Skill Points & Experience are mechanics of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Unlike souls games, Sekiro's gained experience and gold are permanently lost on death when you can't resurrect. Gold is a separate drop from experience that players can obtain. Further, Sekiro features Skills and Skill Trees that are unlocked with Skill Points obtained from collecting experience.

Players should note that there are no Stats, and if they wish to upgrade their Vitality or Posture gauges they will instead need to collect Prayer Beads and offer them at a Sculptor's Idol.

Character Re-Spec: Players cannot re-spec their character.


Skill Points & Experience

Players gain Skill Points by gaining Experience, which is done via defeating Enemies and Bosses. There is a "soft cap" beginning after skill point #25 where the required XP is significantly more than the previous 25 points. Also, the XP requirement from 1-25 appears to increase nearly linearly, but after 25 it appears to increase exponentially. Simply put, the difference in XP required between skill points increases as you gain them.


Based on the incomplete data on this page, the approximate equation for calculating XP required per level (after level 25) is below, where X is the level:
Required Level XP =  0.02x3 + 2.4204x2 + 44.771x - 1851.8


Experience vs. Skill Point curve

Note: Spending Skill Points does not reset the curve. The 10th skill point you earn will always take 650 XP, whether you've spent 9 on skills or none at all.

Skill Point Xp to next Lv Total Xp   Skill Point Xp to Next Lv Total Xp
0 500 0   65  16777 312143 
1 514 500   66  17396 328920
2 528 1014   67 18028 346316 
3 542 1542   68 18673  364344
4 557 2084   69 19331  383017 
5 572 2641   70 20002  402348 
6 587 3213   71 20686 422350
7 602 3800   72 21383 443036 
8 618 4402   73 22094 464419 
9 634 5020   74 22819 486513 
10 650 5654   75 23558 509332 
11 666 6304   76 24310 532890 
12 682 6970   77 25076 557200 
13 698 7652   78 25856 582276 
14 715 8350   79 26651 608132 
15 732 9065   80 27460 634783 
16 749 9797   81 28283 662243 
17 766 10546   82 29121 690526 
18 784 11312   83 29973 719647 
19 802 12096   84 30840 749620 
20 820 12898   85 31723 780460 
21 838 13718   86 32620 812183
22 856 14556   87 33532 844803 
23 874 15412   88 34460 878335 
24 893 16286   89 35403 912795 
25 1093 17179   90 36362 948198 
26 1300 18272   91 37336 984560 
27 1515 19572   92 38326 1021896 
28 1738 21087   93 39332 1060222
29 1970 22825   94 40354  1099554
30 2210 24795   95 41392 1139908 
31 2458 27005   96 42446 1181300 
32 2715 29463   97 43516 1223746 
33 2980 32178   98 44603 1267262 
34 3254 35158   99 45707 1311865 
35 3538 38412   100 46828 1357572 
36 3830 41950   101 47965 1404400 
37 4131 45780   102 49119 1452365 
38 4442 49911   103 50290 1501484 
39 4762 54353   104 51479 1551774 
40 5092 59115   105 52685 1603253 
41 5431 64207   106 53908 1655938 
42 5780 69638   107 55149 1709846 
43 6139 75418   108 56407 1764995
44 6507 81557   109 57683 1821402
45 6886 88064   110 58977 1879085 
46 7276 94950   111 60290 1938062 
47 7675 102226   112 61620 1998352 
48 8085 109901   113 62969 2059972 
49 8506 117986   114 64336 2122941
50 8938 126492   115 65722 2187277 
51 9380 135430   116 67126 2252999 
52 9833 144810   117 68549 2320125
53 10297 154643   118 69991 2388674 
54 10773 164940   119 71452 2458665 
55 11260 175713   120 72932 2530117 
56 11758   186973   121 74431 2603049 
57 12268  198731    122 75949 2677480
58 12789  210999    123 77487 2753429 
59 13322  223788    124 79045 2830916 
60 13868  237110    125 80622 2909961 
61 14425  250978    126 82220 2990583
62 14994  265403    127 83837 3072803
63 15576  280397    128  -  3156640
64  16170 295973        

Using Skill Points

Players spend their Skill Points while resting at any Sculptor's Idol. Sculptor's Idols are spread across the game world (much like Bonfires in Dark Souls), so this can be done fairly easily.

