Black Mortal Blade


This item has no description since it is unobtainable.

[Note: the image above is of the Mortal Blade, not the Black Mortal Blade]

Black Mortal Blade is an unobtainable item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Described in the Black Scroll, it is a twin to the Mortal Blade and known as Kaimon (Japanese:開門 "Open Gate") as it is said to open a gate to the underworld. It is wielded by Genichiro, Way of the Tomoe in his final Fight, as well as The Owl during the Shura ending.


 Black Mortal Blade Usage

  • Unusable by Sekiro.


How to Find Black Mortal Blade

  • Unobtainable by Sekiro, although he can be seen wielding the blade during the Shura ending cutscene.
  • Can be seen wielded by The Owl during the Shura ending cutscene.
  • Can be seen wielded by Genichiro, Way of the Tomoe in his final fight.


Black Mortal Blade Notes & Tips

  • Described in the Black Scroll
  • After showing the Mortal Blade to Isshin Ashina, eavesdropping will result in the following dialogue:
    • "The crimson Mortal Blade...That means the one he has must, then. To abandon oneself in search of strength...How tragic..."
  • Is double-edged



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    • Anonymous

      Late to the party but I think it's likely that Genichiro obtained this Mortal Blade (or Open Gate) from Tomoe, lord Takeru is dead, however the immortal ties is still exist as Divine Heir are still being born every now and then, if Takeru failed his mission, how can he die then? With a Mortal Blade of course :D
      But remember the red Mortal Blade is still in the Hall of Illusion sealed within a box, so which one are you going to use now? The black Mortal Blade of course :D. And who is Tomoe's pupil? Genichiro of course
      So yeah, uhm... Tomoe helped out with putting Lord Takeru to rest (or Takeru do it himself and Tomoe help sealing the sword away), of course she spilled some tea when she was teaching her kind and beloved student, no way would he use it for bad purpose. Right?

      • Anonymous

        I feel like it would have been really funny if during the Genichiro/Sword saint fight they just continuously kept sacrificing themselves with the black mortal blade to just keep summoning new people.

        • Anonymous

          im not a huge loremaster so i saw genichiro pull out a mortal blade in the final battle and was completely ****ing clueless

          • Anonymous

            Isshin wielded it during his coup as seen in the prologue, but before its blade was blackened. Hard to see unless you freeze-frame it, but it has the same hilt, tsuba, double-edges, and taper. I wonder how it became blackened?

            We also don't know if Tomoe really used it to sever immortality, as both she and Takeru are dead. In none of Sekiro's endings do both he and Kuro die, which could imply what killed Takeru was his illness, which in turn killed Tomoe, her lifeforce having been tied with his. That is, unless she DID kill him with the black blade, then was at last able to kill herself as a mortal. But considering how badly she wanted to save him, this seems unlikely. Had the sword not been blackened to become Open Gate yet?

            What we do know is that it has plenty of history with Isshin, that it was transformed into a mortal blade sometime after his coup, that he parted with it for some unknown reason, that his lifeforce is tied to it in some way, and that apparently mortals can also wield it, since Owl was able to in the Shura ending. Maybe Open Gate is even more dangerous than Gracious Tears if it can both kill immortals and draw life back from the beyond.

            The only other cases of blackening in the game are the Demon Bell, which I guess makes sense, and the black ghosts that begin to appear at dusk (summoned by Genichiro?). Still so mysterious...

            • Anonymous

              so if we asume the black mortal blade behaves similarly to the crimson, how is owl able to use it in the shura ending? shoudn't he die when atempting to draw it like with the other mortal blade?

              • Anonymous

                Why we can't use the black mortal blade? Can we use it by using mods or other characters (Genichiro : Way of Tomoe, Owl) before the game ends or after the game ends? Plzzzzz, someone reply if you know the answer or if you've tried it.

                • Anonymous

                  I think it’s likely that Tomoe had the black mortal blade because we know that she was successful in severing Takeru’s immortality even though in Tomoes note it said that she was unable to get the one in Senpou temple. If she was successful in severing the ties of immortality and she didn’t get the crimson mortal blade she must have got the black one. This can also explain how Genichiro got it. He was Tomoes student and likely was aware of it and was able to inherit from her or something similar.

                  • Anonymous

                    I kinda feel like having a second mortal blade was kind of a lame plot device. “Haha, I have one too now.”

                    • Anonymous

                      Does this blade lacks the power to kill immortal creatures? Neither Genichiro nor Isshin can kill you for good or disable your resurrection power in final encounter.

                      • Anonymous

                        Owl decapitate Genichiro, you can see Owl place something(Genichiro's head) beside Isshin's body, he took the Black Mortal Blade from Genichiro

                        • Anonymous

                          Isn't it the weapon Genichiro uses during the second way of tomoe fight (immortal severance final boss phase 1)? He starts the fight with a black mortal draw

                          • Anonymous

                            I'm gonna copy what I just posted in the Isshin Ashina page's comments:
                            If you Eavesdrop on Isshin Ashina by hugging the wall outside his doorway, you can listen to him say, "The crimson Mortal Blade...That means the one he has must, then. To abandon oneself in search of strength...How tragic..."
                            I don't know what requirements must be met to trigger this, but I'm fairly certain you have to have at least gotten the Mortal Blade from the Divine Child of Rejuvenation. After getting it, talking to Isshin Ashina will have Wolf explain that when he drew and looked upon the crimson blade, he died, once.
                            So... As you just told him your blade is crimson, and he says "the one he has is black, then" implies that... there is more than one Mortal Blade? Perhaps this is mentioned/explained at some point later in the game, as I've only completed Mibu and Senpou Temple, and am just about to kill the Guardian Ape.
                            So, based of this page containing no additional info, I'm assuming the Black Mortal Blade really is a thing! As others have mentioned, perhaps it is already present in the game and is hard to get or will be dlc. (Edited format for easier reading, as well as additional comments after seeing this page doesn't contain additional information on the Black Mortal Blade) -DK

                            • Anonymous

                              Maybe no one discovered it or maybe its super hard to meet requirements, or its just gonna be a dlc item, who knows.

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