Rat Description


 A description of the "rats" that have snuck into Ashina. Speak to the Tengu again once the rats are dealt with.

The rats: Assassins from Senpou Temple. Short stature, wear bamboo hats. A number of rats are lurking about. Last seen around Ashina Castle Gate.

Rat Description is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This item is given to the player by speaking with the Tengu of Ashina . The player is instructed to eliminate the "Rats" around Ashina Castle Gate. Killing the Rats and speaking to Tengu of Ashina again will reward the player with the Ashina Esoteric Text.



 Rat Description Usage

  • Rat Description is a  key item given to the player by the Tengu of Ashina.
  • After eliminating the Rats around Ashina Castle Gate, you may speak with the Tengu again to receive the Ashina Esoteric Text.
    • IMPORTANT: You only need to kill the rat hiding behind a tree in the field on the right just past the Ashina Castle Gate Sulptor's Idol near the two larged-hat Rats will complete the quest. Killing the large-hatted Rats has no impact on the quest.


How to Find Rat Description

  • The area containing the Tengu cannot be reached until Gyoubu Oniwa has been defeated.
  • From the Ashina Castle Gate Sculptor's Idol, turn around, go across the battlefield and up the large staircase. At the top of the staircase turn right and enter the temple. Speak with the Tengu of Ashina. Agree to help the Tengu with his "rat" problem to receive this item.


Rat Description Notes & Tips

  • There are 4 Rats located around the Ashina Castle Gateway Fortress and Ashina Castle Gate Sculptor's Idols:
    1. From the Ashina Castle Gateway Fortress Sculptor's Idol, turn around. The Rat will be standing on the cliff. You can quickly kill this enemy by performing an aerial deathblow by jumping atop the rock to the right of the enemy.
    2. From the Ashina Castle Gate Sculptor's Idol, go up the stairway grapple atop the gate just past the Rifleman. In the field to the right will be 3 Rats: one (1) hiding behind a tree on the far side of the field, and two (2) large-hatted Rats digging at the base of a tree on the right.
  • To progress the quest you only need to kill the single Rat hiding behind a tree in the field just past the Ashina Catle Gate Sculptor's Idol. Killing the other Rats has no effect on the quest.
  • If you kill the rat(s) prior to speaking with the Tengu, you can speak with him again immediately after receiving this item to receive the Ashina Esoteric Text. This saves you time from having to run across the battlefield arena twice.
    • CONFIRMED: Killing only the Rat hiding behind the tree past the Ashina Castle Gate Sculptor's Idol will complete the quest.



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