Bestowal Ninjutsu

Spirit Emblem Cost 7
Effect Wreathes a blade in the victim's blood, extending its reach.
Skill Type Ninjutsu Technique

Bestowal Ninjutsu (血刀の術) is a technique in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is under the Ninjutsu Techniques. These can be unlocked and equipped by the player as they progress the game.

Only one Ninjutsu can be slotted at once, and they generally cost a number of Spirit Emblems to use. One example of Ninjutsu is the Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu, which allows the player to regain stealth after a Backstab Deathblow.



 Ninjutsu technique that wreathes a blade in the victim's blood, extending its reach. Costs Spirit Emblems to use. Activated after a Backstab Deathblow.

The Wolf discovered this technique upon beheading a foe with the Mortal Blade, forming a cursed sword from spilled blood. Though it bears likeness to the Mortal Blade, it cannot kill the undying.


How to Acquire Bestowal Ninjutsu

  • This can be acquired upon defeating the Headless Ape in the Ashina Depths and permanently severing its immortality with the Mortal Blade.Note that this boss only spawns after you have already defeated it previously as the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley. 
  • As this boss can be skipped (provided the player goes to the Hidden Forest before fighting the Guardian Ape), acquiring this ninjutsu is optional. 


Bestowal Ninjutsu Notes & Tips

  • Bestowal Ninjutsu is a Ninjutsu Technique, it is activated by killing an enemy with a backstab (either by sneaking up on them or via the Vault Over skill) and then pressing the attack button a second time when the button prompt appears.
  • Bestowal Ninjutsu costs 7 Spirit Emblem to use.
  • Adds red far-reaching swings for each sword attack (similarly to Empowered Mortal Draw), dealing additional damage and hitting through block.
  • Works very well with prosthetics and combat arts based on sword attacks, like Sabimaru, Loaded Umbrella, Ashina Cross or Spiral Cloud Passage.
  • If the player hits a blocking enemy, he will still perform the regular sword combo instead of the constant sword slash that plays out when an enemy keeps blocking the incoming attacks.
  • If used on a gecko will imbue your sword with poison attacks instead of blood. Sword will glow greenish.
  • If used on a white gecko will imbue your sword with a lifesteal attack. 
  • Does not work on Mini Bosses.
  • It is possible to activate this technique in preparation for tough bosses/minibosses if there is a regular enemy sufficiently close to the boss area (some enemies may also require the Vault Over skill in order to get behind them for a backstab deathblow).
  • Entering an area where Sekiro sheathes his sword will negate the buff.
  • Each red swing deals 0.5x (0.38x through block) health and 0.5x posture damage.




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    • Anonymous

      28 Aug 2020 14:08  

      In the notes it's written that this ninjutsu doesn't work on mini bosses. It's wrong tho there is an exception. The Mist Noble. I suspect it can also be done on the Shinobi Hunter and Lone Shadows since it's based on regular enemies. I'll confirm next time after I smack them asses.

      • Anonymous

        25 Aug 2020 15:33  

        I just fight Lady Maria in Bloodborne for the first time. She actually uses the same technique but on herself!

        • Anonymous

          21 Jul 2020 13:33  

          I honestly don't get why some people down below consider this skill useless. If you're worried about the cost, just use the ceremonial tanto.
          1. Extends your range
          2. Increases damage dealt, especially up-close
          3. Makes you ignore recovery time after getting deflected, meaning you can keep on hitting an enemy unless they have a poised or super-fast counter attack.

          • Anonymous

            17 Jul 2020 03:59  

            This is one of those abilities that's better than it looks, but it needs the right Combat Art to go with. At first, I preferred using the smoke cloud for dealing with groups since it meant sneaking up on 2+ enemies and starting the fight with an edge.

            Bestowal, in contrast, gives insane range and mild damage boost which can be combined with a combat art like Floating Passage to annihilate the health and posture of enemies in a significant area. Enemies that don't naturally shrug off attacks can't even fight back, as they are too busy blocking, getting hit, or too far away to properly retaliate.

            • Anonymous

              27 Jun 2020 22:34  

              playing around with this a lot this run, and i realized if you hop in water, even without sheathing your weapon, it deactivates

              • Anonymous

                20 Dec 2019 05:53  

                It's a shame you can't use this on Bosses. Imagine getting a deathblow then getting a powerup for the 1st half of the 2nd/3rd phase. Also i think it's total bs that it has to be a deathblow from behind.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jul 2019 19:12  

                  By the way, it's the best sword buff in the game, damage wise. Also, post-buff Spiral Cloud Passage becomes the best weapon art in the game with this ninjutsu because of the amount of hits in the combo.

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Jul 2019 14:14  

                    This Ninjutsu arguably made my Mini Bosses encounters 90% easier cuz combing this 30 seconds buff with Mortal Draw Combat Skill you can literally Brute Force your kill against all mini bosses after getting 1 stealth deathblow. Now on my first playthrough i got all Beads ( No Die Hard ) lol

                    • Anonymous

                      27 May 2019 14:57  

                      Does the duration of this Ninjutsu increase after purchasing the skill that also increases the sugar durations?

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Apr 2019 11:51  

                        The poison and lifesteal variants are really cool, but I feel like they weren’t implemented very well. The buff usually doesn’t last long enough to make them of any use against any nearby enemies, since “nearby” usually means 15 seconds away. I wish there were more enemies that could offer these abilities than just the geckos, like maybe the palace nobles (since they specifically steal your life away). Otherwise, it’s cool as hell, and especially fun when combined with stuff like Whirlwind Slash, Floating Passage, or high damage moves like Ashina Cross (except you’ll need a lot of spirit emblems for this).

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Apr 2019 05:53  

                          For people still wondering, I got it from the second ape fight in the caves.. the deathblow doesn't show up however you just see the body wiggle then attack it. (Attack where the worm is)

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Apr 2019 05:05  

                            I killed the Guardian ape first . after that I killed the headless ape in the Arena but I dont have the mortal blade. Can I just get the mortal blade , come back to the Arena and execute him and get the ninjutsu ? or it is to late now to get it ?

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Apr 2019 05:14  

                              I'm on my second playthrough and just finished the lone shadow mini boss in the ashina return part, and realized I don't have bestowal, and I definitely didn't skip either of the ape fights. Is this a bug?

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Mar 2019 19:19  

                                You can use it on the white geckos of fountainhead palace (near the palace grounds idol) and your sword glows white, dont know if it adds any effect. I imagine by the colour that it adds enfeeble? just like nobles of fountain head palace do to you? sadly attack power is too high and the enemies near the area die to quickly to test it out

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Mar 2019 19:08  

                                  This stuffs op combined with spiral passage. The spiral cloud passage costs 5 emblems so i guess thats nit that efficient but bestowal+spiral passage*****LOAD OF DAMAGE. (Imagine adding a divine confetti and a living force to it) With the vault over skill you can keep your bestowal up in fights with multiple enemies.

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