Fistful of Ash


 Ash gripped into a hardened clump. Throw it at an enemy to temporarily distract them.

In Ashina, the snow falls thick and thus the hearth runs with ash.

Fistful of Ash is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Throw at an enemy to temporarily distract or stun them while you heal, attack, perform an animation or get away.



 Fistful of Ash Usage

  • After thrown, temporarily distracts or stuns an enemy
  • Useful for distracting enemies so that you may heal or attack.



How to Find Fistful of Ash

  • Dropped by Enemies upon death.
  • Ashina Reservoir- After beating Leader Shigenori Yamauchi. From the locked  gate ahead cannot be opened from this side, so go right from the gate, and there will be an item on the ground.
  • Ashina Outskirts- Near the open gate where the rifle enemies were close to the locked gate with the  Ungo's Sugar.
  • Ashina Outskirts- Inspect the woodpiles near where you fought the General Naomori Kawarada.
  • Ashina Outskirts- After encountering the eavesdropping opportunity about the dead mount and the owner, the item would be nearby.
  • Ashina Outskirts- In the arena where you will encounter Gyoubu Oniwa .
  • Ashina Reservoir- revisited- Within the samurai gatehouse, in the basement would be the item.
  • Hirata Estate- From the Dragonspring - Hirata Estate Sculptor's Idol, drop down and grapple onto the branches below until you reach the ground level. There will be 2x Fistful of Ash to pick up next to an NPC. 
  • Hirata Estate- From the Estate Path Sculptor's Idol, grappling up twice to the highest structure allows you to drop down in a side section that contains 1x Spirit Emblem. Proceed further toward the Bamboo of the area to obtain 3x Ungo's Sugar. Double Jump on the wall and then grab onto the ledge to climb up and avoid the guards patrolling the main corridor. Drop onto the archer hidden around the corner to defeat him and then grab 3x Fistful of Ash by a broken wall, since the door nearby does not open from this side.
  • Hirata Estate- As you progress in the area you will encounter two enemies  in the middle of a conversion about arson. Within the area close would be the item.
  • Hirata Estate- Eventually in the area after encountering the Thicket Idol and an Axe Enemy, there would be a bridge. Crossing it there would be the item.
  • Ashina Castle- In the area you can climb onto the wall, near the entrance tunnel. Look down - there's 1x Ako's Sugar that you can pick up. Turn around and Grapple onto the protruding rooftop to go back up. You will then want to go to the furthest side of the empty area and go up a short staircase that leads to a cliff, there's 1x Scrap Iron in this corner, as well as 2x Fistful of Ash.
  • Ashina Castle- You will find 1x Scrap Iron by a tree overlooking the moat and bridge with the Ashina Castle Idol, and 3x Fistful of Ash on a courtyard right by the tunnel connecting to the Remnant of Kuro and Emma.
  • Ashina Castle- Instead of going around the corner, carefully creep about and you'll see a grapple point. An enemy is about to ambush you, so slowly edge forward to be able to grapple without activating the trap. Inside, the room, you will find 1x Fistful of Ash 
  • Ashina Castle- After the ambush, there would be a room where there is a treasure chest with a Gourd Seed.
  • Sunken Valley - After your descent from the cliff., 2 can be found past the Under-Shrine Valley Idol.
  • Sunken Valley - 2 can be found around the arena where Sekiro encounters Snake Eyes Shirafuji.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - 2x can be looted at an area with lizards if you sneak under the snake in the Serpent's cave, and 1x can be found after using a grapple point to a platform that has two other items - beware, an ambush will take place once you pick up the items.
  • Ashina Depths - 1x can be found nearby the area where Tokujiro the Glutton is encountered.
  • Mibu Village - Chance to be dropped by the villagers upon defeat.
  • Mibu Village - Past the Watermill Idol, head down the slope of a house that leads to a dead-end at the bottom to find 3.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - Near the Ni-Oh gate, go left , you'll see 2x Mibu Possession Balloon to the left of the staircase ahead of the gate. Go up and stick to the left side to avoid the enemy cluster, and pick up 1x Pellet. From here grapple to a higher ledge and pick up 1x Pacifying Agent. Ahead of you, there are two guards. Sneak behind them to obtain 1x Fistful of Ash.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named Back Up. From the pond and grapple onto the branches near the large temple next to the pond. Pick up 3x Fistful of Ash and stealth-kill the monks here.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named Jump Through the Window. On the bonfire would be 5x Fistful of Ash



Fistful of Ash Notes & Tips

  • This item can be used as an escape mechanic towards difficult enemy encounters 
  • Add to a Quick Item Slot. Don't you hate when you can taste victory, but you ran out of Firecracker? Use Fistful of Ash to halt the enemy up to ten times! Be wary of target distance and performance time. You shall be victorious, Wolf!
  • One of the locations of the item in Hirata Estate, the item would be visible in left part of the image: 



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