Anti-Air Deathblow Text


Compendium on the Shinobi Martial Art, "Anti-Air Deathblow". Skill unlocked upon acquiring this item.

"A technique which serves the shinobi who is not bound by the earth in battle.

Leap towards an opponent who has exposed himself in mid-air, and strike, killing him before he hits the ground."

Anti-air Deathblow Text is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to learn the Anti-Air Deathblow skill.



 Anti-Air Deathblow Text Usage

  • Unlocks the "Anti-Air Deathblow" skill, which allows you to naturally perform a deathblow on an enemy when they're jumping or otherwise moving in mid-air, no matter what their Posture is.  To perform this deathblow, jump into the air towards an enemy that is performing a valid anti-air deathblow attack and a deathblow icon should appear.



How to Find Anti-air Deathblow Text

  • Bought from Blackhat Badger when he's in Ashina Castle, near the "Old Grave" Sculptor's Idol
  • Available from the Offering Box in the Dilapidated Temple for 2200 Sen after Blackhat Badger has closed his Shop.


Anti-air Deathblow Text Notes & Tips

  • Best used on enemies that jump around a lot, as the Deathblow ignores Posture.
  • The anti-air deathblow does NOT work on all attacks that leave an enemy in the air.  For example, this deathblow CANNOT be performed against Bosses, Interior Ministry Ninja, Assassin, or Nightjar Ninja, even though many of these enemies have attacks that leave them in the air. Generally an enemy that is vulnerable to an anti-air deathblow will have only ONE attack wind-up that will allow you to perform this deathblow.
  • Enemies that are vulnerable to the anti-air deathblow are listed below:
    • Gamefowl: after guarding or deflecting its flying attack (long window--useful for learning this move)
    • Valley Monkey (Bare Hands): the "belly-flop" attack (short window)
    • Elder Monkey: after its 5-hit combo, the monkey will perform a somersault into the air, leaving it vulnerable, but only if it is below 50% health (short window)
    • Shichimen Warrior: will sometimes leap and hover in the air shooting terror orbs in both phases--you must have Divine Confetti status effect for this to work (long window)
    • Spear Adept: will leap vertically into the air and perform a devastating tumbling attack (long window--useful for learning this move)
    • Okami Warrior (Katana): after deflecting the last attack in the floating passage combo, the enemy will float backwards into the air, leaving it vulnerable to a deathblow (long window)
    • Okami Warrior (Kemari): the enemy will kick the ball vertically and then jump into the air, leaving it vulnerable (long window)
    • Okami Leader Shizu: similar to the Okami Warrior (Kemari) (long window)



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    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2020 13:40  

      this item is not in the offering box. and merchant was at mt.kongo so i killed him there still this skill is not coming in the box. what do i do?

      • Anonymous

        10 May 2020 11:22  

        The enemies I’ve found it working on -Roosters -Senpou Temple Sohei (Double blade naginatas) -Shichimen warriors with divine confetti -Okami sword wielders, after their attack flurry they will jump backwards. You can air deathblow if you deflect the last attack as you’ll retaliate faster. -Okami ranged fighters (the ball ones). They jump high in the air to do a strong ball kick, you can use it there. Also works for the leader variants using electricity. - Monkeys. The ones fighting with bare hands sometimes leap high to drop on you. Also works with the elder monkeys (the white ones with dual katanas), after their attack flurry they sometimes jump high in the air and try to quickly hit you. It’s a bit tricky for these guys.

        • Anonymous

          05 May 2020 22:45  

          After defeating Sekiro's father, the owl. Your able to play part 2 and plsy the game over with most of your upgrades. Dies the anti mud air death blow still work on shichimen warrior in the bottomeless hole

          • Anonymous

            24 Apr 2020 20:12  

            There doesn't seem to be a list of enemies this works on; I'll start. > Shichimen Warriors > Roosters > Double-voulge Senpou Monks

            • Anonymous

              22 Oct 2019 22:52  

              works with folding Screen Monkeys, actually was the first time I can manage to use this skill and for luck the red dot appeared

