Valley Apparitions Memo


A note about apparitions in the Sunken Valley.

"Apparitions have been sighted in the Guardian Ape of the Sunken Valley's old den. Angry spirits, with many faces. The Guardian Ape's old den can be found at the bottom of the Sunken Valley, not far from the Forest of Mist. Also, some reported they could hear the sound of a woman crying in the distance..."

Valley Apparitions Memo is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It informs the player of a potentially missable Shichimen Warrior fight, as it requires backtracking to an already-cleared boss room.

 Valley Apparitions Memo Usage

  • The "Valley Apparition" refers to a Shichimen Warrior located in the same spot as the Headless Ape fight, which drops the Malcontent's Ring, a crafting ingredient for the Malcontent Shinobi Prosthetic. The Headless Ape fight is the second fight against the Guardian Ape boss, and is only available after Guardian Ape is defeated at the Guardian Ape's Water Hole Sculptor's Idol. The Shichimen Warrior fight becomes available after both Guardian Ape and Headless Ape are defeated, assuming the player severs the Headless Ape's immortality using the Mortal Blade.


  • You can find the den by heading to the Ashina Depths or Poison Pool Sculptor's Idols and following the path down through the tunnel towards Mibu Village, or by backtracking from the Hidden Forest idol back towards the poison pool area. The den itself should have an idol of its own called Guardian Ape's Burrow, but the destination may not be available due to the nearby enemy.

How to Find Valley Apparitions Memo


  • The Valley Apparitions Memo costs 800 sen

Valley Apparitions Memo Notes & Tips

  • Before engaging any apparitions, obtaining some  Divine Confetti (to deal extra damage to spirits), and Pacifying Agent (to reduce terror buildup and increase terror resistance) is recommended.  The Mottled Purple Gourd (from the Exiled Memorial Mob in Mibu Village) is very useful as a substitute for Pacifying Agent as it fulfills the same function and refills every time the player rests.  Finally, the Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella blocks both the damage and terror buildup of all of the Shichimen Warrior's magical attacks, and so can be used to avoid some of its more annoying attacks.


  • The "woman crying" likely refers to the "Kingfisher" mentioned in the Malcontent key item, former companion and comrade of the Sculptor when he worked as a ninja.  The Kingfisher was the former user of the Malcontent's Ring and the Finger Whistle before she was killed and eaten by the Guardian Ape; the Finger Whistle shinobi prosthetic was made from her fingers, which had been modified with holes to create a whistle.  The Japanese name for Malcontent's Ring more literally translates to "Crybaby's Ring," which furthers the theory that the crying voice is "Kingfisher." The Shichimen Warrior you kill may have been her ghost, or perhaps she is just one of the many spirits he uses in battle.
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    • Anonymous

      I'm pretty sure that the "sound of a woman crying in the distance" is supposed to allude to O'Rin of the Water considering she's crying and literally just on the other side of Mibu Village which is in the distance of the Guardian Ape's Burrow, also she's considered an Apparition-type enemy

      • Anonymous

        Divine Confetti allows you to use the anti-air deathblow against the Shichimen Warrior while he's flying around, making the fight super easy. If you're low on confetti you can wait to pop one until he jumps, then go in for the deathblow.

        • Anonymous

          Def need to purchase Valley App memo and defeat both Apes if you need the malcontent ring upgrade . Best to burn brown ape first (with Okinaga's FV) before during second ape fight allegedly.

          • Anonymous

            "Also, some reported they could hear the sound of a woman crying in the distance..." ?? Whose? Is this a late notification about O'Rin of the Water which I already beat or someone else?

            • After fighting Guardian Ape the second time, the Shichimen Warrior will appear at the Guardian Ape's Burrow. I had to use Ashina Depths idol, he would not spawn using the Poison Pool idol, for me. The second part refers to O'rin of the Water, as the lady crying in the distance. There are apparitions of Nightjar enemies if you head to Hidden Forest. They'll lead you to O'rin.

              • Anonymous

                I believe this is referring to the boss fight that appears later in the game. It's in the big, open area right after the mini-boss in the swamp pool in Ashina Depths.

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