Ceramic Shard

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 A piece of pottery that breaks with a satisfying crack when thrown.

Throw it at an enemy to draw their attention.

Throwing and smashing such pieces made for a popular sport amongst Ashina boys. Even after growing up, they remember the old games well.

Ceramic Shard is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to be thrown at an enemy or environment to draw their attention.



 Ceramic Shard Usage

  • Draws in an enemy's attention where the item is thrown.
  • Best used to lure enemies away from a group.



How to Find Ceramic Shard

  • Ashina Reservoir- After defeating Leader Shigenori Yamauchi
  • Ashina Reservoir-From the Ungo's Sugar, you can see another item shining by a wall on the right side of the larger building. Grapple to the top and then jump and R1 to kill this enemy and gather it.
  • Ashima Outskirts- In the  Outskirt wall/Gate Path will be a Sculptor's Idol. Close to it would be the item.
  • Ashima Outskirts- Behind a rifle enemy in the area in which you would encounter after eavesdropping on Gyoubu.
  • Ashina Outskirts: After encountering the Nightjar Monocular, take the path to the left and you will encounter the item.
  • Ashina Outskirts: Close to the Battlefield Memorial Mob.
  • Ashina Reservoir revisited: In the basement/under the floor in the locked samurai gatehouse.
  • Hirata Estate- Near the Estate Path Sculptor's Idol
  • Hirata Estate- In the area with hut and enemies with a dog. There will be an enemy that would try to get up. You will find the items here.
  • Hirata Estate- Upon entering the Main Estate, there will be a pond in which this item would be inside.
  • Ashina Castle- After going through to the Sculptor's Idol, Return to the castle gates and go to where you fought the rats. A small staircase down leads to three dogs and a warrior. Defeat them and continue on. Two enemies and 1x Ceramic Shard await ahead.
  • Ashina Castle- There would be more cluster of enemies in a courtyard and the item would be there.
  • Ashina Castle-  In the rooftops area of the location, You will notice Incense Smoke going up from some rooftops. Jump onto the first one you see ahead of where the previous items were, and then to the second roof beyond. From here you can access 2x Ceramic Shard.
  • Ashina Castle- In the rooftops area as well. Image of the area shown in the notes.
  • Ashina Castle- From the Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo Idol, go downstairs, defeat the blue samurais and pick up the ceramics shard they drop.
  • Ashina Castle- From Blackhat Badger, proceed outside and continue into the courtyard where the item would be.
  • Sunken Valley - 1x can be looted from dropping down the spot where you locate a ledge before a cave.
  • Ashina Depths - 2x can be looted on a lower branch near the Hidden Forest Idol.
  • Ashina Depths - 2x can be found near the Mist Noble.
  • Mibu Village - chance to be dropped by the villagers.
  • Fountainhead Palace -  atop the wall of the large courtyard, 3 can be found.
  • Fountainhead Palace - after facing the Shichimen Warrior, head under the platforms near the waterfalls to find 3.
  • Fountainhead Palace - dive underwater and pick up 2 before heading inside the cave of the Great Carp.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - When entering the temple, the room containing the hammer wielding mon contains the item.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - From the Shugendo Sculptor's go left and down from the idol will take you to 1x Ceramic Shardand the Shugendo Memorial Mob merchant.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - Go behind the Temple Grounds Sculptor's Idol  and drop down to a rooftop ahead to collect 1x Ceramic Shard.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the walkthrough part named "Back Up". From the pond  and grapple onto the branches near the large temple next to the pond. Pick up 3x Fistful of Ash and stealth-kill the monks here. They give 87XP and have a chance to drop Lump of Fat Wax. You can then go to the very corner and jump up to the stone floor. If you go to the end of this corridor, there are 2x Ceramic Shard at the end of the corridor by a broken window.
  • Dropped by Enemies upon death.
  • Scattered occasionally throughout the landscape. 



Ceramic Shard Notes & Tips

  • This item is useful for Stealth to perform a takedown or to avoid an enemy
  • Needs to be thrown at enemies to work.
  • Image Ashina Castle of Shard location:
     exit ceramic shard ashina castle walkthrough sekirow wiki guide 600px



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    • Anonymous

      It's amazing how underrated this item is in the comments for how brutally effective it is at thinning crowds and even backstab-cheesing much tougher mobs, especially if you even remotely know how to manually aim it (pro tip: it's the same way you manually aim pots in Elden Ring, albeit with a straighter arc). Now if only I knew what mobs dropped it the most in the early-game so I could farm it out...

      • Anonymous

        It actually does make sound, but holy hell does it have to be close to the enemy for them to hear it break, and you can't even manually aim it. The only real use I found for this is when I'm hiding in flora, I can lock on to an enemy and throw it at them, making them come toward my direction out of suspicion. When they turn around to go back to where they were, I go for the kill.

        • Anonymous

          This is another instance of From Software putting misleading crap in item descriptions. The 'satisfying crack' of it breaking does NOTHING to alert enemies whatsoever. This is a Bloodborne style Pebble, nothing more. Toss it at an enemy to lure them towards you; useful for getting the occasional stealth kill, and not much else besides.

          • Anonymous

            Don't be like basically every single person that first got this item. Don't treat it like the empty magazine in Metal Gear Solid. Treat it like the stone from Bloodborne. It produces zero sound when thrown at an enemies feet.

            • Anonymous

              So... anyone find out how to actually use these effectively without having to jiggle your char around to get the right angle?

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