Healing Gourd

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 A gourd filled with Vitality-restoring medicine. Resting refills the Gourd.

Made by an apprentice of the extraordinary doctor, Dogen.

Though it is strange that the gourd's medicinal waters refill automatically, the seeds within may hold the secret to how it works.

Healing Gourd (傷薬瓢箪, Shō'yaku Hyōtan - Wound Medicine Calabash Flask)  is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to restore a certain amount of Sekiro's health - it acts similar to the Estus Flask of Dark Souls.



 Healing Gourd Usage

  • Restores the Vitality of the user
  • Replenishes upon rest at a Sculptor's Idol.



How to Find Healing Gourd



Healing Gourd Notes & Tips

  • Resting at a Sculptor's Idol replenishes the gourd.
  • This item can be upgraded in both the amount it heals and the max number of uses.
  • Talk to Emma at the Dilapidated Temple to upgrade your Gourd by presenting her with Gourd Seeds.
  • The gourd can be upgraded 9 times giving it a maximum of 10 uses.
  • Skills that affect heals:



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    • Anonymous

      is there no way of increasing how BIG the heal will be? only increase amount of uses?
      thats trash. it heals for so little, you take one hit, lose more than half life, then healing once doesnt even bring HP back up to full

      • Anonymous

        Anyone know how much these, rice, and pellets heal? I know it's a percentage, but by what? Not going to lie, but it annoys be a bit that I don't know the numbers.

        • Anonymous

          Can someone remove that it's similar to the BB vials? The vials themselves aren't like estus as they're a limited stackable consumable. If you run out and rest you don't get more. The gourd is exactly like an estus flask, not the vials, don't you think?

          • Anonymous

            I got a seed after killing the ogre, but when I gave to Emma, it said I already reached maximum. I only gave 2 charges. Also, my seed disappeared after I talked to her.

            • Anonymous

              I got 9 charges but didn't get the achievement. Last upgrade was right before I killed a certain boss in the castle rooftop (Emma was with Isshin in the tower)

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