Treasure Carp Scale

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 A sparkling scale from a Treasure Carp.

To the average person it is just a beautiful scale.

But there are some who exalt a certain "master", who consider these scales among the most precious things in the world. For this reason, collecting them could be worthwhile.

Treasure Carp Scale is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to purchase items from the vendors "Pot Noble Harunaga" and "Pot Noble Koremori".



 Treasure Carp Scale Usage



How to Find Treasure Carp Scale

  • Found most commonly by killing Treasure Carp. There are 42 total Scales in the game, while buying all items in the first NG cycle requires just 40. 



  • Hirata Estate (7):
    • 1x found from a Treasure Carp swimming below the bridge.
    • 1x found from a Treasure Carp swimming to the right side of the bridge, near the Pot Noble Harunaga.
    • 2x found from two different Treasure Carps in the same lake. One of them can be killed easily from land with the Loaded Spear, otherwise Diving is recommended (check the tips at the bottom of the page for how to kill them with the sword without Diving).
    • 1x found on the riverbank to the left of the bridge before crossing.
    • 2x found from Treasure Carp past Bamboo Thicket Sculptor's Idol in the lake underneath the bridge with the large enemy. Diving is required for one of them.


  • Ashina Castle (2): 
    • 1x found from a Treasure Carp in the castle moat. Diving is required (only spawns once Ashina Castle is attacked)
    • 1x found as a pickup in the castle moat beneath the idol. Diving is required (only spawns once Ashina Castle is attacked)



  • Sunken Valley (3):
    • 2x found from Treasure Carps found in a lake near the Riven Cave Sculptor's Idol. Diving is required.
    • 1x found from a pickup in the lake near the Riven Cave Sculptor's Idol. Diving is required.



  • Fountainhead Palace (19):
    • 3x found in a room accessed by a cracked floor and underwater route also contains Water of the Palace.
    • 7x found from Treasure Carps in the area's main body of water. Diving is required
    • 3x found in a small sunken house beneath the area's main body of water. Diving is required.
    • 2x found by the giant carp skeleton with worms on it at the bottom of the body of water. Diving is required.

      If you feed the Great Colored Carp a Truly Precious Bait on first feeding:
    • 4x found by killing the Feeding Ground Attendant.

    • 1x found by feeding the Giant Colored Carp Precious Bait, then talking to the Great Carp Attendant (first feeding).
    • 3x found by feeding the Giant Colored Carp Precious Bait, then talking to the Great Carp Attendant (second feeding).

      If you made the mistake of feeding the Giant Colored Carp the Truly Precious Bait before feeding it the normal bait or after feeding it only once, you can still get the missing carp scales by presenting the Great Carp Attendant with the Great White Whisker, leaving and returning. The scales should be on his corpse.


  • Red Eyed Carp are considered incomplete creatures that lack the ideal number of scales, but their eyes are everlasting. Collecting special scales and the term "everlasting" are details associated with the Dragons of Dark Souls, while imperfection is a trait linked to serpents, which are considered imperfect Dragons.
  • The Legend of the Dragon's Gate tells the story of carp that may transform into dragons if they can leap up a massive waterfall. As a consequence, carp are considered symbols of success and transformation in Japanese culture.

Treasure Carp Scale Notes & Tips

  • Treasure Carp quickly swim away when they are alerted. Try swimming behind them then dashing in for the killing blow.
  • In the Hirata Estate, the two carps that stay underwater near Pot Noble Harunaga can be killed with the sword, without Diving, with some patience: stay behind them and once you think they're closest to the surface (look at the tip of their tail fin) use a charged attack to cover the distance between you and them quickly, immediately remove the lock-on if you had it active, then look directly down with the camera to aim as low as possible and use the normal sword attack a few times in quick succession. It may not work at the first try but it shouldn't take many attempts to succeed.



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    • Anonymous

      Either they patched the underwater ones or my game bugged out because it either won't let me swing my sword when it's near or it straight up goes through the fish

      • Anonymous

        This page claims that there are 44 'Scales obtainable per playthrough, but lists only 40. Meanwhile, the Fandom wiki says that there are 42, and actually lists 42. Y'all Fextralife editors need to get your act together.

        • Anonymous

          Theres a total of 4 treasure scales near the bridge when first entering hirata estate, theres the one behind the rock on the left side, then there are THREE carp, and the one underwater can actually be killed using the lunging attack after pressing shift to swim forward

          • Anonymous

            ****, i poisoned the giant carp before giving the precious bait wich means i won't get the last dragon mask piece in that playthrough. BIG BRAIN TIME EHWHUWUHHUWEHUHU

            • Anonymous

              I'm on my first playthrough (NG+0) and I've bought out koremori's shop while he's a carp, everything is at 0 yet I still have 4 treasure carp scales remaining??? That mean's I got an extra 2 from somewhere since the total would be 44. I was short 7 from buying him out before I went through the list to get them all and the places I was missing were,

              Hirata Estate:
              2x found from Treasure Carp past Bamboo Thicket Sculptor's Idol in the lake underneath the bridge with the large enemy. Diving is required for one of them. (only had 1 carp to kill with diving)
              Sunken Valley:
              2x found from Treasure Carps found in a lake near the Riven Cave Sculptor's Idol. Diving is required.
              1x found from a pickup in the lake near the Riven Cave Sculptor's Idol. Diving is required.
              Ashina Depths:
              5x found by giving the Mibu Village priest Water of the Palace, then reloading the area to find him transformed into an enemy which will drop the scales upon being killed.
              Fountainhead Palace:
              7x found from Treasure Carps in the area's main body of water. Diving is required (only had treasure 2 carps left to kill)

              idk if Miyazaki randomly gifted me 2 extra carp scales or the latest gauntlet update added 2 more carp scales per NG since everywhere I looked the consensus is you should only have 2 extra (42 total) after buying everything out lol. I think from what I had left to do the number does add up to 44 if the wiki is right on how many carp scales you get from each point, which means I had gotten the 2 extra carp scales from somewhere else, if anyone can check how many carp scales you can get from a NG cycle current patch that would be much appreciated. If it somehow is still 42 well then thx miyazaki.

