Holy Chapter: Infested

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A passage describing a journey to enlightenment.

"For an age, I have been blessed by the worm. To be undying is to walk the eternal path to enlightenment, thus I must become enlightened to understand why I cannot die. It is said the holy dragon's origins were in the west. So I wonder, how did the worm come to be bestowed upon me?"

Holy Chapter: Infested (永旅経・蟲賜わりの章, Scripture of the Endless Journey - Chapter of the Insect's Investiture) is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to begin the questline of the Divine Child of Rejuvenation, which is necessary to complete in order to obtain one of the game's endings.


 Holy Chapter: Infested Usage

  • Can be given to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation for additional dialogue regarding her hatred of the Senpou Monks.

  • Giving this item to the Divine Child is required to progress/begin both her questline and the process of getting the Return (Dragon's Homecoming) Ending of the game. (Refer to her page, or the Endings guide, for details.)


How to Find Holy Chapter: Infested

  • The first way to get the Holy Chapter requires you to first speak with the old woman on the bridge near the Ashina Castle sculptors idol (you will not be able to receive the book before speaking with her). Before killing Genichiro stop Ashina Castle (more specifically, before talking to Kuro after the fight) enter and explore Senpou Temple. Here, the item can be found right next to the "Main Hall" Sculptor's Idol by speaking to a monk praying to the Buddha statue. 

  • If you have already defeated Genichiro and spoken to Kuro by the time you reach Senpou, your second chance to obtain this item is at the bottom of the pond beneath the Temple Grounds sculptor's idol where it will appear after asking Isshin where to find the Mortal Blade. It can be retrieved with the Mibu Breathing Technique.


Holy Chapter: Infested Notes & Tips



  • Senpou Temple was seized by an obsession for the Undying, which corrupted their teachings and style. The monks exhibit atrophy, blindness, and grayish or green skin senpou monk details thumb1, which is how FromSoftware will often render the undead green hollows huntsman copse thumb1. In Dark Souls, the state of Undeath means gradually rotting, going mad, and potentially mutating. Doujun, who is a Senpou Monk, confirms that the research into the Rejuvenating Waters caused a kind of zombification, as his Abandoned Dungeon is full of deformed undead. The Rejuvenating Waters corrupt men to the point that they no longer live as men, instead they become monsters incapable of feeling pain or fear. They are referred to as "degenerates" by Isshin and are responsible for kidnapping and killing the Children of Rejuvenation.
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    • Anonymous

      I've reached the Great Sakura Idol at Fountainhead Palace. I just found out about alternate endings. I must've either missed the friendly and regretful monk or I didn't talk to Kuro at a specific time after defeating Genichiro. I found a Prayer Bead at the bottom of the Temple Grounds Idol pond. Nothing else. The Divine Child is permanently sick and will not give me anymore rice until i obtain this item. I guess I'll have to do it in ng.

      • Anonymous

        Uhh...I gave the chapter to kuro...what do I do now? was talking with him and the option came up so I just pressed it.

        • Anonymous

          I am in NG+. I defeated Genichiro so the monk doesn’t give it to me (or talk to me). But it’s also not in the pond near Temple Grounds idol. Bug or am I missing something?

          • Anonymous

            You can get the tome by talking to the Infested Monk in the Main Hall before fighting Genichiro. Just discovered this. The monk is friendly and seems to be regretting something.

            • Anonymous

              What am i to do if the old lady isn't on the bridge in Ashina castle should i do something for her to appear?

              • Anonymous

                If you killed Geni prior to getting the tome you will have to go to mibu village and make your way to the cave entrance at the back of the village and kill the corrupted monk, he gives you breathing technique to dive, then go to senpou there is a lake near the top of the mountain surrounded by wolves and monks dive to the bottom the tome is there,......secondly if the infested monk is not sitting at the altar it's probably because you have beaten the the guardian ape and corrupted monk I believe and should now be allowed to go to the illusion and fight the folding monkeys for the memory and puppateer ninjutsu ....should really all be a domino path, hope this helps, if not I apologize.

                • Anonymous

                  Went to the monk before killing Genichiro but he doesn't give me the item? Only says that I have the smell of the Divine Heir and that I shouldn't leave his side.

                  • Anonymous

                    To get the Holy Chapter, you must enter the temple before killing Genichiro. After killing Genichiro you only find the bell at this place.

                    • Anonymous

                      there seems to be conflicting statements to where you get this item: - from an NPC in the Senpou Temple Main Hall or - in the small pond near the Temple Grounds when you can dive (can't prove neither of them yet, the NPC isn't there for me and i cant dive yet)

                      • Anonymous

                        I'm lost so YouTube video of a guy doing the same thing as me but there was no Monk and there was a bell on the table am I doing something wrong I need help

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