Demon Bell in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be rung by the player to increase the difficulty of the game. Not much is currently known about what precisely the Demon Bell does,  but ringing it will make your game significantly harder. However, you will be rewarded with better item drops. The effect of the bell can be removed using the Bell Demon item, which you will automatically receive once you have rung the bell.


Demon Bell

What the Demon Bell Does Exactly

  • It makes your game harder by increasing all combat stats of enemies:
    • Higher vitality damage;
    • Higher posture damage, your posture will be broken easier;
    • Higher vitality damage resistance;
    • Higher posture damage resistance;
  • Enemies' loot pool is now extended
    • They drop additional (new) loot
    • based on next game cycle (NG+...)
  • Loot quantity increased by up to x2 for uncommon items (this is only yet confirmed when Virtuous Deed is active as well - maybe not required)
  • Increases Item drop frequency
  • Does not affect the gathering of Spirit Emblems
  • Has no effect on skill point or sen quantity gained 
  • **Negative effects do stack with not having Kuro's Charm. (Source)
  • **As of most recent patch, the Demon Bell's burden DOES STACK with the Hardship penalty that is incurred if you give back Kuro's Charm. It does, however, seem that the raw penalties of the Demon Bell omen are reduced in strength if Kuro's Charm is not in your inventory.

Where to Find Demon Bell

  • Located up the hill from the Shugendo Sculptors Idol, before fighting the Armored Warrior and through a barred door.
  • Can be accessed easily afterwards through the Bell Demon's Temple Sculptors Idol.
  • This area is also found via a hidden wall behind the first Headless in Ashina Outskirts. Just sprint jump down to the Headless  and sprint around and behind the Headless and you should be safe from its attacks. Run up the ramp, turn right into a corridor. 



Notes About Demon Bell

  • Applies 'Sinister Burden' and places Bell Demon in your inventory. This item can be used to remove the effect, and reapplied at the bell.
  • Using the Bell Demon next to any of the pious woman gives you an Ungo's Sugar.
    • Pious woman can be found:
      • On the bridge right before Ashina's Castle
      • Right before the bottomless hole
      • Outside of a building in Senpou Temple, where the kite is supposed to be when flown
      • Right next the Sculptor Idol of Bodhisattva Valley



    • Anonymous

      16 Mar 2020 20:24  

      This is without a doing a reference to the previous games from Fromsoft. It is literally a BELL that makes the game HARDER. It’s a DEMON which loves Into your SOUL.

      • Anonymous

        15 Mar 2020 10:06  

        I completely forgot that I had even rung this thing and then I hadn't played for a few days after. Didn't notice much of a difference in game play as most of the enemies at this point were new, so I couldn't compare their difficulties to a previous run anyway lol.

        • Anonymous

          21 Feb 2020 07:42  

          A few players have stated that they didn't know what the bell did when they rang it and they played through the game and didn't notice the difference. Not to undermine the skill of these guys, it makes me wonder if they just read the memo on the bell without actually interacting with the hammer that rings it. The note simply tells you not to ring it but when you actually activate it a prompt fills your screen telling you basically, "You have activated the bell and you are possessed by a demon. Enemies are tougher now and drop rates have increased" as well as the little demon appearing below your health bar indefinitely. I find it hard that anyone that rings the bell doesn't notice this.

          • Anonymous

            06 Dec 2019 18:38  

            I highly recommend people use this. Honestly, I rang the bell, didn’t realize what it actually did and just kept on trucking. I feel like I got a lot better at the game very quickly because of it.

            • Anonymous

              03 Oct 2019 22:43  

              In a way this is a good 'git gud' tool for people to use if they're struggling with the game forcing you to learn the mechanics faster than you usually would.

              • Anonymous

                15 Jul 2019 10:43  

                The burden may be linked to additional dark-apparition type enemies spawning in specific locations, e.g. on the bridge to corrupted monk and at the gun fort shrine.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jun 2019 18:30  

                  Doesn't really make the game that much harder, tbh. I toyed with it in the early game and then from genichiro to the end just kept it on permanently and really the only part I noticed was the increased posture damage, but that's easy to manage with ichimonji or sugars.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 May 2019 01:53  

                    Just beat the game and went to google "Kuro's Charm" and got led to this. I just realized I beat the game with this thing active for most of it without reading what it did. I'm such a dummy XD

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Apr 2019 22:48  

                      Im just finished my last ng+7 run,its hard to test without numbers but i feel like this works even on ng+7,i run plenty of tests on the dude next to seven spear boy in ashina castle reservoir,he have enormus amount of hp and posture,i do kill him faster without bell,same goues for charm,without both of this i kill him like twice faster.

