Sekiro: Combat refers to the main means of advancement through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Players can opt for Stealth to thin out enemies in areas, but eventually they will run into situations that must be resolved by engaging in a fight.


Sekiro Combat


Combat Information

In Sekiro, combat works with a katana on the right hand for normal strikes and the left prosthetic arm that allows numerous amount of other accessories like Axes, Shurikens and Fire Attacks. Stealth is existing Sekiro but will not be central to the game. It would be a great advantage though in the course of the game.  Death and respawn mechanics seem to be radically different, and whilst we don’t have all the details it seems the game wants to focus on progression rather than punishment for example currency systems are not tied to your death.


Health & Posture

Players have a health bar that marks their total HP points. When the health bar depletes, the player dies. Players may then opt for the Resurrection mechanic, or restart from a Checkpoint.

Posture is a special mechanic somewhat similar to Poise. Represented by its own bar on the top left of the UI, posture will deplete as the protagonist deflects blows, and if it is fully consumed the player will be open to deadly attacks by enemies. Enemies also have posture meters, and depleting their posture enables the player to perform a Finisher.


Death & Resurrection

When players die, they have an option to resurrect on the spot they were defeated. This ability is available for free once per Checkpoint, but will consume resources thereafter. To be able to resurrect again, players must defeat Enemies to refill their resurrection capacity.



Techniques are the special moves available to Sekiro as he progresses through the game. These abilities can be enhanced in their efficiency and frequency. Players can obtain such upgrades by defeating Bosses.


Sword Arts

Sword Arts are special moves that the player can activate by pressing the bumper stickers on the controllers at the same time. These abilities are powerful.


Prosthetic Arm & Tools

The player's left arm has been replaced by a Prosthetic Arm that fits ninja Tools that aid Sekiro in combat. The player can equip multiple tools at the same time, and swap them on-the-fly for fast actions.

  • Grappling Hook: Allows you to traverse the maps vertically, and perform certain attacks.
  • Axe: Useful for breaking the defenses of enemies
  • Steel Umbrella: A defensive "shield" to guard against some incoming attacks.
  • Shurikens: Projectiles to attack enemies
  • Firecrackers: Projectiles that startle animals and enemies
  • Spear: An extendable spear
  • Smoke Bombs: ??
  • Kunais: ??

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