Skills are separated into several distinct Skills and Skill Trees: Shinobi, Samurai, Prosthetic, and more. Within the trees, players will find passive skills and active skills called Combat Arts or Techniques.

Some Skills need more points than others to be unlocked, and have pre-requisites. In some cases, Upgrades may be locked behind skill requirements as well.

Farming Skill Points

Although the Bell Demon doesn't increase experience rewards, having it equipped while farming will allow you to pick up more items at the same time.

  • Very early game (120 XP/minute): From the Underbridge Valley idol, grapple up to the broken bridge and backstab the Ashina Soldier walking on the lower level directly in front of you. Then turn around and grapple up to the tree and sneak up on the Sentry. Drop down directly in front of him and sneak around the arena, backstabbing four more Ashina Soldiers as you go.

    Additional resources: 60 sen/minute, Scrap IronScrap MagnetiteFistful of AshCeramic Shard

  • Early game (190 XP/minute):  From the Hirata Audience Chamber idol, head backwards through the audience chamber. First backstab the two Bandits moving down the hallway to your right, then sneak outside and backstab one of the shield Bandits. You should have enough time to kill the torch Bandit before everyone starts attacking, and once they do you'll have enough time to run over and take out the archer Bandit off to the side as well. At this point you can keep fighting if you want, but the easiest thing is to just return to the idol and begin again.

    Additional resources: 200 sen/minute, Scrap IronBlack GunpowderPelletCeramic ShardsDousing PowderOil

  • Midgame (366 XP/minute): From the Upper Tower - Antechamber idol, loop around to the side of the next room to backstab the Fencer. Head out into the main antechamber, wait for the fencer crossing the walkway to turn his back to you, then backstab him as well. Move around the edge of the antechamber to backstab the Old Maid, then head into the corner room to backstab another Fencer looking out the window. Head into the room with the map to backstab one last fencer sitting on the ground, then run back to the idol and repeat.

    Additional resources: 180 sen/minute, Scrap IronScrap MagnetiteAdamantite ScrapPelletDivine Confetti

  • Midgame (600 XP/minute): Once you have the Mortal Blade, this is by far the most efficient XP grind until you defeat Guardian Ape and Illusory Monk. From the Main Hall idol in Senpou Temple, sneak down the hall to your right and do two deathblows to finish off the Infested Seeker in the nook (you can get a stealth deathblow from the side if you time it right). Turn around and head down the hall to your right (the one that connects to the Inner Sanctum). If you approach the Infested Seeker facing away from you from the left for another double deathblow, you should be able to do so without alerting the one facing you. This will allow you to sneak wide around the wall to your left and get a double deathblow on the third seeker as well, then return to the idol.

    You can try to kill the monks on the other side of the hall, but it's hard to sneak up on more than one of them and for some reason they only give half as much XP anyway, so it's recommended to just repeat the three on the right over and over.

    Additional resources: 170 sen/minute

  • Late Game (2940 XP/minute): This grind becomes available during the first invasion (once you've defeated Genichiro AshinaFolding Screen MonkeysGuardian Ape, and Illusory Monk). You'll need to equip Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu. From the Ashina Castle - Antichamber idol, start by using Ceremonial Tanto if you have it, then run through the door to the antechamber and walk up behind the Interior Ministry Ninja on the walkway and backstab him. Jump down to the floor below (you'll take some fall damage but it's fine), then backstab one of the two. Use Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu to backstab the other as well, then use Homeward Idol and repeat.

