Snake Eyes Shirafuji

Location Sunken Valley
XP NG: 1030 NG+: 2833
Sen NG: ?? NG+: 468
Deathblow Markers 2
Weakness Sabimaru 
Shinobi Firecrackers 
Reward ????

Snake Eyes Shirafuji is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and have two (2) or more health bars. This means they require at least two (2) Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game.


Snake Eyes Shirafuji Location

  • Sunken Valley: Found on a platform on the way to the Gun Fort Sculptor's Idol right after the Sunken Valley Sculptor's Idol

  • This boss is optional.


Snake Eyes Shirafuji Rewards



Snake Eyes Shirafuji Strategies

Video Strategies

Strategy Write-up

Since Shirafuji is a descendant of the Okami Clan, she is extremely weak against the Sabimaru prosthetic tool. It only takes 1-2 full combos to inflict her with the Poison Abnormality, which will then trigger a puking animation allowing you to damage her vitality to about 50% and build up her posture to about 75%. The item Fistful of Ash also helps a lot since it prevents you from being stunned out of Sabimaru's buildup animation (Tested with a Improved Sabimaru)

Strategy One:

This is a way to speed up the primary strategy. As long as you can target Snake Eyes, wait for her to shoot and then use Phantom Kunai with long press of the attack button. It will do huge damage to her and you should be able to do one life bar without running out of spirit. Use the spirital knife to recharge if you didn't use a stealth kill before.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter
Phase 2
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter

Cheese Method:

When you enter the platform and face Shirafuji, to your left is a descent. Lure here above said descent to the rocks and wait for her to start a attack animation. Simply fall down onto the descent and watch her still attacking you from above. Now almost every attack from her will miss you besides the gunshot. You can jump attack twice after every attack animation it will take a while but it gets the job done.



Snake Eyes Shirafuji Lore

  • The Snake Eyes are an elite force of women who command the Gun Fort, with Shirafuji guarding the top entrance of the fort while Shirahagi guards the bottom entrance of the fort.

Snake Eyes Shirafuji Notes & Trivia

  • While their titles can be literally read as Snake Eyes (蛇の目), in Japanese this term is most often used to refer to a Bull's-eye pattern of ◉. This play-on-words is likely in reference to the marksmanship skill of the Snake Eyes characters, meaning their names could then also be read as Bull's Eye Shirahagi/Shirafuji.

  • Fuji and Hagi are both the name of a type of flower. The prefix Shira simply means white in Japanese. 


Snake Eyes Shirafuji Image Gallery

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    • 06 May 2019 11:33  

      I found that the aggressive approach was far easier. 1. Stun with Fistful of Ashe. 2. Charge up the Spring-load Axe and get extra hit right after. 3. Dodge back once and charge up your Ichimonji (Combat Art) 4. Rinse, Lather, Repeat. As long as you stay in her face, her posture bar will fill up after doing the above a couple of times.

      • Anonymous

        20 Apr 2019 13:55  

        She seems to get locked in her kick animation on occasion, which I was able to exploit by repeatedly hopping on her head until her posture broke. Twice. If you notice she keeps kicking but not firing her gun after, I suggest you get up close and start hopping.

        • Anonymous

          15 Apr 2019 23:37  

          As you're grappling up to her ledge, lock on and run towards her as soon as you land then get a subimaru combo in. Deflect if you don't see the red symbol or jump and jump attack her if you do. Repeat the subimaru combo at a safe point and you'll see her vomit, so you can land some more precious Vitality hits. This should pretty much fill her first bar with just a few more hits required. Rinse and repeat, always jumping over her perilous attack (although this also works for most attacks). If she steps back to make some distance between the two of you, either close the distance if your health is fine or use cover to heal up.

          • Anonymous

            12 Apr 2019 22:15  

            I managed to push her off the edge of the cliff using the flame vent, however I did NOT receive her prayer bead. I am at 39 and about to finish my first play through. Hopefully she drops it in NG+

            • Anonymous

              12 Apr 2019 00:34  

              I didn't know about sabimaru's effectiveness but oil + flame vent was a decent alternative to reduce vitality quickly at the beginning. It's also possible to wreck her with double ichimonji "frame traps" (if you see what I mean).

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