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 A katana given by Kuro, the Divine Heir. An heirloom of the Hirata family, a cadet branch descended from Ashina.

Once thought lost, it has found its way back into the hands of the Wolf.

The name Kusabimaru beseeches, "A shinobi's role is to kill, but even a shinobi must not forget mercy." A mantra the blade itself may manifest.

Kusabimaru (楔丸, Lynchpin) is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to to attack Enemies and deflect attacks. This is the primary means of combat in Sekiro.


 Kusabimaru Usage

Sekiro can continuously attack in a pattern of five slashes. He will take a step forwards for every swing.

Holding the attack button until a glint runs across the blade results in a powerful thrust attack. The thrust does more damage and can penetrate defenses. A thrust can be performed as part of a combo after the first, second or third slash,

Blocking can absorb physical damage to vitality however that damage will instead affect Posture. Timing a block just as an attack lands is a deflection.
Deflecting will negate all physical damage and return the posture damage to the enemy. A deflect can be followed up with a quick attack.
Elemental damage from fire, lightning and spirit can not be blocked or deflected.

How to Find Kusabimaru

Ashina Reservoir- Given by Kuro, the Divine Heir in the Moonlit Tower during the prologue.


Kusabimaru Notes & Tips

  • Kusabi (楔) is Japanese for "wedge," while maru (丸) is a common suffix used in masculine names.
  • Every attack leaves Wolf open for a brief moment before the next input.
  • Jumping off level ground, Wolf can quickly swing his sword twice before landing. This technique can allow for two attacks during moments one might find time for a single standing attack.
  • Wolf will swing his sword horizontally when attacking after a quick step or sprint.
  • Wolf can sprint into a thrust attack, quickly closing in and reaching the tip of his blade into enemies at a distance. 





Story & Lore

  • Kuro comes from 九 (ku) meaning "nine" and 郎 (rou) meaning "son". This name was traditionally given to the ninth son. The name likely  refers to the nine sons of the Dragon King "the dispenser of rain". But "Kuro" is also a Japanese kanji  (黒) meaning “black”. 
  • Kusabimaru has a bo-hi (the fuller, running almost the length of the blade) and a sugu (straight) hamon. It is the only katana in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to have a bo-hi. The tsuba (handguard) and habaki (soft metal spacer at the base of the blade sitting on the tsuba) appear to be made of shibuichi, a japanese copper-silver alloy that can range from black to silver-copper in appearance. Shibuichi was sometimes used for blade hardware, however habaki were most commonly crafted of copper. Tsuba, especially on heirloom swords, were often crafted from shakudo (a copper-gold alloy that is chemically treated to become black in color). 



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