Prayer Beads


 A loose prayer bead. Offering 4 of them at the Sculptor's Idol will increase maximum Vitality and Posture.

Currently, the Wolf has (n) bead(s) in his possession.

Prayer Beads are a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Prayer Beads are required for upgrading Sekiro's maximum Vitality and Posture. They are obtained by finding them in the environment or by defeating specific Enemies. Each necklace of four increases your Health by 20%. There are 40 in total, for a maximum of 10 necklaces, which means you can obtain 200% more health or 300% of your starting health.



Prayer Beads Usage


Where to Find Prayer Beads

There are 40 Prayer Beads to collect. You must collect all prayer beads in one save (you can go into New Game Plus) for the trophy to unlock.

You can obtain all 40 Prayer Beads in one playthrough, provided you follow the Purification ending.


Ashina Outskirts (5)

  • 1x Dropped by General Naomori Kawarada upon defeat in the Outskirts Wall - Gate Path.
  • 1x Dropped by Chained Ogre upon defeat in the Outskirts Wall - Stairway.
  • 1x Dropped by Tenzen Yamauchi upon defeat in the Outskirts Wall - Stairway.
  • 1x In a chest in the attic of the temple where you speak with the Tengu of Ashina for the 1st time. You must grapple up the rafters and then wall jump into the attic. You must first defeat  Gyoubu Oniwa before you can access this area.
  • 1x Dropped by the Blazing Bull upon defeat in the Ashina Castle Gate.

Ashina Outskirts - after set ablaze (1)

  • 1x Dropped from Shigekichi of the Red Guard upon defeat, he is located in the courtyard past the stairway gate in Outskirts Wall - Stairway.

Hirata Estate (3)

  • 1x Dropped by Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen upon defeat in the Bamboo Thicket Slope.
  • 1x Dropped by Juzou the Drunkard upon defeat in the Main Hall Courtyard.
  • 1x in a chest behind the hidden wall near the Hirata Audience Chamber Sculptor's Idol. The hidden wall is denoted by a wall scroll at the end of the pathway being patrolled by the Bandit Soldier & Bandit Archer.

Hirata Estate - second memory (2)

Ashina Castle (5)

Ashina Castle - after overrun with Shinobi (3)

  • 1x Dropped by Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer upon defeat at the Great Serpent Shrine. Only before Ashina has been set ablaze.  If missed, it can be bought at the Offering Box near the Dilapidated Temple for 2200 Sen.
  • 1x Dropped by Lone Shadow Vilehand upon defeat in the Ashina Dojo.
  • 1x Dropped by the Chained Ogre upon defeat in the bottom of the Upper Tower. Jump down from the Upper Tower - Antechamber Sculptor's Idol area where two Samurai and an Old Lady are walking.

Ashina Castle - after set ablaze (2)

Abandoned Dungeon (1)

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo (3)

Sunken Valley (4)

  • 1x From the Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor's idol, turn around and walk up the hill slightly. Grappling across to tree stump. Kill the two Riflemen. Double-jump and climb up the wall next to them. Hug the wall and shimmy around the ledge. On the other side, drop down to find the prayer bead in the snow.
  • 1x Dropped by Snake Eyes Shirafuji upon defeat near the Sunken Valley Idol.
  • 1x Dropped by Long-arm Centipede Giraffe upon defeat in the Gun Fort.
  • 1x After defeating Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe, there is a hole in the floor to the left of the statue. Crouch and follow the left path to the chasm. Follow the two grapple hooks to the right to the first platform. Look up and to the right for the next grapple point to the next platform. Walk across the platform then look down and to the left for the final grapple point. This item will be on the ground in the center the mini-centipedes and poison geckos.

Ashina Depths (8)

  • 1x Dropped by Snake Eyes Shirahagi upon defeat in the Poison Pools.
  • 1x Past the fog gate guarded by Snake Eyes Shirahagi, just before the drop into the Ape's Den, look up and to the left. There will be a grapple point. Follow the path until the spot where you have to crouch. Go past the first overhang, stand up, turn left, and jump up on the ledge. Follow the path and climb the wall using consecutive wall jumps. Look up towards the statues head and grapple. The item will be on top of the statue's head.
  • 1x Dropped by Tokujiro the Glutton upon defeat in the Misty Forest.
  • 2x Dropped by the Headless Ape upon defeat in the Ashina Depths. You must first defeat the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley Passage before you can fight this boss.
  • 1x Dropped by O'Rin of the Water upon defeat in Mibu Village.
  • 1x From the Water Mill Sculptor's Idol go through O'rin of the Water's arena, over the bridge, and up to the house. There is an opening to the right-side of the house's stairs you can crouch under. Go to the left side of the house, look up and interact with the revolving floorboards. Go outside the house and grapple to the 2nd Floor. This item is on the Shrine surrounded by Spirit Emblems. Video Location
  • 1x In a chest at the bottom of the Lake in Mibu Village. This can only be obtained after receiving the Mibu Breathing Technique Latent Skill.

