An ancient kodachi short sword, its blade mottled with bluish rust. Can be fitted to the Shinobi Prosthetic to create a Prosthetic Tool.

Forged by the Ashina clan to resist the inhuman evil that had invaded Ashina in times long forgotten. It was the poisonous gift of the blue rust that finally drove the spirits out.

Sabimaru is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sabimaru is required for upgrading Prosthetic Tools, and the player will need to defeat specific Enemies in order to find it.



Sabimaru Usage



Where to Find Sabimaru

  • Sabimaru can be found at Ashina Castle
  • Go to Upper Tower - Antechamber Idol and find this room patrolled by 1x old woman and 2x blue samurai. There are two holes in the center of the room. Dropping down the hole will introduce you to 1x Blue Samurai and 3x goons. This area allows you to open the main gate of the castle (leading to Ashina Castle Idol), and also allows you to pick up Sabimaru (Upgrade Material), along with 2x Eel Liver, 1x Gokan's Sugar and the path to the Old Grave Idol.



Sabimaru Notes & Tips

  • In New Game Plus this item will be replaced with a Bundled Jizo Statue if already acquired in a previous playthrough.
  • Sabimaru Memo tells you where to find the item.
  • Players can avoid buying the Sabimaru Memo.



Sabimaru Story & Lore

  • The Okami are called 淤加美 (okami) in Japanese, derived from one of the ancient spellings of Kuraokami, a dragon deity of rain and snow from Japanese mythology, born from the blood of the slain god Kagutsuchi. More modern spellings are a bit more obvious as to what the names supposed to mean: 龗 (okami) means "water dragon" and 闇龗 (kuraokami) means "dark water dragon." It's likely that the Divine Dragon (called the Sakura Dragon in Japanese) is inspired by Kuraokami.


  •  "Okami" comes from Kuraokami, their lightning bolts come from the Vajra of the Shingon Buddhism of Senpou Temple, which means something like "thunderbolt". The Okami are pale and bluish, consistent with Asian depictions of the dead Japanese Ghost/Yurei Buddhist Hell "Naraka". The Okami actually take after the Primordial Serpents of Dark Souls Primordial Serpent Kaathe Mist Noble, which helps clarify why The Old Dragons of the Tree have turned into nāga. The nobles live in an area overgrown by roots which I believe depicts the Japanese underworld "Ne-no-kuni", which betokens something like "land of roots". The Okami were likely all once human and turned into these beings by imbibing large volumes of Rejuvenating Water. The idea of an aroma of the Divine Realm likely stems from two preceding Dark Souls items: "Fragrant Branch of Yore" and "Aromatic Ooze", of which the latter likely reincarnated as some kind of hideous white slime Hideous White Slime.




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