Ashina Depths (葦名の底, Bottom of Ashina) is a Location in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. These poisonous swamps and caverns get little natural light, and are the brooding grounds for aggressive Giant Apes that will not hesitate to attack any would-be intruders.


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Full Ashina Depths Walkthrough

There are two ways to enter Ashina Depths. One is through the Abandoned Dungeon, Bottomless Hole area, by dropping down. The other is from Sunken Valley Passage past the Great Serpent. This walkthrough will assume you entered from Sunken Valley Passageway.

Poison Pool Idol

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This is a poisonous area, so don't linger in the water or you will be afflicted by the Poisoned status abnormality.

poison pool high ground walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Grapple onto the ledge ahead and up again to get 3x Oil. The first item near you on the rocks is 2x Pellet, and there's 2x Scrap Magnetite and 2x Black Gunpowder ahead.

Important: If you have defeated the Guardian Ape, the grounds of this area will be destroyed, changing the landscape. All wooden tents will have been smashed, reducing potential cover and the area will now have cannon-wielding enemies instead of the regular snipers.

Mini-Boss: Snake Eyes Shirahagi

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You'll now face mini-boss Snake Eyes Shirahagi. Defeating her will give you 1000XP and 1x Prayer Bead. It is advisable to get a Stealth attack on this enemy as it's a challenging fight. You can also kite the boss into the poison for a slow kill. See the video below for tips on how to defeat it.


Looting the area

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The swamp hides 1x Heavy Coin Purse near the cliff edge, 1x Yellow Gunpowder to the far right, and 1x Scrap Magnetite and 1x Mibu Possession Balloon in the middle island. There are cannon enemies around so make sure to take them out by getting close and defeating them as soon as possible.

There are some layered cliffs with an enemy on them. Defeat him and jump and grab your way up to get to the top and unlock the Ashina Depths Idol. There are 2x Pacifying Agent just beyond it. This is the area where you will drop down if you came from the Bottomless Hole Idol in Abandoned Dungeon.

poison pool buddha hand walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

From here, grapple to the nearby Buddha's hand to get 1x Scrap Magnetite, You will also spot some other items high up to your left but you can't get them yet.

Get the Prayer Bead

From where you fought the mini-boss, go into the cave and look left to spot a grapple point. Go up and past a crouch section. There's an opening in the middle of this crouch. Stand up and look left and jump onto that ledge.

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You will to wall-to-wall jump then you'll get 1x Yellow Gunpowder at the top. Grapple to the head of the Buddha Statue to obtain 1x Prayer Bead.

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Drop back down to the cave and take a left to continue the crouch section. You will find a Monkey guarding 1x Monkey Booze and a view of the fight ahead.

Boss Fight: Headless Ape

(Note that this is only relevant if you have already defeated the Guardian Ape- otherwise he will not yet appear here, which is not required to proceed to the Hidden Forest Idol below)

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Return to the grapple point that took you this way, then talk to the cannon wielder NPC. He talks about a great ape and dies.

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You will now face the Headless Ape, who is the same enemy you fought in Sunken Valley Passage but this time he will also summon his mate to assist. If you look at the Lotus of the Palace description, you will note the Ape was tending to it to attract a mate.

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Defeating the ape rewards you with: Memory: Headless Ape, 2x Prayer Bead, 5000 EXP. You will also have to use the Mortal Blade to kill the centipede. This gives you the last Ninjutsu needed for the trophy: Bestowal Ninjutsu.



Guardian's Ape Burrow Idol

You can now commune with the Guardian Ape Burrow Idol. A series of Grapple-points nearby takes you to a valley where you'll face an Apparition-type Nightjar Ninja, who will aggro as soon as you approach. These enemies give 620XP, and can be dealt with efficiently by using the Loaded Axe to fill their posture.

Important: After you finish Ashina Depths and dispel the mist, a Shichimen Warrior mini-boss will spawn here. Defeating it will reward you with 1x Malcontent's Ring, and 1960XP


Hidden Forest Idol

hidden forest idol walthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px min

Grapple across the cliff to unlock the Hidden Forest Idol. Gamefowls patrol this area, they yield 128XP. You can collect 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul by dropping from the first branch to the first landing. Then grapple over to defeat the next Gamefowl and pick up 2x Ceramic Shard on a lower branch under it. Grapple back up and follow to the ledge to jump onto solid ground.