    Additional resources: 300 sen/minute, Scrap IronScrap MagnetiteAdamantite ScrapGokan’s SugarContact MedicinePacifying AgentLump of Fat Wax

  • Late Game (2890 XP/minute): From the Feeding Grounds idol, jump towards the bridge overlooking the lake, run behind the Okami Warrior, and backstab it as it stands up. Then run back to the idol, rest, and repeat.

    Additional resources: 350 sen/minute, Scrap Magnetite, Adamantite Scrap, Pellet, Mibu Balloon of Soul

  • Late Game (3770 XP/minute): This grind becomes available once you get Father's Bell Charm and kill Juzou the Drunkard in the second memory. From the Hirata Audience Chamber sculptor's idol, behind you as you sit at the idol, a Blue Spear Monk will round the corner immediately after load in or rest at the idol. Run towards him, slowing to a walk when you get close, and backstab him. Once he's dead, run right back to the idol, rest, and repeat.

    This can take some finesse to get just right, but once you get the hang of it you can kill him and reset very quickly, making this the most efficient XP grind in the game, and possibly the most efficient sen grind as well.

    Additional resources: 560 sen/minute, Scrap IronScrap MagnetiteAdamantite ScrapGokan's Sugar
  • Late Game (~6000 XP/minute) Available after Ashina Castle is attacked for the second time and set on fire. Start at the Outskirts Wall - Stairway in Ashina Outskirts. Grapple onto the tower and deathblow the guard from behind. Jump down and deathblow the guard below the tower. Run through the gate and deathblow the guard standing to the right. Deathblow the closer of the two enemies walking up the stairs (most of the time the one with the flamethrower). Kill the last remaining enemy on the stairs (they will often hear you killing the enemy before but they have low posture, so killing them is easy if they're alone). Run back to the Idol by grappling onto the left part of the roof, rest and repeat.

    The enemy with the flamethrower gives 1324 XP, the other four give 662 XP each. That makes 1324 + 4 * 662 = 3972 XP per round. One round takes about 40 seconds which makes about 5958 XP/minute in total (NG without Kuro's Charm buff).

    Additionally you'll get 692 Sen per round (NG, Most Virtuous Deed, no other Sen buffs), diverse items and upgrade materials dropped by Red Guards, most notably Fulminated Mercury (didn't measure this exactly but about one every other round; also Most Virtuous Deed and no other drop-rate buffs)

Death and Experience

Players will find that if they die, there's a chance that they will lose 50% of their carried "Sen" (gold) and experience that has not consolidated into a Skillpoint (so anything that is in the experience bar rather than the number).

  • A mechanic called Unseen Aid prevents loss upon death.
  • Players can mitigate their losses by purchasing Purses, that carry their Sen for them.



Enemy Experience Details

Enemies give varied amounts of XP, and can be farmed to strengthen your character if struggling with a specific section of the game.



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    • Anonymous

      If anyone's curious, from the Ashina Outskirts - Stairway idol on NG+, the flamethrower guy gives 1854 XP and the others give 927 XP each so you get 5,562 XP per run. If you go all the way from the idol to the bridge and kill everyone it's 17,072 XP per run. The latter route is less consistent and not quite as efficient from a time standpoint but it's nice for variety so you aren't just shanking the same five dudes over and over.

      • Anonymous

        Best one for me is Ashina outskirts stairway one where you kill the guy on the guard tower, jump down, kill the next guy, run forward through the gate and backstab the guard with the gun and then use a ceramonial tanto, kill the closest guy on the stairway and use the bloodsmoke ninjitsu to kill the next guy

        • Anonymous

          I found that if you start at the Mibu Village idol and go to the right down the creak, there's a blue assassin guy and he gives you 784 xp and you can sneak behind him if you crouch and hug the wall. You can kill him every 15 seconds give or take

          • Anonymous

            Castle - Antechamber is the best one for all early mid and late game... On NG+5 I got 5k for the purple dude 100k in 3-4mins

            • Anonymous

              Best post dragon grind is the Outskirts, but killing every enemy from the original Ogre spawn to the bridge to the castle. Nets like 10k xp in like 1:30 minutes.

