Contact Medicine


 Powdered medicine with poisonous effects used through the ages of by Ashina shinobi.

A weak "Poison" status abnormality is inflicted upon consumption.

By inflicting a weak poison on oneself, all other forms of poison becomes ineffective. Some shinobi also use this medicine for a specific technique. Poison is said to expand the mind.

Contact Medicine is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to inflict a weak poison on oneself, therefore making any poison attacks received from an enemy ineffective.



 Contact Medicine Usage

  • Inflicts a weak poison on oneself and negates any Poison attacks received from enemies
  • It lasts for a total of 40 seconds.



How to Find Contact Medicine

  • Dungeon Memorial Mob - 8 can be bought for 30 sen
  • Sunken Valley - Looted next to the Prayer Bead found below a cliff past the arena of the Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - From the large cluster of monkeys, 1x can be looted around the feet of the Buddha statue where you'll encounter 3 monkeys, and 3x more behind the statue where it is being guarded by 3 Nightjar Ninja enemies.
  • Ashina Depths - Looted inside the temple of the Mist Noble.
  • Mibu Village - 2x can be found in the field where the Nightjar Ninja Apparitions can be found.
  • Mibu Village - Past the Watermill Idol, defeat the villagers where you'll find one past them.



Contact Medicine Notes & Tips

  • The constant trickle of damage allows the use of the Mist Raven and its upgraded counterparts at any time, rather than only after being damaged.
  • Other notes...



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    • Anonymous

      Unsure but does this increase the radius of the Judgment Cut part of the "One Mind" move from Shura ending? I observed a bit myself and was unsure.

      • Anonymous

        You need:
        1. Quick item - Mibu Posession Balloon.
        2. Prosthetic tool - Golden Vortex.
        3. Key item - Mortal Blade.

        (You can of course use demon bell as well to improve item drop frequency.)

        1. Go to Senpou Mt. Kongo / Main Hall
        2. Pop a Mibu Posession Balloon
        3. Stand in front of singular infested monk and wait for centipede to come out.
        4. Use a Golden Vortex. R2 + R2.
        5. Perform a double deathblow.
        6. Collect your loot.
        7. Rest on an idol and repeat.

        • Anonymous

          Alll bout' dat Great Feather Mist Raven free reign goodness my friends. =D Thanks to this handy little self-inflicted poison DoT tick, You can create a hellstorm of smoke feathers and fire around groups of enemies with the fully upgraded mist raven, allowing for instant flash step and elemental proximity damage, so long as you have the Spirit Emblems to spare. Very handy to have on hand. I have to assume the game intends for this type of utilization, given the nature of the item description hinting as much..

          • Anonymous

            Senpou temple in main hall, deathblow the sitting centipede men, must have mortal blade to banish them, they drop contact medicine..

            • Anonymous

              If you use this after antidote powder it doesn't fully poison you, btw. Why you'd want to do that i dont know but...

              • Anonymous

                Important hint that I found on reddit, if you use contact medicine, you can activated Mist Raven on command instead of waiting for an attack. Maybe because the game sees the minor poison damage as incoming attack. And you have the "Some shinobi also use this medicine for a specific technique. Poison is said to expand the mind." as a hint. Hope it helps!

                • Anonymous

                  I saw Elajjaz use this for a sequence break in a speedrun. Its on Youtube, lets him get eaten by the Great Serpent and pooped out the other side, lol.

                  • Anonymous

                    so useful for traversing the poison swamp, but there isnt much poison swamp in this game and majority of it can be skipped by grappling

                    • Anonymous

                      I got this from killing the "rats" that your asked to kill after horse boss (the short things with shield hats)

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