New Game Plus is a feature of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. A New Game cycle is initiated every time the player reaches a final boss of the game, if they continue to play into the next cycle. This page contains endgame spoilers.


New Game Plus in Sekiro


When does NG+ Start

  • New Game Plus begins after defeating the Final Boss, or the Final Boss (Shura ending), depending on which path players take.
  • If going for one of the non-Shura endings, the player is free to leave the final area after the final boss is defeated, so can come back to choose the ending later (e.g. if they still need to acquire the items necessary to choose the Purification or Return endings).
  • Going into New Game Plus is OPTIONAL. Players can pick to stay in their current game cycle and then proceed to "Playthrough 2" via the Sculptor's Idol in Dilapidated Temple. Note that actually entering New Game Plus at least once is required to unlock Kuro's Charm (see below).
  • This can be used to allow the player the opportunity to spend any unused sen or acquire experience needed to gain their next skill point as these may be lost if the player dies before finishing the tutorial area. The memory of the final boss may also be confronted while still in the current game cycle. 


What to do Before NG+

  • You should visit all Merchants and stock up on any Quick Items you want as well as gaining Rice/Fine Snow from the Divine Child. 
  • Defeat all the Headless and Shichimen Warrior enemies.
  • Defeat all Mini-Bosses
  • Find all Prayer Beads and Gourd Seeds. Note that many of these become inaccessible if the player ends the game early by triggering the Shura ending. Some (mini)bosses also require taking some of the steps necessary for the Purification ending to access. 
  • Defeat the optional endgame boss Demon of Hatred.
  • Acquire any missed Treasure Carp Scales. While any unspent scales WILL carry over into New Game Plus, it is advisable to purchase any items wanted from the Fountainhead Pot Noble before entering New Game Plus as it will be a while before the player has access to his stock again. 
  • Acquire the three pieces of the Dancing Dragon Mask.
  • Acquire endgame crafting materials to upgrade prosthetics. There are only 6 Lapis Lazuli that can be acquired in a single playthrough to unlock Lazulite weapons and these can only be found while going for the three non-Shura endings. 



What Changes in NG+

  • Difficulty increases until NG+ 7.
  • Players can attempt other Endings in NG+. The One Mind combat art can only be acquired by defeating the final boss of the Shura Ending. Going into NG+ is therefore required if you want to learn every Skill (this is not required for the "Height of Technique" achievement/trophy, however).
  • Conversely, going for the Shura ending ends the game early and locks players out of much of the endgame content, including a gourd seed, several (mini)bosses (some of which require taking the steps necessary for the Purification ending) and access to the highest level of prosthetic upgrades.   
  • There are no different items to pick up, but some Key Items that you get to keep have been replaced with new drops (usually a Bundled Jizo). These include Gourd Seeds and Prayer Beads found in chests, as well as any Shinobi Tools. 
  • Minibosses that were previously defeated will drop other items, like Heavy Coin Purses, instead of Prayer Beads.
  • All NPCs and world states reset.
  • You do not gain any further Gourd Seeds or Prayer Beads (excepting what you missed in your first playthrough). 
  • Your Posture does not regenerate nearly as quickly on its own and you will need to hold block much more often. This means you will also need to dodge more, as you cannot deflect as much, changing the way you play entirely.
  • Enemies deal significantly more damage in each NG+, including Posture damage.
  • XP gain is increased for each NG+, up to and including NG+7. NG+8 and beyond has the same XP gain as NG+7.


What Carries over into NG+

  • Everything that you own carries over, except certain Key Items and the Mortal Blade.
  • The player's current Exp, Sen and Skill Points all carry over to NG+.
  • Attack Power, Vitality and Posture all carry over to NG+. Note that while Prayer Beads are finite, you can continue to increase your Attack Power up to the maximum of 99 with Memories from Bosses, or by using the Dancing Dragon Mask.
  • The extra Resurrection node gained for giving the Sakura Droplet to Kuro carries over into NG+.
  • Your Healing Gourd retains all charges.
  • Prosthetic Tools and Upgrades all carry over.
  • Learned Skills also carry over, including those obtained by fighting optional (mini)bosses, with two exceptions; the Mibu Breathing Technique needs to be reacquired by defeating the Corrupted Monk (Illusory) and the Mortal Draw and Empowered Mortal Draw Combat Arts (until you obtain the Mortal Blade again). 
  • The Bell Demon and its associated "hard mode" debuff does NOT carry over into New Game Plus and must be reacquired.  



