Chained Ogre

Location Ashina Castle Grounds
Health 2 Healthbars
Rewards White Spirit Emblem

Chained Ogre is an Enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Enemies such as the Chained Ogre are hostile NPCs that the protagonist must defeat to proceed through the areas of the world. Enemies have varied health, resistances, and abilities.


A large, humanoid creature, the Ogre seems to have been chained  in attempt at forcing it into submission. It now breaks free of its bonds and attacks with brutal resolution.


Chained Ogre Location & Rewards


Chained Ogre Notes & Tips

  • This enemy has an unblockable grab that grabs Sekiro and smashes him into the ground, Then the ogre throws Sekiro, dealing extra damage or (in some cases) throwing him over the edge of a cliff for a death screen.
  • The Chained Ogre has a frontal AOE slam.
  • This enemy seems to be weak to Fire Damage and is momentarily stunned if it catches on fire, as it attempts to diffuse the flames.
  • Beware of its reach due to its large arms and deceptively fast movements.
  • Players are advised to use ?? tactics.
  • Sealth is / is not recommended





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