              • Anonymous

                Is the Fulminated Mercury farm spot good as well for xp? It feels like it. The Ashina Outskirts-Stairway idol, 2 red guard gunners, 1 flame throw red guard, and 1 red guard longswords?

                • I think I found a better post-dragon grind:

                  Upper Tower - Antechamber idol, run up the stairs, circle around to the right of the purple fella, hit him with that backstab, and run it back and rest. Much easier after the first time when all the wall panels and stuff on the floor is broken and don't make noise. Takes 14 seconds (yes, I timed it) to get a kill and reset. Pop a Gachiin if you're not too confident in your stealth.

                  • Anonymous

                    A much better midgame farm than those listed once you've gotten to the Gun Fort idol is to run backwards from the idol, backstab the scattergun enemy at the exit to the room, then run back and rest. She drops 297 exp and 52 sen (as well as a good amount of spirit emblems and possible other drops) and you can do ~7 runs per 2 minutes, working out to about 1040 exp/min and 182 sen/min.

                    Fighting the other scattergunner isn't worth it unless you can beat her faster than it would take to run to the idol and back. I've tried using Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu to get a backstab on her, but she's not quite close enough for it to consistently let you get the deathblow.

                    • Anonymous

                      So, the best farming spot I've found is Outskirts Wall - Stairway idol, during the second attack. You grapple up to the tower, dropping kill the guy in there, drop down on the right side of the tower, back stab the guy there, run the the gate, back stab that guy, then there are two patrolling guys, back stab one, sometimes you'll be able to back stab both. If ya feel ya won't be able to back stab both, go for the guy in with the two swords first, the guy with the big cannon goes down pretty easily. Nets around 5562 xp each run in NG+1, and only takes about 35 seconds each run

                      • Anonymous

                        A great farm is the sanctuary idol in fountainhead palace drop down straight from the idol jump and grapple the tree bit where the okami dude is kill him by spamming right bumper aggro the spear okami kill him with lightning reversal and deflects and then do the same for the sword okami and then reset it takes about a minute and rewards with 3000~ xp each time first playthrough

                        • Anonymous

                          Endgame, I like the serpent shrine with all the monkeys. Gets about 3-4000 each cycle.
                          Warp to the idol. Use the finger whistle* and make all of the monkeys kill each other. There are two white monkey boys and you'll wait to stealth kill the survivor.

                          Play with how you use the whistle and try to stealth kill the white monkey on the roof before he jumps down.

                          • Anonymous

                            Best farm imho is Mibu Manor - 6x blue noble. 3180 (NG) / 5088 EXP (NG+) every 35s (counting in resting at idol, without any exp buffs)

                            • Anonymous

                              If you're to the point where Ashina has been attacked by the interior ministry (doesn't apply to Shura ending), there is a purple ninja below the Upper Tower Dojo idol that drops 1052 EXP per kill and can be backstabbed. Best EXP farm in the game? He also drops scrap iron and scrap magnetite with occasional adamantite scrap.

