Snap Seed

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 Fumewort seeds that make a loud noise if you snap them. Useful for breaking the effect of illusion techniques.

If an illusion occurs, it is because someone created it. To crush the phantoms and return to reality one must defeat the creator of the illusion.

Snap seeds can be of great help in that regard.

Snap Seed is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to break the effect of an enemy's ability to use illusion techniques.



 Snap Seed Usage

  • Breaks the effect of illusion based techniques.
  • Destroys the Spirits summoned by Lady Butterfly.
  • Can be used to stun the Corrupted Monk Illusion found in Mibu Village up to THREE TIMES. Each usage after that will have no effect.
  • Instantly destroys the mist enemies in the Hidden Forest in Ashina Depths.
  • Can destroy shadow illusions created during the True Corrupted Monk's second phase, but only those particular instances.



How to Find Snap Seed



Snap Seed Notes & Tips

  • Can be purchased in unlimited amounts from all vendors for 80 sen after you defeat the True Corrupted Monk boss (this carries over to NG+)



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    • Anonymous

      There are also three in the Hidden Forest on the way to Mist Noble (if you follow the tree above the Headless and the three Yash sugars)

      • Anonymous

        Before fighting Lady Butterfly, my friend used the snap seed, then went back to the shrine and it saved. Is there any way to get more seed??

        • Anonymous

          Article says to stock them for NG+ but you can still buy them from merchants (i.e. the tally board does transfer to NG+, where coins are more plentiful than ever, especially if you've gotten most of your prosthetic upgrades already.) I advise not to worry about buying them for NG+ until you need them, at which point you can just get them from the peddler or the battlefield memorial mob.

          • Anonymous

            So i used all the Seeds i had on the corrupter monk when i discovered that they do an insane damage to him, only to die afterwards.. is there a way to buy them before the monk boss? Since you can't defeat him without those i'm kinda stuck.

            • Anonymous

              With the demon bell debuff on, I got a snap seed as a high tier rarity drop from a white monkey down in the poison pool. Not the greatest farm as there are only 2 of these monkeys down there but easy enough to kill from stealth.

              • Anonymous

                SPOILERS AHEAD You get a note about snap seed from a hiding spy/rat which you can find from the "bonfire" after the first snake encounter (you stab it the first time). I mean the place where you find the battlefield with the "demon horse rider" boss. He is looking at the direction where you came from, towards where you stabbed the snake. I possessed him with ninjutsu and don't know if the item drops or you need to posses him. Never saw him before and I'm at the corrupted monk, now roaming in search of snap seeds so got weirdly lucky. Note name "Herb Catalogue Scrap" and it say the following: "A page torn from the Ashina Herb Catalogue, a compendium of flowers and herbs. "The 'Snap Seed' naturally grows in ravines and deep valleys. According to denizens of the Sunken Valley, such places are appropriate for offering oneself in marriage to the Great Sepent. Ifone wishes to become a bride, they must enter the belly of the Serpent in the valley"". I'm gonna search the sunken valley mobs if they drops it and what happens with the snake now that it is tightened around the temple.

                • Anonymous

                  Don't bother to use them on lady butterfly. Save them for Corrupted Monk since he's midgame but is very tedious and snap seed helps a ton since it can deal a chunk of damage just by using them. For Lady Butterfly, just run away from the ghosts until she dispels them or if they're far away then let her come to you and feed you deflects.

                  • Anonymous

                    Save your snap seeds. Dont use them on the lady butterfly boss, ultimately you'll need them to cheese later

                    • Before the butterfly lady boss, a dying samourai will give you a Snap Seed but it's a one time use... you should practice the boss fight before using your seed.

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