Healing Gourd

Heals for Initially: ??
Upgraded Max: ??
Capacity Initially: 5
Upgraded Max: ??
Upgrades Uses Gourd Seed

Healing Gourd is a special item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It acts similar to the Estus Flask and Blood Vials of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, healing the player.


Healing Gourd restores the Health of the user. It can be strengthened to heal for more, and more gourds can be carried if enough seeds are found.

Healing Gourd Location & Info

  • Found in ??
  • Upgraded with Gourd Seed.
  • Talk to Emma at the Dilapidated Temple to upgrade your Gourd
  • This item can be upgraded in both the amount it heals, and the max number of uses.
  • Some Skills enhance healing effects.


Healing Gourd Upgrades


Healing Gourd Notes & Tips

  • Has a fixed number of charges, replenished when the players rests at a Sculptor's Idol
  • Players are advised to use ?? tactics.
  • Other notes



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