              • Anonymous

                04 Sep 2019 22:16  

                i cant find it anymore, i couldnt buy it from blackhat and its not in the offering box either, someone help me please

                • Anonymous

                  09 Jul 2019 14:30  

                  I have spent 1 whole day to catch enemies "Airborne" to perform this amazing quick Ariel Deathblow ladies & gents. First lets start : 1- Nightjar Ninjas 2- White Monkey (dual swords) 3- Senpou Glaive Masters ( the dual Tip Spear guys outside Main Hall door) 4- Black Chickens 5- Possible against Black Monkies , it's just Rare to see them jump. 6- Okami Warriors ( All of them including Okami Leader Shizo mini boss ) 7- Shichimen Warrior Mini Bosses ( Divine Confetti only ). 8- Red & Brown hat Rats at the End game. Mostly Red hat Rats since they use their Prelious ( jump grab animation ). 9- Mini Centipides at Senpou Mt.Kongo 10- It worked for me against the Purple Ministry Ninja guarding ( Mist Feathers ) since he Jumps from the roof with plenty of time to catch him... Unfortunately the Others dont jump but only use Senpou Kicks which is Hard to Anti-Air Death Blow them. ( Throw a Shuriken at them as they Leap for Senpou kicks for a good punish ). Also usable against Monks of Senpou Temple. But only with the Monk Wielding a Staff ( He has a Prelious Jump Slam Attack ) as he jumps , jump up with him for a second the Blow is yours. ( Very Important Note here is that the Anti-Air Deathblow Red Marker only Appears when both "Sekiro" & "Enemy" are on Air. It is best to jump as soon as the enemy jumps, to have 1 second reaction to perform this Deathblow ). Another tip is that some enemies jump higher than Sekiro so try wall jumping if your next to a Hard Surface or even can be performed after a Stomp Jump from an enemy for extra Air time but with this Exception you have to not Lock-on to the enemy so that you can see the Red Blow & off you go. Hope this Helps & Enjoy :) The Mist Feather Prosthetic Tool is also a very strong Air jump for Sekiro ( When you dont Direct ur Position after the Initial Strike ) so that you can go airborne up high.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 May 2019 08:56  

                    Does anyone know if you can use it on that hatred demon at the end? Right before he jumps you can see a death blow marker pop up. I have died hundreds of times on this guy trying to figure it out.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 May 2019 15:01  

                      Managed to pull it off by accident on a bare-handed monkey when he lunged at me. The article really needs to be updated with a list of enemies this works on.

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Apr 2019 00:35  

                        Wasn’t able to use it properly though my entire play through. Did it once on Shichimen warrior, but that’s it. It would be great if someone actually explained how to use it! Interior ministry ninjas are susceptible to this, I even saw a deathblow marker. Once! Over like a 100 ninja fights. I am still using shuriken against jumping enemies, much more reliable.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Apr 2019 03:01  

                          Suuuuuuuuuper finicky. Enemies designed for this move (double bladed *****ers) still will only get the Deathblow "red highlight" icon in rare situations when you and them are both mid-air AND heading directly towards one-another. "Mid-air" jumps for enemy knife throws don't seem to count either.

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Apr 2019 14:05  

                            Also works on the creepy mini centipede guys in the caves or even in the boss fight with the one at senpoo temple. Just jump and the hit marker will show up for the backstab. Now anyone know if you can use this while the undead monkey throws his poo at you?

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Mar 2019 03:30  

                              No idea how to active this. People say they just have to be in the air put ive tried this on roosters while they are mid air and all I do is a basic attack.

                              • Anonymous

                                29 Mar 2019 17:06  

                                So I forgot to buy the skill from the guy. I both tried killing and letting him be. I progressed his quest line up to the point when he's at his son's grave but no matter how long I wait or how far I go, this thing just doesn't want to appear in the offering box. Does anyone know why that happens? I'd really like to get this skill and try it on some boss.

                                • Anonymous

                                  28 Mar 2019 21:59  

                                  If you're trying to use this against a Shichimen Warrior, you have to have divine confetti active as well.

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