Old monk

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Walk ahead and talk to the Old Monk, who tells you that one who opposes the Path of the Buddha hides in the temple ahead. The door is locked, but there's a hole on the second floor.

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You'll spot an item behind the Buddha: to reach it, return to the branch that had a Gamefowl

and look to your left, there's a platform you can jump to. Follow this path up and kill another Gamefowl, you'll get 1x Light Coin Purse. Grapple and kill another Gamefowl, then loot 1x Pellet from behind the Buddha statue. Now go down and continue on following the glowing butterflies.

Spirit Samurai

Ahead of you, defeat 2x Gamefowl and then proceed in stealth to ambush a Spirit Samurai. They give 91XP. This platform has 1x Bite Down near 3 spirits. Don't engage them and instead look around the edge to drop down onto one solitary enemy.

temple front walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px min

Now keep going toward the large Temple in the distance. Some spirit dogs will attack you and alert nearby enemies so be careful. You can kill them quickly.

Mini-boss: Tokujiro the Glutton

path to wall hug walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

With the structure that you cannot get into to your right, kill an enemy ahead of you, and pick up 1x Oil. Continue forward and down a slope. You will see several dogs and enemies ahead but you don't need to fight. Just grapple up and onto one more branch to reach a blue-tinted huggable wall.

tokujiro the glutton location walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Looking at the blue wall, turn right and you'll spot mini-boss Tokujiro the Glutton. There are several monkeys you should kill with shuriken before engaging. Then use a Gachiin's Sugar to hide your presence and get a death blow. The best way to do this fight is to sprint around waiting for the right opportunity to get some hits in. Don't get greedy and don't attempt to get more than 2 hits in each time. Defeating him gives you 1x Prayer Bead, 1x Unrefined Sake and 1285XP. There's also 1x Fistful of Ash nearby.


Branch Path

First, go to the downward slope near a broken shed, and wall hug to 3x Pellet. From here, grapple to a branch, then ascend via more grappling until you reach solid ground and 1x Lump of Fat Wax.

Grapple onto the branch and collect 1x Spirit Emblem, then follow it to the rooftop of the white building.

Mini-boss: Mist Noble

second floor opening walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Find the opening on the second floor and get inside. A yokai is playing the flute below.

mist noble view walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Dropdown into it to remove one health bar, then spam attack to kill it very fast. You'll obtain 1x Lump of Grave Wax and 257XP. The area is now cleared of both mist and spirits.

mist noble area walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Nearby you can get 1x Yashariku's Sugar and now proceed to get the nearby items: 1x Oil, 2x Ceramic Shard, 1x Heavy Coin Purse, 1x Bite Down, 1x Light Coin Purse, 2x Contact Medicine, 1 Yellow Gunpowder and 1x Adamantite Scrap. Up the huggable wall, there's 1x Snap Seed.

Mini-boss: Headless

Drop down from the Snap Seed platform to fight Headless. It is best to wait until later in the game when you unlock Infinite Divine Confetti before doing this.

headless ashina depths walkthough sekiro wiki guide 600px

The area with the Headless has 1x Scrap Magnetite, 1x Pellet, 3x Mibu Balloon of Wealth and 5x Scrap Iron.


To Mibu Village

Return to the temple you fought the Mist Noble and go up toward 2x Spirit Emblem. Ahead at the graveyard you'll find 2x Pellet. Drop down and then grapple across some branches with 2 Apparition Nightjar Ninja. At the bottom, you'll unlock the Mibu Village Idol. You are now in Mibu Village.








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    • Anonymous

      The Shichimen Warrior spawns after leaving the area, not after dispelling the mist.

      I left the area immediately after the Headless Ape boss fight to get some prosthetic upgrades, and find the idol to be currently unavailable.

