Illusive Hall Bell


A five-pronged bell made of aged bronze. Can be used repeatedly.
When rung, Monkeys and Wolves alike are returned to their initial states.
However, a monkey caught in the folding screen will not escape, whether the bell is rung or not.

Illusive Hall Bell is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to reset the stage for the Folding Screen Monkeys fight.



 Illusive Hall Bell Usage



How to Find Illusive Hall Bell

  • Given as part of the quest to enter the Illusive Hall.



Illusive Hall Bell Notes & Tips

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  • From the Bells of Awakening One Bell Of Awakening to the Young Lord's Bell Charm, the Illusive Hall Bell belongs to a longstanding tradition of FromSoftware games including paranormal bells. Often, these instruments were used to communicate with other planes of existence, to summon the dead, or invoke miracles. This chime appears based on the ghanta of the Dai Itoku-Myoo Dai Itoku-Myoo, the "Great Showdown King" of To-Ji temple Kyoto, in whose hands it plays the part of a Vajra "Thunderbolt", which is one of the most powerful objects in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In regard to its relationship to the monks of Senpou temple, they practice what is called "Sokushinbutsu Sokushinbutsu - Infested Monks": self-starvation to the point of mummification. It was a practice introduced by Kukai, the founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan, a likeness of whom is found in Senpou Temple Likeness Of Kukai. A sokushinbutsu monk had a bell with him and every day, someone would listen for the bell to make sure the monk was still alive. When the bell no longer rang, the air tube to his tomb was removed and the tomb was completely sealed. A thousand days later, the body would be exhumed. If it was preserved, it was revered as a god. In Hinduism, from which Shingon Buddhism borrows a lot, the shape of a ghanta is believed to represent Ananta, the celestial, or infinite snake.
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    • Anonymous

      You can use the bell during the Folding Screen Monkeys fight to return to the initial starting point, effectively returned to your initial state, health, status and consumable states will stay the same as before using the bell however.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone found the "wolves" they are referring to or is it just a translation error and it's actually referring to Wolf and tell Screen Monkey's only?

        • Anonymous

          Has anyone tried using this during the fight with Shura? The sculptor was called the Monkey, and the word is capitalized in the item description.

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