Prayer Beads (Rosary Beads)

Effect Used to Upgrade HP
Capacity ??
Upgrades Sekiro's Health Gauge (requires 4)
Sekiro's Posture Gauge (requires ??)

Prayer Beads or Rosary Beads is a special Crafting Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This item is used to upgrade the maximum Hitpoint (HP) and Posture Meter total of the player character.



Find four Prayer Beads and submit them to a Sculptor's Idol to upgrade your maximum hit points and your Posture.


Prayer Beads (Rosary Beads) Location & Info

Bring four of these items to a Sculptor's Idol to upgrade Sekiro's Maximum Health and Posture.


Effects of Upgrades

  • Upgrade 1: +?? HP, +?? Posture
  • Upgrade 2: +?? HP, +?? Posture
  • Upgrade 3: +?? HP, +?? Posture
  • Upgrade 4: +?? HP, +?? Posture


How to Get Prayer Beads

  • Reward for ?? (Quests)
  • Dropped by ?? (Defeating Mini-Bosses)
  • Found in ?? (Secret Rooms)


Prayer Beads (Rosary Beads) Notes & Tips

  • Can carry a max of ??
  • Other notes



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