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Posture in Sekiro refers to the capacity to withstand incoming attacks without breaking form. A barrage of attacks will surely eventually break even the most masterful warrior, opening him up for critical strikes.

Posture is a special gauge used while in Combat in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that fills up when deflecting incoming attacks from enemies or taking damage. Both the player character and enemies have posture meters. 

NOTE: Posture is NOT Poise, Poise is another and hidden value in Sekiro for bigger enemies (Ape, Ogre ,Hatred Demon, Taros) that allows them to not get stunned by taking a single hit. Once this invisible value has been depleted, the enemy will get interrupted for a few seconds, allowing you to attack them dealing some free extra damage. 


What does Posture Do?

Posture is basically the Stamina in the Souls series in Sekiro, providing the player with the capacity to block and deflect attacks.

  • Much like Bleeding or Poison buildup in other Souls games, a Posture bar fills up to indicate posture is being used. Blocking and Deflecting attacks fill the character's Posture gauge, as does taking head-on damage.
    • While deflection does a small amount of posture damage to the defender, it does a high amount of posture damage to the attacker.  Performing successful deflects can fill your posture bar to full, but it never breaks your posture.
    • Performing several deflects in quick succession does more posture damage to an enemy.
    • Blocking and taking damage fills the defender's posture gauge and does not affect the attacker, though an attacker cannot regain their own Posture while they are attacking.
  • If Posture is close to breaking, the bar will flash orange.  If the posture bar reaches max capacity, the player or enemy becomes vulnerable:
    • If Sekiro reaches his posture threshold, he is staggered and unable to defend for a brief period, rendering him vulnerable to attack. While posture broken incoming attacks will do significantly more damage to Sekiro (more testing has to be done). The period can be made much shorter by pressing the Step Dodge or Jump button, which executes a safety roll that provides a decent amount of invulnerability frames.
    • By contrast, if enemies reach their posture threshold, the player can perform a Deathblow on them. If player doesn't do it within a few seconds, the enemy will recover a small portion of their posture and the fight will continue.
    • Sekiro's posture can't be broken by regular attacks if he deflects them, even if his bar is full.
  • Some attacks that flash a red kanji, called Perilous Attacks, cannot be blocked. Performing the appropriate counter to them can deal massive Posture damage. 
  • Shinobi Firecrackers deal significant posture damage to animals, including Guardian Ape. The damage is dealt on every use, independent of stagger.


Posture Recovery

  • Sekiro's posture generally starts to recover slowly after not taking posture damage for about a second. Enemy posture doesn't have this delay. That said, posture cannot be regained while attacking, sprinting, grappling or being staggered. Shinobi Firecrackers can stop posture recovery of some enemies for several seconds; this effect lasts much longer than the stagger effect of the Firecrackers.
  • Sekiro can greatly speed up posture recovery by holding up his Guard while avoiding enemy attacks. 
  • Recovery rate of posture depends on how full the vitality gauge is, and the posture gauge will flash red if vitality damage is limiting posture regeneration.
Vitality Gauge Posture Recovery Rate
100% - 75% 100%
75% - 50% 66%
50% - 25% 33%
25% - 0% 1%

Posture Upgrades

Players can increase their posture gauge by collecting 4 Prayer Beads (there are 40 beads in total, see the individual page to see where to find them) and using them at a Sculptor's Idol. This means that the players will have a larger pool of posture that must be filled before it is broken.  Up to 40 Prayer Beads can be collected, granting the player a maximum of 10 health boosts, each of which increase Vitality and Posture by +20% for a total boost of +200%.

Items that affect Posture:

Some Quick Items grant temporary posture effects. These can be a buff for Sekiro's own posture, or increase the amount of damage done to an enemy's posture gauge.

Skills that Affect Posture

Skills can give upgrades that boost Sekiro's ability to inflict posture damage in battle, reduce the amount of posture damage he suffers, or recover lost posture.

Shinobi Martial Arts:

  • Mikiri Counter - Counters Enemy Thrust Attacks, dealing a large amount of damage to posture.

Latent (Passive) Skills:

  • Shinobi Eyes - Increases the damage inflicted to posture upon executing a successful Mikiri counter (Shinobi Arts)
  • Ascending Carp  - Increases damage inflicted to enemy posture from a successful Deflection (Ashina Arts tree)
  • Descending Carp - For a few seconds after Deflection, increases damage to enemy posture from ALL sources (Ashina Arts Tree)
  • Flowing Water - Reduces the amount of posture damage you receive when attacked by an enemy wielding a Sword. (Ashina Arts Tree)
  • Breath of Nature: Light - Restores Posture upon executing a successful Deathblow (Ashina Arts Tree)
  • Breath of Nature: Shadow - Same as its Light counterpart. (Found by beating the Armored Warrior in Senpou Temple)

Combat Arts:

  • Ichimonji / Ichimonji: DoubleA Combat Art that delivers a heavy, one-hit over head strike. Deals high posture damage and also recovers one's own posture with a strong forward step. (Ashina Arts)
  • Senpou Leaping Kicks / High MonkA Combat Art that begins with a leaping kick. This attack can counter Air Attacks AND Sweeping Attacks to deal extremely high posture damage. (Temple Arts)

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    • Anonymous

      I struggled on genichiro for like 4 hours trying to deplete his healthbar but once I figured out posture applied to bosses to i beat him within 30 minutes. I feel like a idiot

      • A few times when my posture gauge seemed full but if I still managed to pull off perfect deflects, I didn't stagger. Can someone confirm this? It happened while I was fighting Genichiro Way of Tomoe on NG2 + demon bell + no charm

        • The posture bar has 2 colors. Orange & Red. I believe this is a "Lock" mechanic to lock posture dmg in place. For example, if orange it will take more time than normal to recover. If red then It takes way longer for it to recover. I think this happens when you deal enough posture dmg in a certain time frame or it could be hp. I also think that even if it's lock via orange and it drains all the way, you still have enough time to get the meter showing and notice its still orange. I assume it would take a couple of seconds for the posture meter to unlock when all the damage to it is gone. So learning this ability helps with several bosses

          • While fighting Lady Butterfly I've noticed the posture bar background became red while the posture "meter" was relatively small (less than 40% for sure). After continuing attacking her for some time she was open for a deathblow. Any ideas why it happened?

            • Anonymous

              It seems to me, in my experience (haven't formally tested it), that while performing a successful deflect does add to your posture meter, your posture will never break from deflecting; you have to be hit directly or mistime your deflect for it to break once it is full.

              • Anonymous

                It's pretty outrageous that your posture fills up when you deflect... you should be rewarded for perfect execution against a*****storm. It's artificial difficulty again. At least this wiki is the only place that acknowledges that deflecting still fills bar.

                • Anonymous

                  When your posture is broken the enemy's next hit will deal extra damage when in the staggered state. If someone could confirm that would be appreciated, only noticed on one boss and I have not looked for that before.

                  • Anonymous

                    Can someone investigate these: 1.) Do you still take posture damage upon a successful deflection? If so, is it less posture damage than you take upon a normal block or is it the same? 2.) What determines when posture starts recovering (other than the health bar)? Will an enemy attack reset this timer or is each block of posture damage on an independent timer? 3.) If you get posture broken, what is the fastest way to recover from the ground? Jumping or dodging?

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