Prosthetic Tools are special Equipment in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. These are found throughout the world, and can be equipped into the Prosthetic Arm and used during combat and exploration alongside the primary weapon, the Kusabimaru.

These weapons, varying from Shuriken (throwing stars) to the Flame Vent and the Loaded Axe, are equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and can be swapped out on the fly, allowing for creative and innovative combat solutions to complement the Shinobi's use of the Katana.

They are installed by visiting the Sculptor in the Dilapidated Temple after their base item is acquired. The Prosthetic Tools can also be upgraded with the Sculptor, as long the proper materials are handed.

Prosthetic Tools in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice




Loaded Shuriken

loaded shuriken sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide

A small yet deadly ranged weapon, 'shuriken' translates literally as 'hidden hand blade'. 

Flame Vent

flame vent sekiro shadows die twicewiki guide

A device that spills a wave of fire, attacking enemies and leaving your weapon coated in fire. 


Loaded Axe

loaded axe sekiro shadows die twicewiki guide

A heavy axe that deals punishing blows capable of completely breaking wooden shields, and an enemy's guard. 

Shinobi Firecracker

shinobi firecracker sekiro shadows die twicewiki guide

A Prosthetic tool fitted with Robert's Firecrackers that unleashes an explosive flash.


Loaded Spear

loaded spear sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide

A Prosthetic tool fitted with Gyoubu's Broken Horn that unleashes far-reaching thrust attacks and drags enemies towards the wielder.

Mist Raven

mist raven

A Prosthetic Tool loaded with the feather of a Mist Raven.


Loaded Umbrella

loaded umbrella2

A Prothetic Tool created by fitting an indestructible Iron-ribbed Umbrella to the Arm. Costs spirit emblems to use.



A Prosthetic Tool made with the blade Sabimaru, allowing for a quick series of attacks together with the sword.


Divine Abduction

divine abduction full

A Prosthetic Tool loaded with a large fan. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Finger Whistle

finger whistle sekiro wiki guide

A Prosthetic Tool created by fitting a slender finger to the Prosthetic

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    • Anonymous

      prosthetics alone give the combat so much freedom and have me be so imaginative, like people will argue that the gameplay is bland because tHerEs oNly oNe WeaPon, but that doesn’t matter cause every build in like every souls game plays the same, 2 or 3 hits with a dex build will do the same amount of damage, as a strength build doing 1 hit in the window of opportunity for a boss, just cause theres a lot of weapons in ds3 doesnt mean ill have a completely different combat experience each playthru like people say, watch 1 ongbal video and you’ll see how creative and imaginative u can be in sekiro compared to like every souls game, and obviously its gonna have very few weapons its not a rpg

      • Anonymous

        If I had to pick only three for the whole journey, probably lazulite shuriken, long-spark fire crackers and purple umbrella. Shuriken is great for picking off enemies or (with chasing slice) zooming over to a boss, long-spark firecrackers give me some breathing room and the umbrella with projected force is pretty much free divine confetti+avoid terror&grabs.

        • Anonymous

          I always forget to use prosthetic tools during a boss fight, and since I use ichimonji double, I always finish with 16-20 spirit emblems

          • Anonymous

            Also, it's pretty redundant that we still have access to older versions of prosthetics. It makes sense for the spear & umbrella, since they have unique executions/effects that can't be easily stacked. Easy fix for that is this. Keep Suzaku & Lilac separate, unless it's OP to merge them. As for the spear, instead of relying on full charge, a single press would be the normal thrust, press & hold the analog forward for spiral thrust, and press & hold back on the analog to use the cleave attack. As for the kunai, it would be a separate tool from the shuriken as well.

            • Anonymous

              The tools we got now have always been good, but I wish FS added a few more ideas into them. A different move for aerial prosthetics (& combat arts too) would have been great.

              And just throwing my idea in, prosthetic combos. There could have been a mist raven shuriken combo, where you have to equip gouging top & mist raven. Normal throws are just regular shuriken, about as strong as gouging top, but charged attacks cost 2SP, & will throw the shuriken close to the boss, which you can teleport to. On the other hand, if you use mist raven and follow up, you can use shuriken which will deal twice the damage, then follow up with chasing slice as usual. So basically Mist Raven will power up any offensive tool you use after.

              • Anonymous

                It would be nice if this pages displays which module takes which place in the graph chart for all the modules, because i searc a specific one that i need for upgrading, and don't know which it is.

                • DLC better has a prosthetic that inflicts Lightning. That is the only "status abnormality" the other tools haven't had That and Moonlight Odachi. Tomoe better wields it or drops it.

                  • Anonymous

                    Phantom Kunai is another Prosthetic Tool, purchasable from "Patches Vendor" if you do his questline involving the needs of Samurai in Ashina.

                    • Anonymous

                      The last Prosthetic Tool is the Finger Whistle, which is obtained after defeating the guardian ape in Sunken Valley Passage.

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