Truly Precious Bait


This is truly precious bait.

If bait has hair, you know its something truly special.
The Fountainhead Palace noble in the pot is obsessed with becoming one with the "master."

"Present this bait to the master, the Great Carp.
Offer it earnestly, but quietly, so no one knows..."

Truly Precious Bait is one of two Key Items with the same name in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is given by the Nobles in the Pots in Hirata Estate and Fountainhead Palace.


 Truly Precious Bait Usage


How to Find Truly Precious Bait

  • Hirata Noble's Truly Precious Bait:


  • Fountainhead Noble's Truly Precious Bait:
    • Find Pot Noble Koremori
    • Exhaust his dialogue after spending enough Treasure Carp Scales at his shop.
      • You need to spend at least 7 Carp Scales to obtain Truly Precious Bait
      • Buying most items from Koremori will offer a unique dialogue in which he reveals that Harunaga hates the fish and wants to poison him. If you turn in the bait from Koremori  he will also turn into a fish at the palace grounds just down below where he was resting.



Using either baits will kill the giant carp.


Alternative item description: 

This is truly precious bait.

If bait has hair, you know its something truly special.
The Hirata noble in the pot is obsessed with thoughts of becoming a "master."

"He who receives the scales of the carp
becomes closer to a carp himself...
I bestow unto you my secret treasure."

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    • Anonymous

      I'm pretty sure whatever this is, is what initially caused the immortal centipede infection in the carps at the lake. The infection then extends to the whole sekiro world through the polluted fountainhead waters.

      • So both of the Pot Nobles want to become the new Great Carp, so they trick you into using their poisonous bait to kill the Great Carp, so they can turn into an immortal Carp themselves? Are Harunaga's and Koremori's goals really the same? And why is Harunaga at Hirata Estate? Where is he in the present day?

        • Anonymous

          "You need to spend at least 7 Carp Scales to obtain Truly Precious Bait"

          This is incorrect. I spent 7 scales (buying 1 Lapis Lazuli and 1 Dragon's Blood Droplet) and he wont give me the Truly Precious Bait.

          • Anonymous

            Bull*****I used the truly precious bait and it didn't kill him? He just ate it like any other bait - gimme my trophy you damn dirty fish.

            • Anonymous

              am i the only one who feels bad for killing the big fish? like, the poor attendant guy is so sad for not having his big fish.

              • Anonymous

                It does matter whose bait you use. I haven’t tried it myself, but apparently the Hirata bait gives you divine grass. The Fountainhead bait gives you Lapis. I would definitely go with the Lapis, as it is used to make the best prosthetic upgrades in the game.

                • Anonymous

                  Exhaust his dialogue after spending enough Treasure Carp Scales at his shop. is falsely linked to instead of

                  • Anonymous

                    this precious bait is the parasites you see feeding off the dead carp at the bottom of the lake. they might be a larval form of the centipedes and get their power from the immortal flesh of the colored carp.

                    • Anonymous

                      Always feed him twice of precious bait first. Talk to the fisherman and he will gift you a max of 4 scales. It's pointless to give him more than that. Afterwards, feel free to give either "truly" precious bait but you might want to give Koremori's bait because he's not far from the idol you teleport to if you need to buy any scale. It doesn't matter which bait you give but I just gave Koremori's bait out of convenience.

                      • Anonymous

                        What happens if i feed him the "simple Precious Bait" first ? If i do that 2x times i get 4 carp scale, but does it fails the Quest ? Can i offer the "Truly Precious bait" to after i feed him with the simple ?

                        • Anonymous

                          There's a third in the river before the corrupted monk I think. All I know is that I found this item swimming up past the water mill where the drunk guy is in cancer village.

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