Nightjar Slash Reversal

Emblem Cost 0
SP Required 3
Effect Perform a spinning leap attack in any direction
Skill Type Combat Arts
Skill Tree Prosthetic Arts

Nightjar Slash Reversal is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Combat Arts Skill that is under the Prosthetic Arts Skill Tree. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

These skills can be unlocked by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Acquires the Combat Art "Nightjar Slash Reversal".

Perform a spinning leap attack that can quickly close or create distance from foes. This technique allows one to decide which direction to rotate in when performing Nightjar Slash.

Making use of both directions makes this both an offensive and a defensive skill.


How to Acquire Nightjar Slash Reversal

  • Nightjar Slash Reversal requires 3 Skill Points
  • This can be found under the Prosthetic Arts Skill Tree and is unlocked by resting at a Sculptor's Idol.


Nightjar Slash Reversal Notes & Tips

  • Nightjar Slash Reversal is a Combat Arts Skill
  • It is best to think of Nightjar Slash, and the Reversal, as a combo starter or finisher. The leaping slash should only be used to close the gap, as upon contact with the target, players can perform sword combos or prosthetic tools with seamless transition after leaping in. The reversal slash should be used after a combo to get one final hit in, and to cartwheel away like a boss. This retreat almost always ends up dodging a counter-attack or stab/thrust from the enemy.
  • Both the Nightjar Slash and Reversal do equal damage to vitality and posture, although one should note that this combat art does one lowest amounts of damage to either vitality or posture. This combat art is best use tactically to close the gap or dodge counter-attacks and thrusts. Relying on this combat art for damage would be a tremendous misuse of the art.
  • The forward flip that deals the slash attack counts as if Sekiro is in the air (as if he jumped). This means that if timed correctly (hard to do), you can evade Perilous sweep attacks with this combat art.
    On the same note, the backwards flip that he does after the slash in the Reversal version also counts as if Sekiro is in the air. Again, this can be used (if rarely) to evade Perilous sweep attacks.
  • Forward flip deals 1.05 health and 1x posture damage, backwards one - 0.95x health and 0.9x posture.




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    • Anonymous

      Good gapcloser after recovering from a huge knockback of a deflect. Also the reversal is good for distancing to recover posture. Also it looks so cool then you flip away from a boss's counter-attack. Also looks cool if you did the reversal as a finisher combo and both of you step back.

      • Anonymous

        Works amazing against headless, if the divine conffeti runs out you can use this to get away from him and buff again

        • Anonymous

          This is the best art in the whole game for my playstyle, after you are used to it you can’t go back, will be part of your game style..Suriken, Chasing Slice, Attack, Reversal, Suriken, Slash forward, Reversal.. and so on.. you keep doing pressure while staying at a distance and the posture of the enemy fills up so damn fast.

          • I find highly ironic that this is the combat art that helped me the most against the Demon of Hatred. Being able to quickly close or put distance against him really saved my skin a lot of times.

            • Anonymous

              I just had a really tight fight with Genichiro just now. Using Nightjar Slash & Reversal with the right timing is absolutely beautiful. Gonna upload it soon.

              • Anonymous

                Only really good when used with Nightjar slash. Any other time, you're usually just better off just deflecting or backstepping.

                • Anonymous

                  I wondered that myself xD the game is far from intuitiv on this point: you have to equip the new skill "nightjar reversal". Feels bad to only be able to equip one move...

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