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Apr 2019 23:16  

                        Couldn’t find anything mentioning the bell’s impact on loot drops on mini and regular bosses. Are those drops predetermined and unwavering, or does the number of materials — for example — increase when killed with the Bell Demon in inventory? If not, and since it can be activated/deactivated at will, I would think that turning it on to get through regular mobs would: 1) massively improve loot drops, and 2) increase player skill quite dramatically. But is there any point in taking on bosses with this on, at all, other than for a difficulty increase? In my case, increasing the difficulty for major bosses is not something I need or would find enjoyable lol — not unless the reward became worthwhile.

                        • Anonymous

                          18 Apr 2019 08:13  

                          I think the demon bell affects the item drop frequency. When I farmed some upgrade materials I realized I got a lot more than before. I had struggles getting scrap iron. Killed the enemies in the area of the first Mob. Within 3 killcycles I had over 20. That's more than I got in my playthrough up to that point even though I killed a lot of those. (posting this as the point is currently crossed out)

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Apr 2019 13:33  

                            Feels as if even when I get rid if the burden it still stays in my game? I went through the hidden village on another save without ever using bell demon and some "phantom" enemies such as the shuriken guys on ashina castle never showed up. Not sure if its glitched or what

                            • Anonymous

                              09 Apr 2019 07:54  

                              This DOES stack with not having Kuro's Charm, contrary to what this page and its source states. The testing in the source was done in NG+7, which is the likely reason why it contradicts with my own testing, done in NG+2 (since NG+7 is where the difficulty caps in general). In my testing, you would still receive the negative effects of the Bell, even if you did not have Kuro's Charm on. At least for damage taken, since that is all that I tested. Don't think I am allowed to post links as Anon, sadly.

                              • Anonymous

                                09 Apr 2019 07:13  

                                Maybe I'm just retarded but I haven't noticed a difference between normal enemies or mini-bosses before or after I got the bell demon. I'm really starting to stuggle though so maybe I ought to get rid of it for a while.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Apr 2019 11:45  

                                  After playing with this bell active in most of NG, and all of NG+1, NG+2, and NG+3 - I've learned a few things. In the first game, it appeared to nearly double vitality damage taken by me, and halved vitality damage taken by enemies when I tested it. It also affected posture by about 50% or so. In NG+2 on the other hand I tested it again on the final boss of the game - and at that point it's only affecting the vitality damage and posture by about 10%-20% or so depending on the attack (hard to get exact numbers). Enough to make a difference, but not nearly as game-deciding. This makes me think that the bell de-buff must be a fixed value of some kind, and that the buffs you get from attack damage and your increases to vitality from maxing out your prayer bead necklaces cause the relative difficulty to not be affected as much.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    07 Apr 2019 15:29  

                                    Call me retarded, but I genuinely believe it shortens certain charge up animations. A certain fiery creature of bad emotion also 100% had its everything improved as that was the fight where I turned it off after playing the entire game with it. It made a huge difference. Enemy posture regen seems to be affected as well, basically impossible to accumulate posture damage as long as some enemies have more than 50% health.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      07 Apr 2019 14:12  

                                      Someone should mention that the debuff doesn't stack with kuro's charm (you still take chip damage but the vit, str etc increase is the same) i've been testing it for 2 hours and it's literally the same with just charmless vs demon bell and charmless whh welp.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        06 Apr 2019 09:24  

                                        I'm not scared turning the bell on in whole game, what I scared for is giving kuro charm, cause I suck at deflecting and enemies can get cheap vitality damage if you haven't time it right!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          05 Apr 2019 20:52  

                                          Fought several bosses and got to "Demonhead" palace before realizing i still had this active for no reason. guess im just leaving it on?

                                          • 05 Apr 2019 15:27  

                                            Using this when the game gets easy is great. I kept it on from the beginning of the game, till after Ashina gets sacked. I had to remove it at that point in the game. For me, the basic enemies at that point are too difficult with the bell demon, especially those damn duel wielding samurai monkeys. Having two of them on your ass with the bell demon is game over

                                            • Anonymous

                                              05 Apr 2019 09:47  

                                              Hoping that somebody can do enough testing to find exactly how the math is done for the bell stat changes. In my first game it appeared to double vitality damage both ways ,and increase posture damage to me (plus increase enemy resistance to it) by 50%, but I have a suspicion that attack power increases or differences between various enemies might make this number different (I'm currently fighting Sword Saint Isshing in NG+2 with the bell and charm active, and he seems to be taking more vitality damage than I remember).

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