Ashina Cross

Emblem Cost 2
SP Required 5
Effect From a sheathed stance, draw the blade at high speed.
Skill Type Combat Arts Skill
Skill Tree Ashina Arts

Ashina Cross (奥義・葦名十文字) is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Combat Arts Skill that is under the Ashina Arts Skill Tree. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

These skills can be unlocked by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Acquires Combat Art "Ashina Cross". From a sheathed stance, draw the blade at high speed. Costs Spirit Emblems to use. Hold the stance to intercept at will. A secret technique of the Ashina style, devoted to the mastery of a swift kill.

Draws a cruciform cut in the blink of an eye; so fast it could sever the arm of Shura, or so boasts Isshin Ashina.


How to Acquire Ashina Cross


Ashina Cross Notes & Tips

  • Ashina Cross is a Combat Arts Skill
  • Players are only allowed to equip one Combat Arts Skill
  • Because it strikes fast, if timed correctly, this skill can be very useful against adversaries with small off-guard windows
  • When activated, the two quick slashes cannot be interrupted by most enemies, and will cause decent posture damage
  • Deals 3x-4.5x health and 2.5x posture damage.




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    • Anonymous

      This cannot rival mortal draw by damage because md has the highest damage and decent speed if you do a mid-air attack with it. You can destroy any enemy with it. Only 1 more se to deal 90% double damage.
      FYI: Mid-air md does empowered md damage with the same cost

      • Anonymous

        The only disappointing thing about Ashina Cross is that you don't get a version of it that includes the mid-stance slides that the Ashina Elite can perform. If it could do that, people would definitely use this for a lot more than just the damage.

        • Anonymous

          Memories of Frayed Blade and Chikage iaido moves ... I like it. Just wish it didn't cost Spirit Emblems, same as Mortal Draw.

          • Anonymous

            I was playing around with it, and it seems like if you let it rip on the first part of the attack, the enemy can just soft feint into block, which is the same as doing it in neutral, while if you wait a bit more you'll trade damage, since the enemy attack's hitbox reaches you while the animation is still going. From there the only two outcomes are, you're both staggered, or you'll get hit by the next part of the enemy's attack if it has one just like if you couldn't block it's first attack

            • Anonymous

              Didn’t use it much at first, but after a couple playthroughs, I’ve found it definitely has some merit. First thing to realize is that it’s not meant for continuous use, but that’s alright because it boasts great attack power to compensate. I’ve found it works best after dodging certain attacks, like the Samurai Generals’ jump attack, or after deflecting the Blazing Bull’s ram attack. I’ve also used it to decent effect against the Guardian Ape after deflecting its phase 2 sword slam and yanking our the centipede with the loaded spear. Otherwise, you’ll want to swap out your CA for something more cost efficient during overworld exploration. Still haven’t got down the “intercept,” though… Maybe it would be useful against the slow wind-up of the Ministry soldiers?

              • Anonymous

                This ability is so much better since the patch. Still cost 2 SP but it now destroys your enemies' posture and deal a lot of damage. Also deal damage through your opponent's guard which wasn't the case before, as far as I remember (maybe I'm wrong but either way, this ability is really good now, which is great considering it's one of the most badass looking one in the entire game).

                • Anonymous

                  This is like upgraded Ichimonji but with spirit emblem cost and no posture regen. It has very long range more than you think, can be blocked but still damage through block and actually deals very high damage. The windup time is about the same as ichimonji though and the double slash can stagger the boss ((you can use this whenver Genichiro use his Mortal Draw). Because you have no poise, you will be the one to get staggered when trading hit with this skill so beware. When you use this without emblem, it no longer damage through blocking and no longer stagger bosses. If this was a free emblem skill, I would take this over Ichimonji. Sadly it costs 2

                  • Anonymous

                    I really hate this combat art. It's one ot the coolest and at the same time the most useless one. It cost emblems for no reason, it's slow to inittiate and can be parried and it dont interrupt enemy attacks. Depending on what you whant to do, there is abetter combat art for every single situation you wil encounter during all the game, leaving no place for this. What a waste.

                    • Anonymous

                      Description said something about intercepting, I wonder if it do more damage (or posture dmg) if you use it when an enemy is attacking (mid-animation)

                      • Anonymous

                        the description is misleading, unless im doing something wrong. holding the stance DOES NOT intercept attacks

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