Mechanical Barrel


 A mechanical metal barrel that can be given to the Sculptor to enable Prosthetic Tool Upgrades.

It appears to have been made to fit perfectly inside the wrist bone of the Shinobi Prosthetic.

A reinforced core is sure to make a shinobi's fangs even sharper.

Mechanical Barrel is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mechanical Barrel is required for upgrading Prosthetic Tools.



Mechanical Barrel Usage



Where to Find Mechanical Barrel



Mechanical Barrel Notes & Tips

  • Players can only carry a maximum of 1 material
  • Other notes...






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    • Anonymous

      So I'm a *****ing dumbass and didn't pick it up when he died so I don't have it? is there any way I can have it back?

      • Anonymous

        When Sekijo was starting to be overcome by Shura, he must have made his way from where ever he started and ended up at the Temple. It's likely the order you are meant to discover the prosthetic tools mark certain points and events as he discarded them in his journey to become a sculptor. Note that while both Sword Saint Isshin and Gyoubu wield Tamura's Cross Spear in their fights yet only Gyoubu exhibits that extending gimmick, Gyoubu must have fought Sekijo as he was escaping and took the mechanical barrel, one way or another. On a separate note, considering that the Shuriken Wheel is the 1st tool we come across, it's also likely the one that stayed with Sekijo the longest, and was the one that most served him well, i.e. best prosthetic tool.

        • If you give Dragonspring Sake to Isshin, he mentions 4 people. Someone with cross spears, someone with illusions, someone tinkering with a prosthetic, and the Owl. The man with cross spears is Gyoubu, the woman with illusions is Lady Butterfly, and the man tinkering with a prosthetic is probably Dogen since he made the prosthetic. Isshin mentions these 4 as if they are great friends, which means that for whatever reason, Dogen must've given Gyoubu the mechanical barrel.

          • Anonymous

            Why does Gyoubu even have this? The item description makes it sound like it was custom-made for the shinobi prosthetic.

            • Anonymous

              Guys i have beaten the boss and i got the mechanical barrel but i died between the time i got to the dilapidated temple and it's gone from my inventory! how can i get it back ??

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