Sekiro Upgrades refers to the many improvements players can do to their Prosthetic Tools. Unlike previous FromSoftware souls games, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice features an arsenal of accessory-like tools on the left hand to complement the right hand's Katana, rather than focusing on different primary weapons.

  • Players can unlock by completing special in-game tasks.
  • Players can unlock upgrades by investing points in specific Skills.
  • Players can find Crafting Materials by exploring Secret Areas and defeating special Enemies.
  • The Health and Posture gauges can also be upgraded, as can the Healing Gourd.


Sekiro Upgrades

Please note this is pre-release information and is subject to change.


Health & Posture



Prosthetic Tool Upgrades


  • See Prosthetic Tool Upgrades for a full list of available improvements
  • Upgrading a tool does not remove the original one from your inventory, but rather adds a new swappable tool.



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