Sekiro Prosthetic Arm is a special contraption in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Known as the Shinobi Prosthetic, the arm was crafted by the Sculptor of the Desolate Temple, and facilitates the use of several tools and weapons for the protagonist, Sekiro.

How to Use Sekiro's Prosthetic Arm

How to Use Prosthetic Tools

  • Sekiro can use the equipped prosthetic tools by using the RT / R2 button on the controller
  • The Grapple Hook is mapped to L2

How to Switch Weapons & Tools

  • You can change your equipped tools at the Sculptor's Idol.
  • You can swap between your equipped tools by pressing Y / Triangle.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Prosthetic Arm Attachments


Prosthetic Tools

  • Grappling Hook, or more correctly a kunai with a rope attached, is an integral part of the Shinobi Prosthetic arm (and most likely the gameplay mechanics as well), and can probably not be unequipped.

  • The Firecracker can be used to distract or stun enemies to allow the player to escape dire situations.

Prosthetic Weapons

  • Shuriken

  • The Loaded Axe is a short axe that can overpower and break enemy shields.

  • Spear
      (?) One trailer appeared to show a prosthetic something like a spear, wherein the spearhead detached from the arm on a long pole, which could be used to pull out-of-range enemies closer. 

  • Conjecture: Some kind of fireball-cannon, it's assumed that this is also the item that can enhance the main katana with a fire buff. In the screenshots of the box-art we also see the protagonist with a second katana on his back, so dual wielding might also be a thing.

Prosthetic Defences

  • The Flame Vent sprays flames on your enemies and coats your sword on fire.

  • The Steel Umbrella is a steel fan seen in the trailer that opens up like a shielding umbrella.



The Prosthetic Arm



approx translation:

A prosthetic received from Busshi of Aretera, it is a bare-bones craft but hides Karakuri, making it a special ninja hand.

“Let’s make a fang worthy of Sekiro the Wolf”.

Transcending the fight, the smell of blood and fat is embeeded deep within


Prosthetic Attachments


approx. translation:

Secret equipment for the Ninja Arm. Varied accessories from an axe capable of breaching a shield to shurikens to throw at fast enemies. If there’s an enemy to kill, there’s a way to do it


The Grappling Hook


approx. translation:

A special grappling hook for the Ninja Prosthetic Arm. It has a sharp hook on its tip, that can pierce and entangle on your target and allow you to reach places without roads. The ground is the realm of the Samurai. Excellent Shinobi shall not be grounded, and will afford themselves the benefit of height and watch the battlefield as a bird of prey.

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