Blazing Bull

Location Ashina Castle
XP NG: 215
NG+: 2150
Deathblow Markers 1
Weakness Shinobi Firecracker
Reward Prayer Bead
Shinobi Medicine Rank 2

Blazing Bull(火牛, Flame Bull) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are unique, and have 1 or more health bars. This means they require at least 1 Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game.


Blazing Bull Location

  • Ashina Castle: Found at the very beginning of Ashina Castle
  • This boss is not optional.



Blazing Bull Rewards



Blazing Bull Strategies

Video Strategies

Strategy Writeup

The strategy for this fight is to try to stay behind him and bait him into swiping at his side, dodging to stay behind him and then attacking. Every 10-15 seconds he will sort of go berserk and this is a good time to use the Shinobi Firecracker to stun him and get in some attacks. Now attack him from behind once again, repeating this process as necessary. 

An alternate strategy is to bait the charge and deflect. This will briefly stun the bull, allowing the player to get in three  attacks on its head then quickly reposition and back up in order to bait another charge. It may take some practice to get the timing of the deflect down, a beat or two after the bull lowers its head. As the head is the bull's weak spot, this strategy can be used to defeat the beast quite quickly. The player will still take a small amount of damage from the charge and will build up the burning status effect when deflecting. But, this will be minimal on a successful deflect. However, the player should monitor these and heal as needed. It is advisable to lure the bull into destroying all the structures in the area so that the player has a clear view of the arena and does not get caught unexpectedly on any obstruction.

Jump attacks tend to be quite safe against this boss's charge attacks and allow safe repositioning but do limited damage.

Proper positioning (player should be on left side with the enemies between them and the upper right corner where the bull spawns) at the beginning of the fight will cause the bull to kill the two normal enemies as it enters the area, slightly simplifying the fight.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
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Phase 2
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Blazing Bull Lore

Eavesdropping on nearby warriors indicates that the Blazing Bull attacks friend and foe alike.


Blazing Bull Notes & Trivia

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.

On NG, the Bull has 3190 total vitality.

The Bull takes reduced damage when struck anywhere but the head, the hardest place to strike the Bull safely.

If you die to the two enemies that come to check on the Bull after the fight ends, you will spawn at the Ashina Castle Idol regardless of whether or not you have unlocked it, and you will be unable to return to the boss arena.



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    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2019 02:38  

      Sprinting makes him a lot easier. Run around his charges, get to his side, attack when he pivots. Slow and tedious, but it works.

      • Anonymous

        16 Apr 2019 09:42  

        This boss is very simple to beat and easy I think you can skip this boss if you go to the Demon Bell location and instead of going left go right to go to a different area after the bull. I am not sure about this the door may be locked from the other side.

        • Anonymous

          15 Apr 2019 23:31  

          The only real issue is to have very little time to heal.... I recommend using fire crackers in order to gain some time to heal.

          • Anonymous

            13 Apr 2019 19:26  

            I found it quite easy to learn and use the strategy for it to charge at me then I deflect. It definitely is a lot quicker than the firecracker strategy. I recommend letting the bull clear all the obstacles first before attempting to do so.

            • Anonymous

              13 Apr 2019 03:05  

              This bull sucks. I got him to half of his health, then got shoulder charge, heavy charge (the one with his head on the ground) comboed and killed. The second I clicked resurrect, I got killed straight after standing up. I swear no (mini)boss in any souls game has irritated me as much as this jerk.

              • Anonymous

                06 Apr 2019 14:46  

                any idea on how to beat the bull with the demon bell active and without using prosthetics, health/power upgrades

                • Anonymous

                  06 Apr 2019 09:38  

                  I got the platinum trophy for Bloodborne but I can't kill this panicking cow. Is this boss just that difficult or have I gotten bad?