                              • Anonymous

                                Best farming spot is Ashina Castle - Antechamber idol after the first attack. Stealth kill both blue samurai and purple ninja and repeat. Takes about 20 seconds and it gives you ~3000XP.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Best place to farm Exp is at your second visit to Hirata Estate just before the Owl boss fight. Rest at the idol, destroy all the paper walls and obstacles then kill the black shinobi hunter, kill the white one from behind and then the 2 archers in front of him. You can use shuriken to destroy the walls, wait a bit and the enemies go back to their starting positions. Rest at the idol and repeat. The paper walls stay broken. For best results rush to NG+7 and do it without Kuro's Charm and Demon Bell active.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    There is no max level, you only stop leveling up once the required xp to level up surpasses 999999999 as you cannot get more than this amount of xp. This is due to the game not being able to load a number over 999999999.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I'm not sure why this hasn't been mentioned but has definitely been my favorite farming method since I can get about 12,000 exp in 1 minute in NG+, requires you to get to Hirata Estate (Second Memory) so you would need to follow the path of the Purification Ending. At the Audience Chamber Idol apply Gachiins Spiritfall get behind the spear enemy in the main hallway give them a deathblow, then loop around to kill the second spear enemy in the room with the two archers. Note that you will need to knock down some doors every time you re-enter the area. Afterwards run outside to where you fought the Loneshadow and second Juzou encounter, sneak up behind the Ninja and give him a deathblow. Run back to the idol, rest, repeat. Each spear enemy gives about 2100 exp each and the Loneshadow gives about 2200 in NG+. Gachiins Spiritfall isn't necessary but obviously makes it easier for enemies to spot you.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Late game, after the divine dragon, in the Ashina castle, idol is warrior chamber or something like that (I'm playing in italian language) you can find a shinobi nearby that gives you 1052 exp and 145 sen per kill, a total of 235k exp per hour if you repeat the process

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Great area to farm XP is Senpou temple after getting Divine Abduction and Mortal blade. Starting from the first Idol and ending at the broken bridge where the two Spear Adepts are. Killing all the enemies from these two points will net you 2589 XP. Divine Abduction will make short work of all the Monks as it insta kills them. Infested monk is easy once you have mortal blade. Spear adepts are short work if puppeteer the first one and then watch him fight the other. And then the four warriors are easy kills.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            endgame ashina outskirts staircase method (backtrack stealth killing the 5 guys and grappling back up to idol to rest and repeat) takes about 40 seconds per trip and nets over 8200xp per trip on NG+2. Would take probably 2-3 hours to grind out whatever remaining skills you need for the all skills achievement at this spot on third playthrough and considering it'd prob take at least that long casually to get here on a higher NG+ I'd say third playthrough's prob the earliest you should consider grinding xp to unlock skills you don't plan on ever using.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Just thought I'd put this here because nobody did the math for it, if you want to max out your attack and get every skill it will cost you 550 skill points

                                              • Anonymous

                                                The area right after obtaining the mortal blade, can’t think of the name but easy 1000 xp every 45 seconds. Kill the guards outside the temple with stealth for extra scrap metal, coin bags, etc.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Best XP grinding spot I've found (better than fire-stairway) also requires non-shura ending: Antechamber, kill the Purple Ninja, Drop down to the wooden beam and Idol back. The Ogre (you must not have killed him) is going to kill the 2 red guys while you're using the Idol (looking down ALWAYS killed both for me). NG+3 ~14k xp per run, only problem is the loading screen.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    From my personal experience, the fastest way to farm seems to be from the Mibu Manor idol. Just run through, one-shot each of the nobles, quickly kill the Samurai, and profit big time. It's also fantastic for money farming at the same time.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Best farming spot is the spear guy at the estate when you kill the drunk guy for a second time. On NG I was getting 1700 XP and about 500 Sen, also dropped loads of coin bags and materials too. Easy backstab and the idol (the one on the way to where lady butterfly was) is right next to him.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Best and most low effort farming spot is Upper Tower - Antechamber (SPOILER) after you defeat the Divine Dragon. Kill the purple ninja and reset. Destroy all the walls after your first kill, it's faster than running all the way around. If you mess up and have to fight him, you can either just use your hidden tooth to quick die or spam your sen throw up close to break posture.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          does this mean that there is a limit of total 63 skill points you can gain in the whole game? this would mean that you can never reach a strength of 99 AND all skills together...

