Unrefined Sake


 A bottle of cloudy, unrefined sake. Sake is a drink meant for sharing.

This cloudy sake is one of Isshin Ashina's favorites. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor.

On the other hand, it has a reputation for getting one too drunk, too quickly.

Unrefined Sake is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Give this item to the Sculptor, Emma  or Isshin Ashina  for special lore-focused dialogue regarding their personal history or the history of other characters.

 Unrefined Sake Usage


How to Find Unrefined Sake



  • After giving to Emma:
    • "('Here, for you.') Oh my...if this isn't...Lord Isshin's favorite sake. I'll have some! Ahh, delicious........please. ('Hmm?') Say...something. ('There is something I'd like to ask you.') Of course. ('Who trained you to fight with a blade?') A blade...? I'm a doctor. ('Yes, but who?') ...Lord Isshin. But I only have a passing interest. ('I do not believe your skills count...as a mere passing interest. Why did you learn?') Well, not to kill people. ('What do you mean?') No...I don't have the slightest desire to kill anyone. It's just...I would want to kill a demon if one were to appear. ('A demon?') Don't take me seriously. It was only a joke..."

  • After giving to Isshin Ashina:
    • "Are you... Offering me the sake I gave you? Delightful, I'll take it! (Alternatively with different sake: 'Ah, don't mind if I do!') Ahhh... That's the stuff! By the way... How was Genichiro? You two crossed blades, did you not? I see. That? It's a technique belonging to Genichiro's mentor. I'll wager it was quite the sight. Tomoe... There aren't many masters of the sword like her. To see her fight, it's like she is dancing. When you look into her eyes... You feel as if you're being drawn into the depths of the ocean. I was completely taken by her and it almost killed me... I've lived a long life, but that was the closest I've come to death."

  • After giving to The Sculptor:
    • "Don't mind if I do. Hmm... ......... ... No, it's damn good. Ahhh! But it does make my old wounds ache. Yes. And this sake was a favorite... of the man who cut it off. Lord Isshin. ......... He... did it for my sake. Ahhh. I was on the verge of being consumed... ...Shura. Well, whether you believe me or not, that's for you to decide. But you'd do well to beware... Shura's shadow."


Unrefined Sake Notes & Trivia

  • Unrefined Sake, like every other alcoholic beverage found in the game, is used to unearth further lore and background from the characters it is given to; if there are any other uses for it, they have not been discovered.

  • There is enough Unrefined Sake in the game to give each NPC listed above a drink. Once given, you will not be prompted again to give them this particular type of sake, which holds true for every other alcohol you find. There is one exception to this rule however: if you give the unrefined sake offered by Isshin (which has a special description) to one of the npcs, you will be prompted to give said npc unrefined sake again after that. Offering unrefined sake a second time will not change the dialogue, except for the alternative first line described above if given to Isshin.
  • Juzou the Drunkard only drops this item in NG, and does NOT drop this item again in subsequent New Game Plus cycles.  This may be a bug or an oversight, which means that in NG+ and beyond you will only obtain a maximum of two Unrefined Sake items per game cycle.



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    • Anonymous

      I'm on my first NG+ and I didn't get sake from Tokujiro nor Junzou.
      I traveled to Mibu village before fighting Genichiro or Guardian Ape, if that means anything.

      • Anonymous

        First playthorught (NG) didn't get unrefined sake from Juzou, maybe because I didnt talk to the blue samurai to get his help before killing him, or just a bug.

        • Anonymous

          I just beat Juzou on NG+2 and I did Receive the unrefined Sake, So does this mean the bug is on the first plus cycle only then?

          • Anonymous

            Since there are only 2 Unrefined Sake from NG+ onwards, I guess the only solution is to hoard some for the next playthrough when you want to get all dialogue.

            • Anonymous

              I can't give this to Emma, i think that should be fixed. The one i got from Juzou works on the sculptor. I haven't made it to Isshin yet so idk if he's susceptible. Emma definitely isn't.

              • Anonymous

                WARNING: You cannot give any sake to Emma anymore after she gave you the bell for the Purification ending route, so if you want to pull all the "sake dialogue", put Isshin as the last person to give the sakes (unless you're going to the Shura route).

                • Anonymous

                  There are three types of sake - Unrefined, Dragonspring and Monkey Booze. All three can be shared with 3 possible NPCs: Sculptor, Emma, and Isshin, who will then say a specific line of dialogue depending on which type of sake was given. I like this friends-talking-over-drink mechanic - it gives you a feeling of home and companionship in the game's war-torn setting. Needless to say, my favourite partner is Emma.

                  • Anonymous

                    "Once given, you will not be prompted again to give them this particular type of sake..." Bollocks. Just gave Isshin two of these. He repeated the same dailouge, and I lost the second sake. Well, someone's getting left out my playthrough.

                    • I notice I can give it to the Sculptor at least twice. I haven't tried the second time yet. Anyone know if there is different dialog the second time?

                      • Anonymous

                        Do you just give it to the NPC's in Unrefined state or can this item be distilled further by doing NPC questlines?

                        • Anonymous

                          Is anyone knows if we can get more sake? I want to interact with different NPCs and hear what each of them say.

                          • Anonymous

                            When you give Sake to Isshin, he talks to you about the fight you had with Genichiro, and the Lightning of Tomoe. Tomoe was Genichiro's master.

                            • Anonymous

                              from what I've gathered so far sake in this game is basically just lore juice, you give it to the sculptor and he tells you interesting stuff about the world/characters

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