Dragonspring Sake


 A bottle of crystal-clear sake. Sake is a drink meant for sharing.

A top-shelf sake brewed by the Ashina brew master with water from the Dragonspring. The pure water extracts every last bit of flavor from Ashina's finest rice.

There are no words that can do the flavor justice. To understand, one must taste it for themselves.

Dragonspring Sake is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Give this item to the Sculptor, Emma or Isshin Ashina for special lore-focused dialogue.

Dragonspring Sake Usage

How to Find Dragonspring Sake


  • After giving to Isshin Ashina:
    • "Well Well! If it isn't Dragonspring! You've really done it this time, Sekiro! Buhaah! That hit the spot! Whenever I used to get my hands on Dragonspring...bunch of fools would start coming to me, demanding drinks. ('Fools...?') Fools who wouldn't let go of their cross-spears while they drank...fools who would steal sake using illusion techniques...fools tinkering with half-finished prosthetics, sake cup in hand. And even...the cunning owl, who despite his size would turn bright red after the first drop! ('That's...') Yes, your father was a fool too... To the fools."
  • After giving to The Sculptor:
    • "('I brought sake.') Hooh...Dragonspring...? That's fine quality sake. I'll take it then. Now that really hits the spot...There's nothing quite like this. I often drank this with Dogen...Emma would keep our cups filled. ('Have you known Lady Emma for long?') That was a long time ago...I found her on a battlefield. ('...a battlefield.') She crept up slowly towards me, her eyes fixed, unwavering on the rice I held in my hand. It became too much to bear, so I gave it to her. Then she just started following me. After that...........Well a while later...Ashina became a dangerous place for the both of us. Around then Dogen adopted her as his daughter. I suppose it didn't really matter where she ended up. One thing's for sure, she's happier for the fact she wasn't raised by a shinobi."
  • After giving to Emma:
    • "('Here some sake.') Oh, is this Dragonspring? I'll have some. Ahh.... ......... Goodness. ('What's wrong?') Nothing, it's just whenever Lord Isshin got his hands on Dragonspring... Everyone would start gathering at Ashina castle and a rather rowdy party would ensue. Every time that happened, I'd leave Lord Dogen all on his lonesome, and I'd stroll around the rear of the castle. ('Behind the castle? Why?') ......... Well... I'd go to the Fountainhead Spiral. ('What is that?') If you look out towards the Fountainhead springs... there is a large spiral of clouds visible in the distance. Lightning bolts would race from one cloud to the next. In fact... I distinctly recall Master Genichiro practicing his swordsmanship there All the while glaring at the lightning in the clouds... ('.........')"


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    • Anonymous

      It mentions that Tamura and Isshin were once friends. This means that either Tamura betrayed him, or had a reason to side with the Interior Ministry. I like to believe that Tamura and the Great Carp Attendant are brothers/close friends. When he was beguiled by the Fountainhead Palace and became a noble, Tamura gained a distaste for Ashina and its history, pitting him against Isshin, who wanted to protect it.

      • Anonymous

        I love how aesthetic the item lores/descripts are. And for once Fromsoft has a believable and vivid cast of NPCs.

        • Anonymous

          The most important lore here is finding out that the Great Shinobi Owl is a lightweight when it comes to drinking

          • Anonymous

            Isshin and Emma’s dialogues are rather sad... there used to be a time where everyone is living a normal life in Ashina with the founding father sword saint when nobody knows about immortality bs. I really like Genichiro as a character. He was just trying to protect his home and land as it was all he has. He must be really proud of it being adopted by such a hero... and take great pride to one day rule the beloved land. He was probably the only one that wants the divine blood but not for the sake of immortality but power to protect the land... tragic.

            • Anonymous

              WARNING: You cannot give any sake to Emma anymore after she gave you the bell for the Purification ending route, so if you want to pull all the "sake dialogue", put Isshin as the last person to give the sakes (unless you're going to the Shura route).

              • Anonymous

                I really like what Isshin says with this one. I guess "Fools who wouldn't let go of their cross-spears while they drank" refers to Tomoe. "Illusion techniques to steal Sake" would refer to the Sculptor when he was a Shinobi. "Fools tinkering with half-finished prosthetics" obviously refers to Dogen.

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