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Apr 2019 20:05  

                    This one was pretty hard. What worked for me is to avoid trying to dodge the charge and deflect it instead. If the bull is on a rage, use firecrackers to scare it and get multiple hits in. Once you've scared it, it will start circling and repeating the same side head attack, keep sidestepping and landing hits until he goes on a rampage again. Firecracker again at that point and you're set.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Apr 2019 01:50  

                      stay to his side and keep attacking. If you angle it right he will keep doing the same attack but he wont hurt you but will push you instead.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Apr 2019 01:34  

                        This boss is skippable, check the YouTube video made by Fighter.PL, the secret to beating this boss is knowing that you can deflect his charge and stun him for a little. The deflect will chip some of your health but the fight will be done before you lose all of your health. Also attack its head when it’s stunned, more posture damage

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Apr 2019 03:00  

                          I don't know what triggers it, but you can make the bull rage fill his posture bar. In the first fight, I was jumping and attacking over the charges. I would firecracker when he was being feisty, turn autolock off (because its hard to stay behind cleanly with it targeting his head), and proceeded to pummel him with an occasionaly dodge until he took off again. It was meant to be a safe strat given how much of a nuissance he is when you mess up. Anyway, his health bar was around 25-30% and he just ran off bucking like he was in a rodeo and his posture bar instantly maxed out. Deathblow. Then, when I encountered the one later, I lined up behind him on the roof, popped a sugar, threw a longspark, and dove down to wail on his nuts with wild abandon. Sure enough, after about 5 or 6 hits, he bolted away bucking, instafilled his posture bar. Deathblow. The only similarity between the fights was me popping the firecracker to get plenty of time to get him snipped. I can't imagine sufficient damage there in a short amount of time triggers this response, but I am really at a loss as to what does. Regardless, it makes this obnoxious bastard so cheese easy.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Mar 2019 00:04  

                            Hands down the EASIEST boss in the game. Died once cuz I didn’t know it was weak against firecrackers. Just keep spamming Deflect and hack away. Use a firecracker and keep attacking. You’ll see the bull rearing and at this point he is completely open. Took me 2 firecrackers and maybe 30-45 seconds to deplete his posture.

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Mar 2019 21:49  

                              blazing bull**** it doesnt even let you resurrect it is literally corpse camping me so it can hit as soon as possible sometimes ı get damaged without touching it(no visual interaction) and just one hits deals 75% of health or so killed oniwa in first try and after him this is taking 100 tries just an unfair fight overall

                              • Anonymous

                                28 Mar 2019 17:53  

                                this fight is just utter***** i am complety understanding on what it supposed to teach you but it dosent work at all

                                • Anonymous

                                  28 Mar 2019 17:10  

                                  I tried to use almost all suggestion on the web, but what really works is as others have told: First clear out all other enemies. Then make sure all the wooden barricades is destoryed by the bull. Then lock on to him and when he charges you deflect the attack. This will stun him and allow you to get 3 attacks in. Do this for a little while and his posture will be full before his HP is down and you can get an easy deathblow in. Took me a couple of hours but this is by far the easiest method. See for video guide. (Not my video)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Mar 2019 13:56  

                                    Least favorite fight so far. I had the most success literally locked on facing his head and dodging his charge. When I was close deflecting/blocking most attacks. In between a block I was going HAM on him.. on his head, ass, side whatever. It was just chaos. I tried not locking and staying behind him but that strat wasn't working for me. Good luck!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      26 Mar 2019 16:51  

                                      My advice is contrary to the rest of the advice. Stand toe to toe with him with your guard up and deflect any strikes you can, countering in between. Most all his attacks deflect or can be blocked, and because he's not a samurai, you don't suffer too much when your posture breaks. Spam ichimonji to open his posture.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        25 Mar 2019 20:56  

                                        My advice is to NOT lock on to this guy. Makes it much easier to hang out around his back legs instead of right behind his head where you can get hit easier.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          25 Mar 2019 18:08  

                                          I needed 3 tries for him. Keep circling him, and keep sprinting. You can use Firecrackers to get more damage out. Slab that bull's ass.

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