      • Anonymous

        The only thing I'm confused about is finding the Graveyard. I have no idea was a Japanese graveyard looks like

        • Anonymous

          *Sigh* It can't be a Fromsoft game without at least one poison area. At least this isn't as bad as the others though

          • Anonymous

            You suck at writing guides . You jump around so much with no explanation. When I followed your guide And reached sunken valley, you say to leave the area and start back at the abandoned dungeon. Then after you make it to ashina depths u start that part of the guide from the sunken valley entrance to ashina depths, saying you assume we went that way. Why would you assume that when you told us to do the opposite? Wtf? Multiple times throughout this guide you've done this..ur confused, miss a lot of things, and don't explain very well. To put it simply: you suck ass

            • Anonymous

              Is there a map of this area? I want to make a miniature of this area (and all of ashina in time) and a map would be very helpful.

              • Anonymous

                The Shichimen can spawn before the mist is dispelled. I think talking to the sculptor might be the trigger, but I also initiated the purification ending by eavesdropping on Kuro and talking to Emma directly after that fight as well. Another thing is that I didn’t reach the hidden forest prior to leaving to talk to the sculptor and kuro, so that could have something to do with it as well. Tl;dr the Shichimen in the Ape’s Burrow can spawn prior to the mist being dispelled.

                • Anonymous

                  I talked to the Sculptor after getting the finger and noticed I had the guardian ape's idol not linked, I got there and found another mini boss that was undead and had to use divine confetti, I suppose It's up there but isn't mentioned, you get a ring that can be used to update the Whistle thingy

                  • Anonymous

                    For anyone reading this - if you want to farm exp, thus far into the game the best method I've found is right next to the "Hidden Forest" idol. Right before you each it are those 2 phantom boomerang people. Each one of those gives 620exp, and if you approach them from the hidden forest idol, you can instantly kill 1 of them with a backstab deathblow. The single one left is very easy to deal with alone - you can pretty much get 1240 xp every 30seconds because of how quick the 2 of them die and how close the idol to reach them/rest to reset is. I got from 2 skill points to 4 in about 5 mins of this. 1240 exp each is just so insane for this point into the game, for reference the shichimen warrior right before it in the headless ape idol gives 1960 exp - but this is fool-proof and takes 30 seconds, and can be reset.

                    • I killed the terror warrior in the Great apes cave before the hidden forest. Basically once I unlocked the hidden forest idol I went back a bunch to get a few things I missed before carrying on. But when I got the prayer bead on top of the Buddha statue in poisen pools the warrior was there and I killed it. And I had already killed the guardian ape and his mate.

                      • Anonymous

                        You missed the chest to the left before you run up to the idol at the end. You have to go for a swim and in the chest is a Divine Grass

                        • Anonymous

                          Those poor chickens ran away from the village because the villagers went crazy. Please be nice to them they are lost and scared :(

                          • Anonymous

                            Thank the Mother of ***** that there is only one small poison part of the area that is mandatory for the game

                            • Anonymous

                              I somehow missed headless ape fight, and have already killed mist noble. Will I be able to fight shichimen warrior after I finish ape #2?

                              • Anonymous

                                To anyone having trouble with the Double Ape Battle: The regular ape is EXTREMELY susceptible to your Firecracker. You can get in 5 hits before it recovers, and if you get in enough damage, it'll stun lock it a second time. You can get its health to zero with only two firecracker distractions. Once I figured that out, the fight got SO much easier. The hardest part is getting enough distance from headless to get your hits in.

                                • Anonymous

                                  One small issue, the "Branch Path" image is incorrect, as that is not the branch you jump off of to get to the building. I got lost until I read the walkthrough.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    There is some place near the second Idol (poison pools) to the left, when you stand on statue's head, you can look there with monocular and see graple point which sekiro can hang on, but i couldn't find a way up there, been looking for an hour. Probably unfinished abandoned area, but maybe someone will find out what it is.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Anyone having trouble with the Shichiment Warrior, you can actually one shot a health bar by performing the Anti-air Deathblow when it is doing the casting mid-air. Found it out accidentally kinda blew my mind lol.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Where is the apparition type Nightjar ninja here? I visited the area before killing the Guardian Ape, and there was no "valley" with an apparition ninja. There was a little crouching passage I could take to find monkey booze, or I could grapple forward and go to the Hidden Forest idol.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          After snake eyes you fight the headless ape, along with his mate, netting you the bestowal ninjitsu along with 2 prayer beads and a memory.

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