              • Anonymous

                Uh, is it just me or did this page change to now (inaccurately) say that in
                Hirata Estate:
                1x found from a Treasure Carp swimming to the right side of the bridge, near the Pot Noble Harunaga.
                1x found from a Treasure Carp underwater in the same lake. Can be killed from land with a changed Spear.

                I know that before it awkwardly said "2x found from a Treasure Carp" for each, when in reality it was "2x found from 2 Treasure Carp, 1 from each" but if this was an attempt to fix that minor error, it's only become a major error. Furthermore the total of 42 scales doesn't even add up anymore, and that was the correct total attainable in one playthrough.

                • Anonymous

                  Note that the underwater carp near the Pot Noble at Hirata Estate can be killed with normal sword attacks as long as you can get right on top of them while z-targeted.

                  • Anonymous

                    the hirata estates carps in the first lake only drop one scale each for me instead of two as stated above, do they respawn if i go back for the owl(father) fight?

                    • Anonymous

                      Having played all the Soulsborne games this is a dumb question but one can hope. I accidentally hit the barrel man, I didn't kill him but now he won't speak to me. Will he de-aggro after some time or am I S.O.L.? I haven't gotten the mask piece yet.

                      • Anonymous

                        Fixed someone's edit that reduced the amount to 41 - it was one of the carps in Hirata estate. The list now correctly shows 42 scales again.

                        • Anonymous

                          I think there are 42 scales total, right? 40 required to buy out each merchant, plus 2 leftover (unless there are more obtainable in a single playthrough that I'm not aware of), so this page is missing one scale.

                          • Anonymous

                            What the hell is going on with edits on this page. Initially it was showing an overall of 42 scales available, which was missing one (since there is definitely 43 scales available in the game), and I was checking in every day to see whether the mission one was discovered, and instead I see now that someone edited the list for it to contain just 41, one less than before, and two less than actually is in the game.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you've already fed the great colored carp the truly precious bait before you fed him the normal bait: go to the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole idol, collect the whiskers from the dead carp, go to the Feeding Grounds idol, give the whiskers to the big noble guy, teleport to another idol, then come back. He'll be lying there with the scales you would've gotten for feeding the great colored carp just the regular bait (or close to it; I got 3 scales).

                              • Anonymous

                                If you give the giant carp the truly precious bait, you can still get the 4 scales from the NPC by killing him. The fight is the same as the chained ogres

                                • Anonymous

                                  So glad I checked this page before NG+, "5x found by giving the Mibu Village priest Water of the Palace, then reloading the area to find him transformed into an enemy which will drop the scales upon being killed." is exactly what I am missing for the mask. I had already gotten the Sake from him didn't know I could come back

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I think one is missing, but I have no idea which one. The reason I know one is missing is that after purchasing everything from Pot Nobles (1+1+2+5+7+1+6+6+12 = 41) I have TWO extra scales remaining, not one. Looking through the list, I can't say it's missing some location; perhaps one of the places has one more carp that you've missed? Or maybe the Toxic Mob guy restocks another, third Scale at some point later in the game? I really have no idea.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Anyone have an idea as to what the last 2 scales are used for ive collected all the scales and gave them all to the pot noble in hopes to let him finaly live his dream of being a bigger fishy but im left with 2 after buying everything

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I believe the 5x scales from the village priest is written twice, once in the Ashina Depths section and another in Sunken Valley, these two are referring to the same thing, right?

                                        • Roughly 14 scales obtained in the waters at Fountainhead Palace, the final zone of the game. Had 16 when I went to interact with the vendor and I know I obtained 2 from feeding the giant one, but i'm only about 80% confident at this stage that I had 0 before reaching Fountainhead. I bought out the first vendor in the Hirata Estate before I even reached Fountainhead though.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            There's 3, maybe more, in the left-farthest most corner in Fountainhead Palace - Mibu Manor. You have to jump inside a puddle through the broken floor to access it.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              You can get more from the great colored carp by feeding it normal precious bait and then talking to the feeder next to the feeding spot.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                There's actually 2 in the water at the bamboo thicket shrine. The first is on the surface of the water the 2nd is under water. You must come back after killing the spectral corrupted monk past mibu village and you'll learn how to dive and breathe underwater giving you a total of 7 in the estate.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This guide is unclear, there aren’t 9 in the starting area, there are 5. 4 from carp, one item to the left of the bridge to be picked up

                                                  • Five treasure carp scales can be found at the beginning of the Hirata Estate. Four are looted from large carp swimming to the right side of the long bridge, around the vendor in the pot. One is a lootable item on the riverbank to the left side of that same long bridge.

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