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I found the best grinding point for me on ng+2 it gives me about 9900 xp in less than a minute WITH the kuro charm so you could earn more if you gave it away. After the red guards come and invade Ashina castle, , there will be a chained Ogre in the center room down, dont kill him. Instead spawn at the Old Grave bonfire and go up the bridge and kill the spear guy who is praying that will net you 1823xp. Then jump in the water and swim across and grapple up the platform to sneak behind the red guard that is waiting to attack you from the corner. This gives 2707 XP. Then you should have unlocked the door to the right which leads to the Ogre. Just go by the front and aggro the Ogre which will try break free but then there are 2 red guards in the room that will try attack the Ogre. As soon as the Ogre breaks free and those 2 red guards are around him they will die instantly, giving you 5404 xp. Repeat.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Best farming spot is definitely Flower Viewing Stage in Fountainhead Palace, just avoid the nobles playing the flute cus you know what happens if they get you

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Another great EXP farming spot, that is about as good as the endgame Ashina Outskirts Stairway (killing the 5 nearest enemies and then resetting) in terms of exp to time ratio, and can also be accessed a little earlier, is at Fountainhead Palace - Flower Viewing Stage. I've done some testing, and was able to consistently run the farming route in roughly 71 seconds, and getting 10095 EXP for each run (That is in NG+, the rate in NG should still be as good, just with less EXP), ending up at about 142 EXP per second, which is just a little less than you would get at Outskirts. Here's a guide for the run: You start at the Flower Viewing Stage idol, turn back form the bridge, and kill the noble right past the gate ( I'd advise to use charged running attacks instead of a deathblow backstab, because it saves time). Then run at the next noble in view, slap him once so he can be deathblowed, but instead use the vault over skill to backstab him and activate the bloodsmoke ninjutsu, allowing an easy backstab on the spear wielding enemy to the left. Immediately pop Gachiin's Spiritfall (Candy should be avoided since they are limited) and head straight up the wooden stairs, towards the wall with a hole in the floor next to it. Move ahead, PAST the bridge, and then turn left to stealthblow the noble near the 2 samurai enemies. Use bloodsmoke on the noble, and then again on the 1st samurai, saving more time by stealth killing all 3 of them. Now when facing the wall they were standing at, head LEFT, around the corner and inside the building killing the noble inside. Head back out and further down the hallway and you should see the next noble through a wooden grid wall. take a right to avoid being spotted by the enemies outside and one shot the noble on the bridge. if you look to your left you should see the next noble. Kill him and head back towards the bridge, but instead of going over it head all the way to the end til you hit the wall (You should not be spotted if your Gachiin. The next enemy to kill is a larger samurai sitting inside the building and can easily be stealth killed from behind if you enter the building from the back. The last noble is right ahead of you and can be dangerous if you don't rush him immediately, because he will start his 'aging' attack as soon as you killed the samurai, so look out for that. Homeward after this, and repeat.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  you can never lose skill points from xp bar. if you collect 1 point, it won't go back to zero. keep this in mind if you're going to face a boss soon and where your xp is at.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Best XP grinding spot I've found is in Ashina Outskirts Stairway after Ashina has been caught on fire. I'm getting around 5500 XP every 30 seconds by quickly stealth killing the 5 guys. (XP scaled for 2nd playthrough)

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      This page will become unwieldy with all the skill points. I'm at around 38k for the next, still 30 points to complete all trees, none used for attack power. (NG+) Without farming I think you will complete the tree around NG+2 or even +3 depending on how it scales

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I'm not sure what level I am, but skill points cost 24275 now. I recommend people plan out what skills they want far in advance. With the exception of High Monk, all of the final combat arts cost a lot of emblems to use and are thus not very rewarding. It would be better to put skills that would go towards those into other skills or into attack power with the mask, especially considering we cannot re-spec at the moment. Poor planning will render NG+s very difficult because you won't be able to increase attack power with any kind of ease.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          After a while, ghost enemies seems to appear in old places, usually dead ends or in dark areas, they all give about +620 XP and are quite tough (Ashina castle and above tier) in terms of skills.

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