Kuro's Charm (The Path of Further Hardships)

Kuro's Charm and the option to give it away to increase the game's difficulty becomes unlocked as soon as the player has completed the main story and entered New Game Plus at least once. 

After completing the main story, upon starting a New Game or a New Game+, you will receive Kuro's Charm automatically at the start of the game. When you speak to Kuro in the tower and retrieve your sword, you have the option of returning it to him. Parting with the charm will give you a permanent 'difficulty' debuff, similar to ringing the Demon Bell. This debuff makes you receive chip damage when blocking attacks, effectively changing your play style. The Sculptor provides a dialogue option to remove this additional hardship if players later change their mind; however, you cannot give the Charm back (and regain the difficulty debuff) until the next run. As a minor benefit for taking on this extra challenge, giving away the charm also increases Exp and Sen rewards from killing enemies by 20% (rounded up). 

Note: when selecting "load game" from the main menu any save files where Kuro's Charm has been given away will have an icon to indicate this.   

    • Anonymous

      09 May 2019 10:07  

      This WIKI is full of sh1ts. The difficulty does NOT stop scaling after NG+7. This isn't Dark Souls. I am currently in NG+12 and NG scaling continues. Anyway the increase of difficulty between NG cycle isn't so big like in other FromSoft games.

      • Anonymous

        29 Apr 2019 02:25  

        I have two questions: 1: Is there a good reason to do the optional bosses again when you start a new game? 2: I'm currently missing 2 prayer beads after finishing the game with the "return ending", does someone know which two prayer beads i'm missing (I don't think I missed any on my first playtrough)

        • Anonymous

          14 Apr 2019 23:46  

          I may just be misremembering my first play through but I feel like NG+ ads a few enemies? Specifically, spirit Nightjars. Am I crazy? Probably.

          • Anonymous

            14 Apr 2019 19:11  

            Added that parting with Kuro's charm increases Exp/Sen rewards by 20%. That's the number that's been consistent across all my testing against various bosses and minibosses so far.

            • Anonymous

              13 Apr 2019 23:52  

              Sooooo.. I think I messed up. I wanted the one mind skill so badly that I chose shura ending and didn’t stay on that playthrough to get all endgame gourd seeds, prayer beads, etc. lmao looks like I’m grinding all over again to receive all the missed items :/

              • Anonymous

                11 Apr 2019 14:16  

                can anyone add info if skill points are carried over next playthrough? i'm only missing the 9 points skill after #3 run. got 4 points and don't want to brainless grind the 5 ones missing =/

                • Anonymous

                  05 Apr 2019 15:42  

                  I've noticed that I struggle a lot more with NG+ cycles in soulsborne. I'm on my way to NG+ 7 and I haven't had anywhere near as much trouble as my first playthrough.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Apr 2019 21:57  

                    So basically in new game plus many enemies scale tremendously. Father and other bosses can one-two shot you easily and deplete your full posture if you have half hp with 2 hits.. While you soft cap at 20 attack power i believe and you can double it at 99 which will take countless hours of faming. You make a mistake in Ishins 3rd phase?? Well screw you, you have to play 4 more rounds flawlessly. Hit him 50 times but get one shotted. Very balanced, i see...

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Apr 2019 15:37  

                      I'm on my 4th run now and I stop it half way. Seem I have enough for now. Great game. Good times. See you in Sekiro 2

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Apr 2019 02:40  

                        So, if I start a New Game+, and it takes away key items, does that mean I'll also lose the Dancing Dragon Mask? Or will I keep that?

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Apr 2019 06:00  

                          For further clarity, I'm about 3/4 through a no-charm run: You take about 50% chip damage from everything while blocking. However, Deflects block 100% of incoming damage and while your posture damage increases, it never breaks on a Deflect. This makes Deflecting entire patterns necessary to defeat bosses most of time, though you can still afford to regular block the first hit of many strings if you're willing to take the chip damage. I haven't done any real testing, but it also feels like you get "broken" for a longer period, allowing bosses to kill you more easily once you break. That's just speculation though, could be I just feel that way because it's all the more agonizing dying at the very end of a long fight! All in all I definitely recommend giving it a shot, it's a lot of fun and less intolerable than you might think.

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