I suck at the game, I'm not doing 20 more attempts for nothing.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    23 Sep 2020 15:50  

                                    They patched out a lot of the cheese. She took me 2 days, but once I finally figured out what would work on her, I got her the next go. This worked for me:

                                    For phase 1: Stay in mid range and block everything she throws at you. She does very little posture damage, so you dont have to worry about her breaking through. When she does any of the moves where she charges in, block/dodge and then use the opening to strike. After that, move back to mid range again so you're never in range of her sweep. If she does the thing where she stands in the air and jumps back down without doing an attack, sprint towards her and you can get in a free strike as well. Always move back to mid range afterwards. Repeating this tactic should allow you to reach phase 2 without getting hit quite easily (unless you make a very concious slip).

                                    For phase 2: Wait for her at her spawnpoint in front of the statue and immediatly keep applying pressure, even if she does end up blocking most of it. Again, it's quite easy to block any combo she throws at you and as long as you're close by and attacking often, she'll rely almost exclusively on melee rather than her butterfly shuriken or her illusions. This makes the fight a lot easier. If she does manage to cast her illusion, just run circles until they dissolve into butterflies and shoot at you. Both these butterflies as well as Lady Butterfly her own attacks will all miss you when you run circles, unless you run straight into her. Once the illusions are gone, move back into melee range and apply pressure again. The one thing to keep an eye out for is her perilous sweep, as this time around you are constantly in its range.

                                    Once this clicked, the fight was pretty doable.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      23 Jun 2020 21:27  

                                      I struggled so much with Gyoubu that I searched around for a different route. Ended up discovering the past area by accident and went through the whole thing before fighting the first intended boss. Honestly, the mini boss was more a pain than she was, but it was still brutal. But I got so much better at the game and I increased Sekiro's stats. When I went back to Gyoubu, I quite literally destroyed him.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        23 Jun 2020 08:42  

                                        Anyone else have the boss respawn after killing her? I killed her already then went back to hirata estate and lady butterfly is there again but only has one deathblow and isnt using illusions in the fight. Not sure if there is any reason to kill her again ( i suck at the game so shes still a headache for me)

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