Fountainhead Palace (3)

  • 1x Dropped by Sakura Bull of the Palace upon defeat. Once you make it to the Sculptor's Idol past the courtyard full of flute-playing Nobles, turn left and run down the length of the palace. The Sakura Bull will appear from around the corner once you are about 1/2 way down the length of the palace.
  • 1x located at the bottom of the Great Colored Carp Lake. There is a pit in the lake with 2 headless and a giant skeleton with glowing worms on it. The prayer bead is located around the skeleton. You do not have to kill headless to retrieve.
  • 1x Dropped by Okami Leader Shizu upon defeat at the Sakura Tree. This is the enemy that shoots lightning at you when you attempt to enter the Lake when first reaching Fountainhead Palace.



Prayer Beads Notes & Tips

  • Prayer Beads can only be collected once per save file. Collected Prayer beads are replaced with other items on consecutive NG+ cycles.
  • The player can carry up to 99 Prayer beads although only 40 can be collected per save file.
  • Other notes...






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    • Anonymous

      13 Aug 2020 01:16  

      I am at 9 necklaces and and 3 beads, i got one at the offering box along with the kunai thing, but i didn't go to hirata a second time so i am confused. Wasn't i supposed to be missing 2 beads?

      • Anonymous

        05 Aug 2020 04:13  

        There must be a mistranslation, because these look more like bracelets and don't seem like necklaces at all.

        • Anonymous

          17 May 2020 00:53  

          There are so many idiots in the comments, i got all 40 on my first playthrough without even looking any of this up

          • Anonymous

            10 May 2020 18:34  

            i got a total of 37 beads, also some you listed are jizo statues which i have 4 and i'm stuck to 18 vitality, so can't i reach 20??

            • Anonymous

              18 Sep 2019 18:45  

              There is one more prayer bead in Ashina Castle – Old Grave(not mentioned in the above list) from Shigekichi of the Red Guard, found after Fountainhead Palace boss.

              • Anonymous

                15 Aug 2019 19:11  

                Always love the Zelda style heart pieces. Much more interesting to explore for the beands rather than farming xp for leveling hp

                • Anonymous

                  10 Jul 2019 08:09  

                  Actually why are u guys thinking that you have to do the Purification Ending for getting all Beads . You can actually Skip Father Owl Fight to Kill Lone Shadow Masanaga & Jozou's Rematch at thr 2nd Hirata Estate Memory. But with this it surely wants u to Disobey the Iron Code so just go first playthrough Purification Ending & on NG+ do Shura it's actually Easier first than NG+ for the Purification Ending... since their damage output is almost manageable... i also got all 40 Beads before facing Father Owl uptill Shikigechi then i headed back to kill Owl & then proceed to Demon Of Hatred then finish the Purification Ending... For the First Playthrough it surely is the Hardest Ending but also the Most Rewarding for Attack Power upto 14 ( Initial Soft Cap of 340 Vitality Damage ) while from 15-99 is almost Half the amount 340 Vitality Damage... Caping upto 99 Attack Power is somewhere between 590-620 Vitality Damage i think..

                  • Anonymous

                    18 May 2019 08:55  

                    I had 3 prayer beads and killed the Guardian Ape, which netted me 2... but you can only carry 4. Now I have 39 beads, and I think the last one was lost. There's nothing in the offering box, either. Guess I'll find out in NG+. :/

                    • Anonymous

                      09 May 2019 13:11  

                      I just killed Masanaga on ng+ because i missed him the first time, and he didn't drop a prayer bead. Also none in the offering box. The only other 2 i'm missing are from hirata estate round 2, so that will put me at 39/40. I'm confused and pissed.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 May 2019 21:15  

                        I have 38/40 but it turns out I need to do the Purification Ending to get the last 2. Thanks FromSoft °¬° I would be more mad if I didn't like Sekiro as much as I do.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 May 2019 04:04  

                          Is it possible to get the one in the attic rafters above where you first meet Tengu after you defeat the divine dragon and Ashina is ablaze? I can’t seem to get back there. Thanks!

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Apr 2019 18:12  

                            I was at 39/40 and found my last one in a Mibu hut's attic sitting on a little shrine. This is near the upstream of the river and you have to grapple to get up there.I feel like this one is very easily missed if it helps anyone. The link from above

                            • 23 Apr 2019 02:44  

                              I'm having the issue where the bead is (I assume) in the offering box, but unobtainable (despite a previous comment stating they can be purchased from the box for 2,200 sen). My question is, if I go to NG+, do I have to just guess which miniboss it was from and get lucky? I'm thinking it was Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer, since he disappears after defeating the divine dragon and he's the only one I don't 100% recall beating (still thought I did after talking to the Tengu in the same room?) Pretty big tease to show the Offering Box with an item you can't get.

                              • Anonymous

                                22 Apr 2019 21:27  

                                The hirata estate hidden wall is just dumb, there's no way to know it's a wall you have to hug unless you try that on every wall. I'd understand if there was a precedent but usually the rotating walls have the person's outline on it.

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Apr 2019 14:15  

                                  It s a great fight but his spirit owl can go ***** itself, it s so confusing trying to read his moves with that blinding light circling you at all times.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    21 Apr 2019 03:07  

                                    For everyone here there are 39 listed not 40 the only one missing here is "Shigekichi of the Red Guard" he is an enemy in ashina outskirts after set ablaze

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