Unseen Aid in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can prevent the player from losing half of their XP and Gold when they die. You can see the percentage chance that you are likely to receive Unseen Aid at any Sculptor's Idol, and this number will changed based on some factors. You can tell when you get Unseen Aid, because it will appear on your screen after your respawn at a Sculptor's Idol.

The Kanji that are shown when you receive Unseen Aid in the game literally translates to "Dark Help" or "Divine Aid".


Unseen Aid Information

What Unseen Aid Does Exactly

  • Provides a 30% Chance of preventing the players from losing half of Sen and Skill EXP acquired upon awakening from true death.



Things That Increase Unseen Aid



Things That Decrease Unseen Aid

  • Incurring Dragonrot by dying too many times.
  • Acquiring multiple Rot Essence upon awakening from a true death



Unseen Aid Notes & Tips

  • The minimum percentage that Unseen Aid can go down is 4%.
  • Owning one Rot Essence decreases the percentage of Unseen Aid by half.
  • And for every Rot Essence acquired decreases the percentage by 2%.



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