Sekiro Posture


Posture in Sekiro refers to the capacity to withstand incoming attacks without breaking form. A barrage of attacks will surely eventually break even the most masterful warrior, opening him up for critical strikes.

Sekiro Posture is a special gauge used while in combat, that fills up when deflecting incoming attacks from enemies or taking damage. Both the player character and enemies have posture meters, and Bosses must have their posture meter completely filled for each health bar they possess (mini-bosses as well). Because you can't start damaging the next health bar of a Boss without filling their posture meter, it is advised you aim for Posture instead of trying to just outright kill it.


What does Posture Do?

Posture acts similarly to Poise in the Souls series, providing the player with the capacity to block and deflect attacks.

  • Much like Bleeding or Poison in other Souls games, a Posture bar fills up to indicate posture is being used. This bar fills as attacks are taken. Blocking and deflecting attacks fills the character's Posture gauge, as does taking head-on damage.
  • If the posture bar reaches max capacity, the player or enemy becomes vulnerable to executions and powerful attacks.
  • Some attacks that flash a red kanji cannot be blocked or deflected, but players can use the Mikiri skill to "See Through it"
  • If enemies rich their posture threshold, the player can perfom one of the Finishers of the game.


How to Upgrade Posture

Players can increase their posture gauge by collecting Prayer Beads (also called Rosary Beads) and using them at a Sculptor's Idol. This means that the players will have a larger pool of posture that must be filled by incoming attacks before they are susceptible to incoming attacks.

  • Upgrade 1: +?? Posture
  • Upgrade 2: +?? Posture
  • Upgrade 3: +?? Posture
  • Upgrade 4: +?? Posture



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