Sekiro Walkthrough: A Walkthrough for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice  provides players with a detailed guide of all available areas in the game, and the recommended approach to reach New Game Plus. Players might also be interesting in seeing the Game Progress Route and Maps pages, which gives an overview of key sections and actions. The Bosses page can be used to identify mandatory and optional bosses, and the NPCs page can be used to determine NPC-related quests and activities.


Sekiro Walkthrough



The game begins as the player character (known as Sekiro) is in the process of fleeing persecution at the hands of Ashina Clan's commander. The game's introductory Lore reveals that the Ashina Clan seeks to overcome an impossible war by harvesting the power of The Prince's bloodline.

As The Prince and his attending Shinobi Sekiro attempt to escape, they are cut off by the Ashina, and the prince is sequestered. Sekiro loses his left arm, and is left to die. The protagonist is rescued by Busshi of Aretera, who mends him back to health and equips a Prosthetic Arm so that the shinobi might fulfill his duty of rescuing his prince.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Major Characters

The Prince

sekiro-japanese-prince On all of Ashina, the only surviving descendant of an ancient clan. Raised in seclusion as a Shinobi, adoptive son of Ashina’s minister Hirata. Appears calm and strong beyond his years, with a dignified appearance. Captured by Ashina’s forces due to his unique ancestry.


A ninja who serves the prince. Calm and quiet as the law commands, but also capable of great brutality to achieve missions. Just like the wolf never embraces and just kills, so would an excellent ninja. At the start of this story, they find themselves beaten by Ashina’s commander, losing both prince and left arm, which is replaced by a ninja arm prosthetic. “The Lord is absolute, protect with your life” is the principle by which ninja live. The law demands rescue, and vengeance.

The Sculptor

Busshi of Aretera The “Death Master” (or Buddhist Master) of a Ruined Temple An elder man without a left arm. Silent, ill-mannered hermit residing in a ruined temple deep within the mountains. Furiously carves Buddha statues. Picks up those defeated by Ashina’s commander, and will continue to assist


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